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Bits from Preseason Week 2

October 16, 2016

One. Quin Snyder on what’s most encouraging about the team so far: That we’re not very good. Truly. ‘Cause I hope we can be better. You know, it’s, I, it just, it makes you — I mean, it’s kinda half empty, half full. I don’t think we’ve found, you know, a rhythm yet. There’s moments. And you know, I’d like to think that means there’s room for improvement…

It’s [chemistry]. It’s also kind of a timing thing. Like, just knowing, you know, playing with, you know, it’s like football. You have a quarterback and a wide receiver. Like, they kinda have that sixth sense, you know? You throw the ball here and he’s there. We don’t really have that yet. We have a lot of “Ugh.” You know, “My fault.” “No, no, my fault.” You know, we got guys arguing over whose fault it is.

Two. Heard on the broadcast when the Jazz played the Clippers in L.A.: Possibly the worst commentary in an NBA game ever. “[Joel Bolomboy]’s father is African. Was rather intelligent. Wanted to go somewhere else to learn, get educated. Ended up in the Ukraine.”

Follow-up bad commentary, two minutes later: The foul’s on Bolomboy. That’s 1-800- B-O-L-O. M. B-O-I.

Three. Artwork by Rodney Hood. Jeremy Evans, he is not (via @utahjazz):


Four. First preseason home game, national anthem:

Five. Even the ref couldn’t believe Chris Johnson’s block (H/T @robmacrobmac):


Six. Quin Snyder on Rudy Gobert’s improved free throw shooting: There was never a time [last year] that we substituted for him in, you know, a hack-a situation, where I felt like if someone’s going to do that, we’re, you know, Rudy’s a guy and he’s one of our main guys, and we’re gonna, he’s gotta learn to make them and we’ve gotta be confident in him. So, that didn’t happen…

[This year,] I probably won’t have him in no matter how well he’s doing if they’re gonna foul…although he definitely would lobby for it. I know Rudy.


Eight. Mehmet Okur on his new position as Suns player development coach:

“Whoever wants to get better, I’m here for them,” said Okur.

The retired center had acted as a community ambassador for the Jazz in recent years, meeting with sponsors and season-ticket holders and hosting youth clinics, but he wanted more. When Watson called and inquired about his services, Okur jumped at the chance to join him. (Salt Lake Tribune)

Interesting since just two months ago, we saw Memo working out with Derrick Favors. Guess the Jazz couldn’t offer him “more.” :(

Nine. Quin Snyder, asked if Boris Diaw has him hooked on coffee yet: That was one of the reasons we traded for him. I mean, you know, I felt alone here. So, no, we’ve, yeah, there’s, everywhere you look, there’s like an espresso machine or a Keurig or you know, a Krups. I mean, we’ve got, like, every — Braun. You name them, we got them. Nespressos, I think. So, I’m — mountain-sized, you know, on his behalf. They send him, like, those free pods, and I don’t get anything.


Ten. Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Week (UDQM)
** Clippers announcer: Withey’s lack of girth and strength is certainly noticeable, but he gets it inside.
** Quin Snyder on jamming a finger: First you think it’s broken. And then it feels a little better. And then it turns purple.
** Snyder on the Jazz’s 3-point attempts: I would anticipate that going up. How much it’ll go up, you never can tell exactly. It’s something we talk about and we work on, and I think we’ve seen it go up as a result of that. But if a guy comes down — you know, Joe had one the other night…I applauded it.
** Snyder on wanting players to take 3-point shots: I’m only so inspirational. So, guys gotta wanna shoot ’em, and I think we will want to more and more. We’re just kinda figuring out where they come. You know, you’re not able to anticipate when they’re coming as much.
** Craig Bolerjack to Steve Starks: These renderings get you excited, doesn’t it?
** Boler to Matt Harpring on the number of free throws shot in the Suns game: I tell you Matty, I want you to take this in.

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  1. Paul Johnson permalink
    October 16, 2016 2:13 pm

    I liked Jerry’s comment about Andrei’s haircut.

    That reminds me of my mission president. A missionary wore a very loud, flashy tie to a mission conference. The mission president told him, “I like your tie–please don’t ever wear it again during your mission.”


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