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Paltry Offseason Odds and Ends

August 30, 2016

One. Dennis Lindsey on trading Tibor Pleiss: This is not a typical deal that the casual fan would understand. The purpose behind the deal this morning was salary cap management, roster management. We decided we wanted to increase our flexibility on the short term and maximize our salary cap space. (1280)

Two. Memo Okur ain’t the Jazz ambassador for nothing. In the last few weeks, we’ve seen him:

–Golfing with an old teammate (love this!)…

memo collins

–Hanging out with more old teammates at Deron Williams’ re-wedding (love this!!!)…

dwill wedding

–And working out with a current Jazz player (love this!!).

memo favors

Three. Frank Layden on Karl Malone: Karl Malone. I’ll tell you about Karl Malone…

We were playing down in Mexico. Got his finger jammed. It was so — it was one of those finger twisted back. The doctors had him in the locker room and he just grabbed it and snapped it back into place. And they said, “Well, we’ll have this X-rayed tomorrow. Gotta, better get him in, go to the hospital.”

He said, “I’m playing the second half.” And that’s when he made the remark about, you know, “Some people came here to see me play and I’m not gonna let them down.” It was an exhibition game.

He was a tough guy. He wasn’t afraid of anybody. He didn’t back off anybody. And yet, there was such a gentleness and kindness about him. I never knew anybody that was more generous with his money, with his time, than he was. You know, and there was so many stories about him picking up a mortgage for a poor family or you know, helping some people out who had sick children…

When, the year that we lost the [NBA Finals] and, was when, you know, [Bryon] Russell got pushed off by Michael Jordan, you know, we lost that thing and we went up and saw Karl’s new house and what have you. And when we were leaving, we, the door’s opened and there was a brand new car.

The next day was Father’s Day, and he handed me the keys and said, “Happy Father’s Day.” He gave me a car, you know?

And I said to him, “I can’t accept this. This is a conflict of interest. Give me those keys. I’m outta here.” You know? And, yeah. He was a very kind, gentle man. Still is that way…

I remain more than teammate-coach [with him], but friend. I always felt that way. We were good friends.

Four. Yeah sure, Carlos. Her smile is what you were looking at lol.


(My original comment was going to be “When did Carlos Boozer and Howard Eisley’s paths (or should I say Carlos Boozer and Howard Eisley’s wife’s paths) ever cross?” Forgot Eisley was on the 2004-2005 Jazz…)

Five. Frank Layden’s greatest Jazz moment: In 1984, we made the playoffs for the first time. We did it at home. We clinched at home. Made the playoffs for the first time in the franchise history. We went into the locker room, and I was congratulating the players, and you know, we were, you know, kidding around and when you do those type of things.

And somebody came in — I think David Allred, the publicity man, came in, and said, “They want you back out on the floor.” And I went back out on the floor with the Jazz players and we walked around and shook hands with the people.

And the people just wouldn’t leave. They kept on cheering and cheering and cheering. And that one moment was my greatest moment with the Jazz…That was a wonderful night. Yeah, it was great. (Locked on Jazz)

Six. You gotta love it, baby. Greg Ostertag fishing in a Utah Jazz shirt.


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  1. Berdj Joseph Rassam permalink
    September 13, 2016 10:40 am

    This was a fun post – thanks for sharing.


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