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Highlights of Opponent Game Thread Highlights 2018-2019: Joe Ingles

April 16, 2019
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** Kawhi vs. Joe Ingles A modern day Magic/Bird rivalry TOR
** ingles look like Larry bird out there SAC SAC
** Jackson making Ingles look like Larry Bird. SAC
** Joe Ingals > LARRY BIRD lol GSW
** can we please not let Joe Ingles go all Larry Bird on us GSW
** Holy shit you guys. Joe Ingles is the Australian Larry Bird. GSW
** Ingles playing like Larry Legend tonight BOS

** Dirk Ingles over here jeez GSW
** Ingles > MJ GSW
** Bruh when did Jingles become white Kobe? GSW
** joe “steph curry” ingles GSW
** Joe ingles is looking like Steph against us PHO
** Joe Ingles aka Outback Jesus GSW

** Ingles, Blazer killer. One of many. POR
** I have Joe Ingles envy you guys. I want one POR
** Ingles is like that tootheache that won’t go away. GSW

** Let them shoot outside jumpers except Mitchell and science teacher HOU
** Joe Ingles looks like a 40 year old PE teacher. DEN
** How is this PE teacher looking dude dropping so many 3’s on us? PHO
** Ingles looks like my middles school gym teacher PHO
** Ingles looks like he should be an assistant coach or something with how old he looks. POR
** Ingles looks like a chemistry teacher LAL
** The math teacher lmao LAL
** Joe Ingles is everybody’s 8th grade math teacher who likes to play students one-on-one. MIL
** Getting bodied by a math teacher smh… jingles really jingling TOR
** Joe “don’t mind me, I’m just a middle aged man, employed as a math teacher” Ingles. GSW
** Fucking Joe Ingles, that math teacher lookin’ hobo. OKC
** Ingles looks like a high school teacher on Crack HOU
** Band instructor HOU
** I bet he can’t even teach math well. Meth, maybe, but definitely not math. HOU

** Ingles looks like an alcoholic hobo PHI
** Joe Ingles looks like an alcoholic panhandler BOS
** He looks like he lives in a tent on skid row LAL
** Crappy vagrant. PHO
** Joe Ingles looks like that homeless guy you play pick up games with in the park OKC
** joe ingles looks like some homeless alcoholic they just picked off the street PHI
** I’ve seen junkies that look healthier than Joe Ingles. PHI
** Jingles looks like he’s been hitting that Oregon meth POR
** Ingles looks like he should be on Cops getting arrested for smoking meth at a trailer park in Des Moines DEN
** jesus christ man he looks like he just smoked so much meth PHI
** Ingles always looks severely hungover. SAC
** He just looks like he has a massive hangover 24/7 GSW
** Ingles looks like a 35 year old homeless Terry Stotts. With a drinking problem. POR
** Jingles lookin like a meth head no teeth havin ass HOU
** quit smoking meth joe HOU
** Ingles looks like a crackhead HOU

** ingles looks like a 14 year old and a 54 year old meth head photoshopped together into one. POR
** Splash uncle LAL
** Ingles looks like a drunk uncle LAC
** Joe Ingles looks like that one crazy relative at every holiday get together. MIN
** i can’t get over the fact that joe ingles looks 40 DET
** ingles looks a 40 year old family man, yet he’s tearing us up Jesus TOR
** Ingles could be my dad, and I’m 23. BOS
** Joe Ingles looks like the step dad that brings a kid to local summer league and fills in for an injured player PHI
** He looks like a 45yo under-employed stepdad OKC
** he looks damn near 57. GSW
** Joe Ingles looks like a divorced dad that makes a scene at 11 PM on a weeknight at Hooters MIL
** Why is there a drunken divorced dad on the court? HOU

** Joe Ingles looks like a rec league dad. BOS
** Joe ingles is a middle aged dad at the YMCA LAL
** Ingles actually looks like the 40 year old dad that tries way too hard at the y DEN
** We’re getting bodied by a dude who looks like he should be playing at the y DEN
** Ingles looks like a dude that plays pick up games at my local Y GSW
** ingles is the guy at the y who drops 40 in a head band and chuck taylors CHI
** Ingles looks like that nerdy dude who comes to.the YMCA and you laugh at and don’t want on your team. ORL
** Ingles look like a washed up YMCA Saturday morning rec league bench warmer. BOS
** Yo, why does Joe Ingles look like a YMCA schmuck who gets his pants stolen? TOR
** Joe Ingles doesn’t look like he should be good at basketball MIL
** I really don’t understand how a slow balding man continues to beat us off the dribble DEN
** How is Ingles a starter in this league, slow footed and unathletic I don’t get it PHI
** Why do we allow scrubs like Ingles to go off against us every game? BOS

** Joe Ingles looks like he smokes rollies MIN
** Joe Ingles looks like he picks half smoked cigarettes up off the sidewalk and finishes them MIN
** Joe Ingles looks like Sid from Ice Age GSW
** he looks like a gynecologist BOS
** Why are we getting torched by a 47yr old bible salesman??? BOS
** We got lit up by a guy who looks like a GameStop manager. BOS
** Get outta here Joe Ingles. You look like the treasurer for a home owner association. BOS
** He just looks like the kind of guy who would be really good at getting stains out of the carpet. DAL
** Ingles looks like a walking dead extra BOS
** Joe Ingles looks like Chris Benoit ugly ass motherfucker BOS
** Ingles looks like the type of guy who sells grilled cheeses out of a backpack. BOS
** Ingles would have been a rock star on the Grateful Dead tour scene back in the day… “dude! there’s a giant selling grilled cheese! holy shit!!” BOS
** Joe Ingles looked like he emerged out of a Cabin in the woods SAC
** Joe Ingles looks like the utility guy in our apartment complex. And I fucking hate that utility guy. SAC
** That fucking plumber is going to have a 40 point night watch LAL
** Ingles looks like the byproduct of cousin sex.. OKC
— i reckon hes ugly enough for even a sibling type byproduct
** Why does Joe Ingles look like a deranged farmer that has just realized he murdered his whole family while in a fugue state? PHI
** Ingles looks like the crazy pirate guy from the movie Dodgeball. LAL
** Joe ingles looks like he just learned a fake pass move yesterday and wants to try it out every other possession LAL
** I have a geophysicist egghead friend who looks so much like Ingles. POR
** Jingles looks like he got stranded in the Outback and had to drink his own pee. POR
** Joe Ingles looks like me. I’m a virgin. POR
** Ingles is the result of inbreeding kids OKC
** Ingles litters at campsites. OKC
** Joe Ingles looks like someone you meet at a barbeque DEN
— *cult meeting
** Joe Ingles looks like a disturbed genius character in a Weinstein brothers movie circa 1990’s. He’s poetry in motion at one very specific thing and highly imperfect at everything else in his life. DEN
** Joe Ingles looks like he’d play in Protomartyr. PHO
** Joe Ingles looks like that creepy dude Childress from True Detective WAS
** why is my nerdy next door neighbor playing for the jazz? BOS
** I just realized I look a lot like Joe Ingles when I play basketball. Except I’m shorter, fatter, not as good, and my face is different. HOU

** yo wtf does ingles not have eyebrows??? ugly bitch BOS
** Fact: Ingles is the ugliest dude in the NBA. BOS
** Ingles looks dirty af OKC
** Joe Ingels looks so fucking dumb POR
** the greasiest looking dude in the league TOR
** Joe ingles with that dumbass look on his face all the time. TOR
** I hate the way ingles looks he looks like a fucking goblin DET
** Ingles is so fucking ugly. This dude looks like a mut LAL
** You’d think with all that money Ingles could fix his teeth. DEN
** Joe ingles the ugliest man in the league DEN
** Ingles looks like his breath stinks. LAL
** Ingles rests his toungue below his lower lip, such that it looks like he’s surreptitiously chawin’ tobaccy. POR
** That fucking australian smirk will keep me awake. He is just awful. DEN
** Ingles has an ugly shot HOU
— To match his face

** Get fucked Toby OKC
** Toby Flenderson please don’t do us like that GSW
** I can believe the Stratton strangler is balling out GSW
** Fucking Joe Ingles Toby Flenderson looking fuck. GSW
** Has anyone ever seen Toby Flanderson and Joe ingles in the same room? NOR
** Why is Toby Flenderson away from his desk!!! DAL
** Toby Flenderson lookin mf BOS
** I can’t believe I never realized how much ingles looks like Toby PHI
** Ingles kind of looks like Toby from The Office. CHI
— Kind of?! Spitting image
** Damn Toby Flenderson hitting the back breaking shot against us DET
** Get Toby Flenderson outta there POR
** Ingles is the Scranton Strangler. POR
** Fucking Toby The Office retarded brother DEN
** Dunder Mifflin is missing an HR employee MIL
** Get fucked you toby looking prick OKC
** He’s toby from the office HOU

** Someone needs to put an elbow to Ingles teeth DEN
** Someone needs to punch Ingles in the face hard POR
** Ingles has one of those punchable faces GSW
** I hate Joe Ingles for no reason GSW
** Fucking can’t stand Joe Ingles. GSW
** I just hate Joe Ingles SAC
** I want to murder Ingles SAC
** I fucking hate Ingles sooo much bro OKC
** I want to murder Joe Ingles. PHI
** I hate Joe Ingles. MIL
** i cant fucking stand joe ingles OKC

** Joe Ingles is so fucking annoying MIN
** Jingles is such a little bitch. PHI
** Ingles is a buttplug DET
** Joe ingles is a fuck DET
** Ingles is a BITCH!! POR
** Ingles is a pussy ass bitch POR
** Ingles is still a cunt OKC
** ingles is such a prick DEN
** Ingles is a jackass. DEN
** Joe Ingles is a shit farmer DAL
** Joe Ingles is dirt DEN
** Ingles is an arrogant piece of shit SAS
** Ingles is such a bitch. BOS
** Ingles is a dirty bitch POR
** Ingles a bitch ass tube of mayonnaise POR
** Ingles is a flopping bitch HOU

** Fuck Joe Ingles DAL
** Ya fuck you Ingles DAL
** Fucking JIngles, man… BOS
** Fuck you Joe ingles BOS
** Fuck off grandpa joe SAC
** Fuck you Jingles SAC
** fuck joe ingles SAC
** Fuck Joe Ingles SAC
** fuck Joe Ingles. SAC
** Eat dick Ingles OKC
** Fuck Ingles POR
** Fuck Joe Ingles MIN
** Idk why. But fuck Ingles POR
** Man, fuck ingles POR
** Lol fuuuuuuuuuuuck ingles. Mediocre af. POR
** Man FUCK Ingles lol. PHO
** Fuck ingles 40 year old lookin ass PHO
** F Joe Ingles and everyone who likes him! PHO
** fuck the Jazz and that crack head Joe ingles PHO
** Fuck you Ingles HOU
** Fuck you trash Ingles. you fucking dirty asshole HOU
** I really don’t like Ingles. Fuck that bitch. POR

** Jake Layman is about the same height and shoots 3’s POR
** if he starts losing his hair and improves his passing, he’ll be on his way POR
** Just need to hobble him somehow so he’s got the Slow-Joe quality POR
** That and dad bod. POR
** And start looking like he smokes 5 packs a day. POR

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