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Highlights of Opponent Game Thread Highlights 2018-2019: #Jingled

April 15, 2019
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** I have a feeling we are going to get jingled tonight NYK
** I don’t wanna get jingled TOR
** Basketball gods please don’t let us get Jingled tonight TOR
** we better not get jingled SAC
** Have we been Jingled yet today? DET
** I hope we dont get jingled MIN
** We’re going to get Jingled aren’t we PHO
** We are gonna get Jingled tonight NYK

** are we getting jingled rn? TOR
** are we getting jingled? TOR
** Damn we’re getting Jingled again aren’t we MIN

** It’s Jingle Time. TOR
** Jingling sequence in progress TOR
** Jingled LAL
** Jingled! LAL
** We’re getting friccin jingled LAL
** We getting jingled rn TOR
** We’re getting jingled TOR
** We are getting Jingled this day SAC
** We’re getting Jingled GSW
** I hate to say it but we are getting fucking Jingled right now GSW
** We’re getting Jingled GSW
** We’re getting Jingled :/ BOS
** fucking hell we are getting jingled BOS
** We are literally getting fucking jingled BOS
** Yeah we’re getting fucking Jingled SAS
** We always get Jingled GSW
** Were getting Jingled ATL
** Were getting Jingled PHO
** Getting jingled DAL
** We’re getting Jingled as we speak smh OKC
** We’re getting Jingled boys WAS
** This is what it feels like to be jingled GSW
** Feels like he always torches us lol. Jingled SAC
** Game, Jingled at the end. DAK

** looks like we got Jingled tonight smdh GSW
** We got jibgled GSW
** We jot jingled GSW
** We got fuckin Jingled GSW
** We got Jingled! GSW
** We got jingled! DAL
** We got jingled… BOS
** Friccin jingled PHI
** Damn we got jingled SAC
** smh we got Jingled DET
** we got Jingled PHO
** Damn, we got jingled… PHO
** Aw fuck we been Jingled. GSW

** we have a case of terminal jingles SAC
** we let an unathletic white guy Jingle us every time LAL
** I, for one, accept our new Jingles overlord. BOS
** Can we get “I Got Jingled!” tshirts? CHA

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