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Highlights of Opponent Game Thread Highlights 2018-2019: Grayson Allen & Jae Crowder

April 14, 2019
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** Oh fuck Grayson Allen TOR
** Fuck Grayson allen TOR
** yo fuck grayson allen. DAL
** fuck Grayson Allen. IND
** Fuck Grayson Allen LAL
** Fuck Grayson Allen again LAL
** Fuck Grayson Allen IND
** Fuck Grayson. Entitled fucking prick. HOU
** fuck Allen and his haircut POR
** Fuck Grayson Allen. SAC
** Fuck Grayson Allen LAC
** Fuck you grayson go back to tripping people in college PHX

** too much Grayson Allen punchable face TOR
** Is there anyone in the league with a more punchable face than Grayson Allen? TOR
** Grayson Allen with the most punchable face in the game SAC
** Grayson Allen’s face just looks so punchable
** Is it just me or does Grayson Allen have a face you would enjoy punching immensely? SAC
— Supremely punchable SAC
** I hope someone makes themselves useful and punches Grayson Allen in the face POR
** Man grayson Allen has a very punchable face POR
** Grayson has such a punchable face POR
— His whole existence is punchable POR
** If that fucker trips one of our guys tonight I’m driving to the arena real quick to punch him right in his punchable. POR

** He looks like Ted fucking Cruz, lol. I want to punch him in the face. TOR
** I just wanna punch Ted Cruz’s smug face so hard DEN
** that poor Utah player looks like a young ted cruz. sorry man. LAC
** Grayson Allen looks like Ted Cruz lost a bunch of weight. POR
** He looks so much like Ted Cruz it’s freaky POR
** Grayson Allen is Ted Cruz. LAL
** Ted Cruz POR
** So Ted Cruz. TOR
** Ted Cruz lookin ass LAC
** Wait, is that Ted Cruz on the court? SAC
** Ted Cruz checks into the game IND
** Ted Cruz has entered the game MIL
** Why is Ted Cruz on the court MIA
** Ted Cruz just scored on a floater…. DAL
** Sit down Ted Cruz! LAL
** Ted Cruz rejected DEN
** Ted Cruz is roasting the team. LAC
** Ted Cruz out for blood DEN
** Get Ted Cruz off the court bruh POR
** Go back to Texas, Ted Cruz Jr. POR
** Grayson Allen = Ted Cruz = Zodiac Killer POR
** Zodiac Jr. POR
** Just a reminder Grayson Allen is the son of the zodiac killer DET
** Grayson Allen is the Zodiac Killer POR
** Ted Cruz is getting to the line at will. HOU
** Ted Cruz is in. HOU
** How did Ted Cruz get in the game? HOU
** Hey the Zodiac Killer has days off too HOU

** Grayson Allen looks like a tattletale. DAL
** Grayson Allen looks like he still wets the bed. DAL
** Grayson Allen looks like the kind of kid who doesn’t flush. DAL
** Grayson Allen…………… Damien Thorn 1978 circa! DET
** Grayson Allen looks like that kid from your school that you found out was a Furry two years after you graduated. DET
** grayson “my dad is a mechanic and i had to sleep next to a muffler” allen is really carving us up PHX
** Grayson Allen got that cocaine nose. Cocaine is a hellaofa drug. SAC
** Grasyon allen looks exactly like joffrey from got SAC

** Grayson Allen is such a fuckin punk DAL
** Grayson Allen with his fuckery. DAL
** Yep Grayson a bitch DAL
** Grayson Allen is fucking garbage goddamn DET
** Grayson is trash. Can’t help but play like a dirty ass bitch. POR
** Someone needs to lay the lumbar on G Allen this guy is complete fucking trash POR
** Grayson still a dick PHX
** fucking Grayson Allen, he’s so fucking garbage PHX
** Grayson fucking Allen SAC
** That guy’s a rookie? Looks like he is 50 lol HOU
** lol I thought Grayson Allen was a ball boy getting up shots HOU

** I forgot the Jazz have Ted Cruz on their bench. HOU
** I didn’t know #24 Ted Cruz played for the Jazz TOR
** Oh and add Grayson Allen to the list of unlikeable Jazz players POR
** Oh shit, is Grayson Allen on the Jazz? Fuck that guy. MIL
** I forgot the Jazz drafted Grayson Allen, gross. PHI
** I completely forgot Grayson Allen was on the Jazz. Can’t stand them even more now. HOU
** I completely forgot Greyson Allen plays for Utah. Even more reason to not like them. POR
** i forgot about how much i dislike grayson allen DET
** I just saw Grayson Fucking Allen on the Jazz bench. Fuck the Jazz OKC
** That’s like the cherry on top for hating the jazz DEN

** I hate Demarre Crowder TOR
** Have I mentioned how much I despise jae crowder MIL
** i’ve always hated crowder DEN
** I don’t like Crowder idk why but he pisses me off OKC
** Crowder is very unlikable OKC
** I really dislike that Crowder. DAL
** I remember why I hate Crowder, lol. Dude will forever be a bitch. SAC
** I have an irrational intense dislike for Jae Crowder dunno why but he really pisses me off OKC
— Its def not irrational. Dudes a prick OKC

** Jae Crowder is annoying TOR
** Jay crowder mega bitch TOR
** Crowder is a soft bitch. SAC
** Crowder is such a lil bitch TOR
** He’s a mediocrity and a prick. BOS
** Crowder has always been a bitch BOS
** That bitch Crowder DAL
** Jae crowder is such a scrub. PHI
** crowder is such a prick SAC
** Crowder a bitch OKC
** Jae Crowder a bitch POR
** Jae Crowder is one of the biggest bitches in the league POR
** Crowder a bitch POR
** Crowder’s a fuckin douche POR
** Crowder is a bitch. Always has been. HOU
** Crowder a fake ass tough guy GSW
** Jae Crowder is the biggest bitch in the NBA OKC
** Crowder a dirty cunt OKC
** crowder is a dumbass OKC
** Crowder is a bitch. DEN
** Crowder is a bitch HOU
** Jae Crowder the most annoying player in the NBA HOU

** Crowder looks like Predator. PHI
** Anyone else think Crowder looks like Serena Williams? TOR
** Jae Crowder looks like the kinda guy that puts so much sugar in his coffee it doesn’t even dissolve it all MIL
** Crowder looks like he wears electrical tape for a hair tie OKC
** Crowder got a fuckin turd hangin off his head OKC
** You know for a fact Crowder doesnt wash his hair. DEN
** Crowder’s hair is shaped like the poops I used to make when I was healthy DEN
** Jae Crowder out here looking like a Protoss Dark Templar MIL
** Why crowder look like whoopi goldberg LAL

** Fuck Crowder, avatar looking-douchebag LAL
** Fuck off Crowder ur a fucking bum. BOS
** God fuck you Crowder BOS
** Fuck yourself Crowder. BOS
** fuck Jae Crowder. BOS
** Go fuck yourself Crowder CHA
** Fuck off Crowder GSW
** fuck Crowder TOR
** Okay, fuck you, Crowder. DEN
** Fuck Crowder DEN
** Fuck Jae crowder DEN
** fuck Jae Crowder forever. POR
** fuck off crowder OKC
** Fuck Crowder. OKC
** Fuck crowder OKC
** get fucked crowder DAL
** Fuck jae chowdah ATL

** didn’t even touch that ugly swamp looking fucker and he flops like a bitch SAC
** Another Crowder flop. Fuck that predator SAC
** Crowder is such a flopping bitch, lol. SAC
** When did crowder become such a massive flopper? MIA
** Crowder’s flopping all over the place DEN
** WTF on Crowder flop. Stop it! HOU
** Jae Crowder flopping all game long. Fuck. OKC

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  1. TheNextGM permalink
    April 14, 2019 5:40 pm

    Oh man these are so good.


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