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Highlights of Opponent Game Thread Highlights 2018-2019: Donovan Mitchell

April 14, 2019
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Note: The difference in formatting between this one and the others is intentional.

** D Mitchell has a very punchable face PHI
** He’d be alright if his face wasn’t all dismorphed PHI
** Donovan Mitchell looks like a bobblehead. Dudes head is so fuckin large and his features are so wack PHI
** I really fucking hate mitchell and his face. Cry baby PHI

** Jesus Mitchell is a chucker PHI
** Donovan Mitchell 10/29 fgs A monument to inefficiency PHI
** Is Mitchell the biggest chucker in the league PHI
** Holy chucker, Mitchell PHI
** Donobrick Miss-all PHI
** Mitchell is fucking ass. Anybody would score 20 on 30 fucking shots PHI
** Dmitchell is a fucking bum. Straight garbage chucker PHI
** Absolutely nothing Mitchell does is impressive. Monte Ellis 2.0. PHI
** All I’m saying is if I shot like Donovan Mitchell, they’d bench my ass in middle school travel league. PHI
** Donovan Mitchell is the biggest fucking pussy I hate all the attention this loser gets. Pretty sure ben could put up 30 a game if he took the amount of shit shots that Mitchell takes PHI
** Mitchell is the definition of “thousand dollar move, ten dollar finish” PHI
** I think I’d shoot myself watching Mitchell on the daily. Bad decision after bad decision after bad decision PHI
** Volume chucker. Looks good at surface level YouTube and Twitter highlight clips and maybe if u only look at Pointz. But any dip into advanced stats and it’s pretty easy to see he does nothing at an elite level. PHI

** Donovan Mitchell is a cancer to any team that has the displeasure of having him on they roster PHI
** Lmao they really gave this man a fucking signature shoe PHI
** Looooooool Mitchell is ASS PHI

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