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Offseason Odds and Ends

August 27, 2017

One. Dennis Lindsey, asked how confident is he that Donovan Mitchell will be ready to play right away: How does he gain instant credibility with his coaches and teammates? It’s really even beyond his play. How does he get their trust? So, show great humility. Defend. Defer…

I think he’s off to a really good start. I think fundamentally, he’s in a good place with his character, with his humility, with his competitiveness. Usually if you have those three things, that’s a good place to start.

And then you start looking at his, you know, his physical characteristic — package, with his length relative to his height,* and his lift, and his strength, and power, and mindset to defend. I think Quin [Snyder] has already seen that.

So, look, could he get full of himself and you know, lose himself a little bit on truly who he is and what he needs to be in the context of his first year? I would say that there’s a decent chance that could happen for a stretch, but that’s what development coaches are for, and bench coach, and a head coach, and we’ll give him some honesty and some real feedback based upon what he needs to do individual, but what he needs to do in the context of the team.

And I would suspect — because he was raised the right way, he’s already been a good teammate in high school and in Louisville and the early stages of summer league, so I would suspect that he is quite ready to play, and we’re gonna need him to play.


Two. There simply aren’t enough heart emojis in the world. (H/T @JazzNationNews)

Three. Jarron Collins shares a Utah Jazz locker room story:

My very first year, I’m playing, very first exhibition game. It’s in Boise. We’re playing against the Sacramento Kings…There’s Vlade Divac, Chris Webber, Bobby Jack[son], [Mike] Bibby’s on that team. I mean, they were like the No. 1 seed, I think, the year before. They had a really good team.

And now, it’s, you know, it’s ou–my team that I’m playing with, it’s like, these guys, I j–I was just a, you know, playing these guys as a video game, you know, the other, like, just like, just a couple months ago. Now they’re my teammates and now they’re my opponents. So, I’m like through the roof.

I got my NBA uniform on. I’m ready to go up. And it’s the very first preseason game, so — at Stanford, we had this thing where we’d go around the room, like, “Hey, you ready?” Like, try to get everybody pumped up. “You ready? Let’s go! Let’s go! You ready?”

So, I’m trying to do that in the locker room as a rookie, and I go around to, like, Donyell [Marshall] and [Greg] Ostertag. They’re, like, laughing at me. I see Stock[ton], John, in the corner and I go over to him like a little kid, like, “You ready John? You ready John?” And he just looks me up and down, and he’s like, “Get away from me.”

And then, so then, and then I go over to Karl [Malone], and again, perspective is always important, but you know, for Karl, it’s like his 17th year, and he’s, this is the very first preseason game of his 17th year. He could care less about this game.

But I go up to Karl, and he’s sitting down. I’m like, “Karl, you ready?” Turns around and he looks me up and down, and he goes, “Got my fucking uniform on, don’t I?” And I just turn around and was like, “He says he’s ready, guys! He says he’s good to go!”

Four. Troll Jingles is the best Jingles.

Five. [Aug. 25] Dennis Lindsey, asked if he has talked to Gordon Hayward at all: No. I have not.

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines (UDQM)
** Dennis Lindsey on the way the Spurs’ MO: It’s talk softly and carry a big stick.
** Lindsey on Mayweather vs. McGregor and aging: The ability to recover, you know, after a strenuous, um, game, or workout, to me’s a lot different when you age. But can you be as good once inside, the ring, as you were five or six years ago, or, you know, how much reactivity?…Usually, experience and technical skill wins out nine times out of ten.

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