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Offseason Odds and Ends

August 5, 2017

One. Ricky Rubio on being traded to Utah: I remember being so excited that, the moment that I find out I was going to Utah, because I like the way, the style, the coach plays, and it’s a player’s coach, and you can see on the court.

And then, playing with names like Rudy Gobert, that actually I never play in NBA yet with a poi–with a center that can really jump that high, and I can throw lobs and it fits my game really well because I can play the pick and roll at best, with him. And a lot of good shooters in the team. I mean, I’m a big fan of Rodney Hood. I think he can be an all-star, and it’s gonna be great playing with him…

Joe [Ingles] was my roommate in Barcelona, and as soon as I got traded I talked to him and I was so excited. He wasn’t in his deal yet. He wasn’t sure if he was gonna come back, but I told him now that I’m going, you have to sign. And he say he love Utah. He talk great about the organization, the city, the fans, and I was really excited. …

[Derrick] Favors, I’m really excited to play with him. I think he’s one of the most talented players in the league, and he can, like, he can play in a high level and he’s one of the guys that I’m gonna feed a lot on the pick and pop.

Two. So, the Tyrone Corbin years were pretty much the way we observed them to be from our screens (read from the bottom up):

Three. Rubio, asked if he can improve his shooting: Yes. I mean, of course I know my weaknesses and my strengths, and I know what kin–what type of player I wanna be, and what areas I gotta improve and of course shooting is one of them. But I’m not worried about, at all.

I know I can do a lot of things and I have to do what I do best and then improve, keep improving the other things. I know nowadays a point guard in the NBA is becoming more a scoring than a real point guard, but I gotta stay true on my game…

I don’t wanna lose what I bring on the table, that it’s, being a real point guard; being a true leader out there and trying to ba–make my teammates better.

** Transcribed this quote simply for “real point guard.”

Four. Posting for posterity:

Five. Rubio, asked if he plans to live in Utah year-round or just during the season, if he plans to stay for one year or longer, and if he will plant roots in the community: I expect a lot from Utah, or, for the team, the organization, but I haven’t been there yet so I can’t really answer that.

I mean, if I feel comfortable and they feel comfortable, I mean, it has to be both ways, you know? It can’t be just one way when I feel comfortable and they don’t feel comfortable with me, or the opposite.

So, I’m waiting to see. I’m really excited, like I said. I really like everything. It seems like it’s gonna work out, but first I gotta be there to really feel what it’s gonna be.

Did you feel comfortable in Minnesota?

Yeah, I did. I mean, the fans there were great. The organization, I mean, at the end, with so many rumors, I wasn’t feeling that comfortable because when your name is out there in the media and knowing that you can be [traded at] any place at any time, it doesn’t feel good.

But I know this is part of the business. We have to keep going, and I gave my all every time I step on the court for the team, because I was involved with a project, and at the end, it seems like they want to trade me and they did.

So, but, I have no regrets. I mean, I have great time on Minnesota and I have a special place in my heart because the fans over there were great since Day One and they always, I always felt they loved me.

Six. Posted for posterity, Part 2:

Seven. Rubio on John Stockton’s assist record: Every time I go out there in Salt Lake and I see the banner up there in the gym and see 15,000-plus assists…I say “Damn.” It should be playing, like, 40 years to get to that number.

Flashback to 2012:

Eight. Why on earth would the Jazz decide to cover this instead of getting rid of it? Seriously, why? (Tweet has since been deleted.)

4 Comments leave one →
  1. Tim permalink
    August 8, 2017 12:44 am

    Once again, as always, Moni comes through with the good stuff. Thank you for this blog. I’ve said it before. Best Jazz blog out there. No one else comes close.

  2. Paul Johnson permalink
    August 8, 2017 8:48 pm

    I always thought the Jazz screwed Raja Bell over for merely being “the little boy who told the emperor he was not wearing any clothes.” The Jazz effectively ended Raja’s career (a bit prematurely) by failing to waive him or buy him out, and making him sit home for a year without playing (although they did pay him millions of dollars for not playing basketball). It was apparently obvious to almost everyone but Jazz management (and especially to the Jazz’s veteran players) that Tyrone Corbin just didn’t have the ability to be a good head NBA coach (although he is a competent assistant coach). I think that was a big blemish on the reputation of the Jazz, and I’m certainly glad those dark days have been put far behind us.


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