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Utah Jazz Introduce Jonas Jerebko and Thabo Sefolosha

July 19, 2017
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On signing with the Jazz
Coach [Quin] Snyder called me and you know, obviously expressed interest, and the interest was very mutual. And just his playing phis–philosophy and just the roster that they had here and guy that they brought in and obviously Rudy [Gobert] in the middle, and just all-around great guys, unselfish guys, it made this decision easy, to be honest.

Especially with the roster being international, playing with Thabo [Sefolosha], Ricky [Rubio], you know, Rudy, and Joe [Ingles] and Dante [Exum], and you know, just everybody, it’s, I’m really looking forward to coming here to Salt Lake and just keep building on what they did last year.

On growing up a Jazz fan
It started every other summer growing up. My dad is American. He’s from Buffalo, New York, so every other summer I used to go play, just random basketball camps all over Buffalo. And went in the [Champion] store and Karl Malone jersey was there. Picked it up and wore it proudly for the next few years, and that’s what made me a Jazz fan. Always picked them when I played my video games.

You know, you, in Sweden, you don’t get, you can’t watch the games. So, I tried to just keep up there on the video games and obviously I’ve seen the great runs they have. So, that’s what made me a fan, really.

Do you know any Jazz players?
Joe and I was at the Euro camp, so I know him from there. Ricky, obviously, European, and you know, I’ve played in the NBA for eight years, so a lot of these guys I’ve, I know off the court and on the court. Thabo obviously played in Italy a year before me, so we kinda got history together. So, I followed him to Italy and I followed him here to Utah.

On Rudy Gobert
I’ve been on the wrong side of things, and you know, when you trying to get to the hole and you see a guy like Rudy under the basket, he’s gonna make you think, and he’s most likely gonna make you pass.

So I mean, it’s gonna be a great thing for everybody on this team to just know that you have Rudy back there. It’s kind of like an insurance, you know, to play around that, and to be able to have a shotblocker and somebody that can tec–can contest shot like he can, not a lot of teams in the league are lucky like we are.

Jerebko’s first tweet as a Jazzman

On Andrei Kirilenko
AK-47 was one of my player–favorite players growing up. And you know, just watching him play, I tried to simulate my game to his. …

Karl Malone made me into a Jazz fan. Bought a jersey growing up, and then obviously being a huge fan of AK-47, and you know, just admiring his game growing up, I’ve always been a Jazz fan.

On Boston
I am not gonna miss it. I’m excited about the future and what we have going here, so I’m definitely not gonna miss it. We had a great run, but I’m excited for the future.

On Jazz fans looking forward to games against Boston this year
So am I. I can’t wait. So am I.

** Languages: Swedish (native tongue), English and a little Italian.
** Grew up playing hockey, soccer, floorball, handball and golf, but parents and sister played basketball so he fell into it naturally.
** Hobbies: golf, fishing, being outside, mountain biking, gaming.
** Golf handicap: Used to be 6, probably 12 right now.

Why Utah?
I had a great conversation with the coach. Great conversation with the GM, Dennis [Lindsey], and you know, the way they explained it to me was that, you know, they needed somebody on the defensive end that’s gonna come and show the young guys also how it’s supposed to be done. Be a veteran leader. And so, you know, conversation with the coach and the GM, that’s what made me come here to Utah. …

The conversation [with Snyder] so far has been really open and honest, so you know, it’s a great way to start.

On how the Jazz’s style fits his game
Defensively, you know, it’s a team that really pride itself with Rudy and everybody, you know, at being tough on the defensive end, and that’s what I, that’s what my game, you know, it’s a lot about. Other than that, you know, I think moving the ball, playing that European style of basketball, you know, will fit my game.

Are you close with anyone on the team?
I know Rudy already. We spoke, you know, in Atlan–before I came here. I know Jonas pretty well, so — we played in the same team in Europe.* Not at the same time, but with the same team, so that’s some similarity there. Other than that, you know, I just, for the rest of the guy, I just know them, you know, playing against them.

* Pallacanestro Biella in Italy

On Jazz fans
I used to hate playing, you know, here against the team, so I’m excited, you know, being here and hearing those fan cheering for us, you know, for a change. It’s gonna be great.

** Languages: French (native tongue), English and a little Italian
** Favorite food: Rice and chicken, provided the chicken is grilled the right way.
** Hobbies: spending time with his children, watching soccer, Call of Duty, biking.
** Wearing No. 22 because 25, 2 and 5 were all taken. Next choice would have been 18. (Birthday is 2 May.)
** Idol growing up: Michael Jordan
** Favorite teammate(s) of all time: Kevin Durant and Joakim Noah
** Biggest influence(s): Mom and dad. Both artists who taught him at a young age to believe in himself and follow his dreams.
** Thabo Sefolosha, unintentional dirty quote machine: It’s exciting to think about, you know, Gobert being in the back. I can be a little bit more loose and be more aggressive on my man knowing that, you know, Gobert is there in the back taking care of things.

P.S. Congrats to Joe Ingles on this great troll job with his Paul George shoes:

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  1. Diana permalink
    July 19, 2017 7:07 am

    Way to go Joe!!!

    I am excited for our new guys. They seem to be great addions, not just vetzz for vetzz sake.

  2. Richard McEntire permalink
    July 19, 2017 11:19 am

    Thanks for putting this up man! I’ve just gained even more respect for both Thabo and Jonas. Can’t wait to see them play! :)


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