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Where’s Gordo?

July 5, 2017

So I’ve been sitting on this video for some time. Years, actually, as I listened to front office personnel go on the radio every week and talk up Gordon Hayward and his amazing leadership. Their high praise made me watch games with an eye out for the leadership they kept talking about. His disappearing act during certain situations is what caught my attention about him instead, year after year.

I mean, now’s as good a time as any to post this, right? *shrug*

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  1. miroz permalink
    July 5, 2017 8:55 pm

    Touche! I always didn’t like this that He never (ok, once with CP3) show that He cares His teammates. Especially that He Should be a leader… I think that He didn’t deserve for too much emotions from Our side. I will not even booing Him in future (but I cannot do it personally, Im from Poland:). I think we have so talented team that it should be even more fun to watch Utah in new season.

  2. Ute Beaute permalink
    July 6, 2017 12:05 am


  3. Jazzwy permalink
    July 6, 2017 12:25 am

    I’m not as hurt by him leaving as some, but part of that is he was never my favorite player on the Jazz. This video is a good example why. If you want to be quiet and lead by example fine. Stockton did, but Stockton also didn’t let himself get clowned and had the respect of his peers (see Gary Payton comments).
    One last reason why I’m OK with him leaving (not OK with how) is the team is now Gobert’s. I have much more confidence in his leadership. This year if he says something the team better fall in line. There is no one around to call him immature. In Gobert I trust.

  4. bezerkus permalink
    July 6, 2017 4:55 am

    The uncaring attitude is what never got me on the G time band wagon. Something in Rudy even as a rookie and his first year when no one was saying much about him, put him on my radar as someone I could be a huge fan of. He didn’t have to get into scuffles to show leadership. I only hoped Rudy’s talent would catch up to his willingness to win, and it is happening. Gordon never got me to the raving fan part. I guess that was his one foot out the door that no one wanted to admit was there. That’s why his leaving really hasn’t affected me all that much. He could have been a Hornacek to a couple of other great players, but that’s about it. I’ll still root for him as I believe he is much more of a decent human being than many in the NBA, but I’m glad we don’t have to build around him anymore because I honestly don’t think it would’ve been worth it.

  5. Nancy permalink
    July 6, 2017 8:36 am

    My granddaughter (Special Needs) was a yuge Gordo, Homer. She has had season tickets since his rookie season. When she called to see if he made up his mind. I told her he was gone. She said that sucks, boo, then said well I guess I get a new Jingles jersey and #45 is going to be good so I might get his too.

    • Tanner Marriott permalink
      March 16, 2018 10:26 pm

      I bet she is happy now

  6. Joe Rassam permalink
    July 6, 2017 9:00 am

    It’s tough to watch this team lose yet another player, in yet another season, that could have been a significant ingredient for success for years to come.

  7. modernagejazz permalink
    July 8, 2017 6:14 am

    He needs to get the Celtics to give us a sign and trade that at least grants us the trade exception, otherwise he’ll unequivocally sink below the Boozer level.

    • Paul Johnson permalink
      July 11, 2017 6:28 am

      Looks like Gordo will sink below the Boozer level. I guess that will be a new thing around here now: “the Gordo level.”

  8. Alec permalink
    July 10, 2017 11:35 pm

    Great work!


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