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These Weeks in the Utah Jazz: Last of the Season

May 13, 2017

One. David Locke, asked if the Jazz have done enough to convince Gordon Hayward to stay in Utah long term: I think in the last three years, what Dennis Lindsey and Quin Snyder have done for Gordon Hayward is exceptional. His growth has been there.

The question is, how scarred is he from the first three years? And — he didn’t like the first three years. He didn’t like playing under Tyrone Corbin and didn’t like the rebuild…

Absolutely, [he didn’t like what happened with the offer sheet]. That negotiation did not go well. And so, I think w–the one problem you have when you’re the incumbent team in free agency is you’re the only one who has scars with your player. Right?

So, when, whether it’s Danny Ainge or Pat Riley or Magic Johnson or whomever it is that’s gonna sit across the table from Gordon Hayward in, wherever, Mark Bartelstein’s office in, where, Chicago, is, they’ll have no scars. Right? They have never done anything wrong to Gordon Hayward in Gordon’s mind.

Two. Locke on Hayward’s future if he stays in Utah: He will never have another circumstance like what he has here…If he stays, it’s his town. He will be the most, probably the third most beloved Jazz player in the history of the franchise. He will have a place here forever, which I think’s interesting that none of these players ever consider.

But after watching us have our 20th year reunion of the Finals team and seeing, you know, how many of these guys kind of just don’t have any footing on what they’re doing with life other than just kinda hanging, I think there’s a real value to the fact that you’re gonna retire at 35 to 40, and you’re gonna actually have another 35 years of your life, and sitting on the couch is not actually a good answer.

And if Gordon stays in Utah, he can have whatever job he wants, be it coach, broadcaster, general manager, financial adviser. Whatever he cares to do in life, he will be able to do…He would be king, and it’s his franchise.


Four. Zach Lowe on his appearance on a Utah radio program earlier this season: I went on a radio station in Utah an–after my podcast with Boris Diaw, eating my avocado toast that Boris got me, and i–I just said — and this was in December, so we’re not even 30, are we 30 games into the season? I don’t know, 25, 30. And I just make some remark about, you know, how, you know, last year [the Jazz] were not good in close games.

The offense was not good in close games, LAST YEAR, and that’s an issue that, you know, we gotta monitor or something, going forward.

And I start, these texts start coming in from people with the team, like, “How could you say that?!” “What did you say?!” And I’m like, wait a sec, hasn’t everyone in Utah been writing about this for, like, a year? Like, is this some groundbreaking thing? Everything I read about Utah going into the season was well, they were so-and-so points per possession minus in crunch time last year.

And so, I say that on radio. It’s like, what the hell?! Wha–why is this such a big deal? … They’ve been great [this year], and they’ve been gr–I just, I rattled off the Joe Johnson stats earlier. They’re winning crunch time in this series [against the L.A. Clippers], so congratulations to them. Stop yelling at me for things that are true, that I said on the radio, that are true. And were true. And remain true.

Five. I almost didn’t do this post. This is the reason I had to:

[Pink Grandma] Mori said she recently ran into [Jerry] Sloan, the former Jazz coach, in public — they share an audiologist.

“He said, ‘I know you, Pink Lady,’ ” she recalled. “Then he gave me a hug.” (Trib)

*dies of warm fuzzies*

On the subject of the Pink Grandmas, how awesome is it that the Jazz gave them their own pink playoff T-shirts? (first photo via @pinkgrandmas)

Six. Real question Joe Ingles was asked about his free agency during his final 1280 interview of the season: With you taking off to go to Australia, how will that work, because you’re not gonna be here in person and all that stuff. You just do it via phone or whatever it might be?

Seven. Gordon Hayward, asked if he wants a do-over on the season because he thinks he can do better with it, or was it a good year: Yeah, I don’t think, I mean, you can’t have do-overs. So, I don’t look at it as I’d want to do it over…

But you — we have to be hungry for more. You can’t, you definitely can’t be satisfied with winning one playoff series, getting to the second round. At least I’m not, so. Like I said, I’ll go into this season hungry for more — offseason.

Eight. Andrei Kirilenko is the best.

Nine. Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Weeks (UDQM)
** Question asked to Quin Snyder: You wanted to emphasize the thrust and pace. How’d you feel like your team was with that yesterday, and are they getting closer to the level you’d want and expect consistently?
** Snyder’s response: Thrust, I’d like to see us, you know, get into whatever it is we’re doing, you know, quickly.
** Snyder on self-reflection: We’ll do it. Dennis and I will do it. We’ll do it with the players. We’ll do it with you guys. We’ll do it with, you know, upper-level management and ownership and all those things that are out there. It’s a long summer.
** Joe Ingles on Snyder: Yeah, I mean, Quin’s been, obviously, for me, I think I’ve said it a, numerous times, been, has been huge for me. We’ve got a bit of a weird relationship.
** Ingles on taking a break from basketball: Obviously, then after that, we can, we get into the sticky stuff.

Ten. I’ll leave you with this.

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