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Greg Ostertag and Bryon Russell Facebook Chat: Best Bits

March 21, 2017

Fan question: Favorite memory?
Bryon Russell: What was yours?
Greg Ostertag: My favorite memory? When Michael [Jordan] pushed you.

Fan question: Rank Karl Malone all-time.
Russell: Best power forward of all time. Hands down.
Ostertag: You think so?
Russell: Even without the rings.
Ostertag: What about Timmy [Duncan]?
Russell: Timmy’s just got rings. He’s a finesse four. Power forward says power.

Fan question: I remember when Greg got ejected in LA…
Ostertag: I do too. That was really fast. Jerry [Sloan] was right behind me.
Russell: He protected us, man.
Ostertag: He did.
Russell: He went to bat for us.

Fan question: Could John Stockton dunk?
Ostertag: No, John could not dunk.
Russell: Not at all.

Fan question: Why can’t we have more all-stars on the Jazz?
Ostertag: Politics.
Russell: They gotta get better.
Ostertag: I love Rudy Gobert. I love the way he plays, runs the floor, blocks shots…I really like the way Rudy plays.
Russell: M-hm. But I would’ve dunked on his ass. I like him though. He’s a Jazz. I’m always gonna love the Jazz.
Ostertag: That’s right.

Fan question: Favorite coach of all time?
Russell: Sloan.
Ostertag: Sloan. Absolutely.

Fan question: Thoughts on Mark Jackson?
Russell: What about him?
Ostertag: Yeah, what about him?
Russell: Good guy. Great teammate for a year, I guess. For you.
Ostertag: Yeah. You ever play with him?
Russell: [No.] I was gone.

Fan question: Today’s NBA is too soft.
Ostertag: I would agree with that.
Russell: 100 percent.

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