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These Weeks in the Utah Jazz

March 11, 2017

One. Gordon Hayward, asked how he as team leader will help his team be ready for Minnesota after the loss to Oklahoma City: Have to take tomorrow, rest up. Put this one behind you. You know, we’ll be all right. I — come, what is today, Wednesday? Come Friday, we’ll be ready to play, so.

Two. Rudy Gobert on sharing a front court with Derrick Favors: I mean, we still both evolving as players. You know, we not a finished product. So you know, I think he’s still learning, you know, how to space and play as a, more at the four when I’m on the court. And me, I’m just, you know, keep, trying to keep getting better and keep helping him, you know, get better too.

Quin Snyder on what he likes about Joe Johnson at the four: Well, you know, it’s funny. The eye test for me preceded all the analytics…

In Joe’s case, the floor is just open. You know, he’s spaced. And there is nothing analytical about that when you’re watching him. It’s very visible. The net result, you know, is what the analytics do show, and that, you know, he and Rudy [Gobert] are really good in combination and our team functions really well with him at the four because there’s just room. …

Joe was getting some minutes at the four [earlier in the season], but he wasn’t, you know, full time there. And then we just got to a point where I felt like, you know, that was the best fit for our team, especially as we started to get healthy and I knew we wanted him on the floor. And we made that move, you know, in a permanent way…

One of the final things that just pushed me, that, hey, we just need to go ahead and do this…What we saw in Joe was his ability to guard the post, whether it was Zach Randolph or Blake Griffin. He’s so strong that he really, even though you think of him as a perimeter player, he just doesn’t give up ground on the post. And you know, he’s not Derrick Favors down there; Derrick’s such a superior defender. But Joe’s tough to move.

Three. The best tweet from Boris Diaw’s takeover of the Jazz Twitter account:

Four. Quin Snyder on the constant scrutiny on Dante Exum: I feel like I need to educate people on how we feel about Dante, and that is, we think the world of what he is doing and his competitiveness…

[Players that started as rookies] are dealing with those expectations, and the opportunities, and all of our expectations as a result of that. But that’s not the reality of where they are as players right now relative to their teammates on this team.

You know, George Hill’s clearly our guy at the point. You know, Joe Johnson’s clearly our guy at the four. You know, that’s where our team has gone, and to the extent these guys can not worry about their progress and they can think about how they help the team, that’s how they make their progress.

So, every time we break Dante’s game down, you know, like we do a young tennis phenom, like, I don’t think that’s the best way for him to look at his development. I think it distracts him and hurts him.

Five. Trey Lyles’ bench celebrations have hit the sophomore wall:

Six. Gordon Hayward on Craig Bolerjack’s new nickname for him: “The Dunkster”? I don’t think I’m deserving of that nickname.

Seven. The evolution of Rudy Gobert’s hair:

Eight. Dennis Lindsey on the loss to Minnesota: Rudy Gobert and I had a great conversation in our strength and conditioning area on a lot of different subjects, but this being one of them, that, hey, look.

You’re a young guy, and you’re from France, and English [is] your second language, but you need to grab the team by the throat and let them know — as, especially, our defensive captain — that this, we will not accept, in any form or fashion. And he understood it. He agreed with it. …

It’s his challenge to anchor us; captain us; communicate it well; be very disciplined. There were some coverages against Minnesota, for example, that he wasn’t disciplined in, and we gave up buckets and he gave up fouls. And frankly, Rudy’s presence on the court may be one of the greater deterrents that is in the NBA today.

So, him being very disciplined goes into us being really good defensively, because if he’s disciplined, he doesn’t get in foul trouble and he stays on the court, and if he stays on the court, good things happen for the Utah Jazz.

Nine. Jerry Sloan stalking sightings ♥

Ten. Shootaround conversation presented without context
Media: Is that kind of satisfying? I mean, is that a fun thing to do?
Gordon Hayward: It certainly is fun to do. Yes. It’s satisfying, for sure.
Media: You realize none of us have done it.
Hayward: Right. Right. Right.
Media: We kind of wonder what it might be like.
Hayward:Yeah, it’s a cool feeling, for sure.

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