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These Weeks in the Utah Jazz

January 16, 2017

One. Marcus Paige on George Hill: One of the first days George Hill got here, I saw him deliver a whole bunch of food to h–some homeless people, and it’s just cool to see. No one asked him to do that. It wasn’t part of a, you know, a organization or a part of — he just felt it in his heart to do that.

Paige on how much interaction he has with Jazz coaches and players while in the D-League: Not so much during the season, but I built a decent relationship with some of the guys through training camp. I was fortunate enough to be with the team through camp, so I still talk to the, some of the players every now and then.

I know Joe Ingles has reached out to me for some advice — or not for some advice; to give some advice…Couple of them come to some of [the Stars] games and talk to us after the games.

And obviously Dennis Lindsey, the GM, has been at our, a few of our games and stuff. But there’s not a whole lot of communication, but just to have the support, to know they’re there, is cool.

Two. Love this so much.


Three. Quin Snyder going into fanboy mode for Gordon Hayward: Oh God, yes. I mean, come on. Gordon Hayward’s, we’re talking about Gordon Hayward as an all-star, and, because he’s played like an all-star, so. If he has a bad game against Golden State without George Hill and Rodney Hood, like, at some point we gotta recognize what Gordon’s doing.

You know, Gordon’s looking around going, oh, he’s out. Oh, you know, who broke down the defense and did something and did something easy for me? Or do I have to do it, again, by myself? And then, do I get evaluated, you know, because I’m trying to beat two guys who are trapping me in pick and roll in the last six minutes of the game? …

From what I can tell, Gordon Hayward’s, like, not only is he having a great year, but he’s dealing with some psychological challenges when you don’t have a lot of help. If you’ve ever been in a situation in your life where you’re like, it’s really hard? When someone asked you to lift 400 pounds, and then said oh, you can’t lift 400 pounds, you’re not strong?

You know, like, really, he’s got a Volkswagen, and he’s trying to lift it, and there’s no one on the other side. You know, and so, he’s doing great.

Snyder on Hayward’s defense: He’s doing it defensively too. Not as consistently on that end as I’d like sometimes, but it’s hard to be too hard on a guy that’s doing everything else, you know? He–every now and then he probably deserves to take a possession off.

Four. Dennis Lindsey on Rudy Gobert’s improved performance: We went to the league with a few things over the last couple years with Rudy and Derrick [Favors] and people checking them, and, when they’re screening and rolling or screening and slipping to the rim, and — illegal plays, if you will. And we were able to make a case that they didn’t have freedom of movement.

And — not that they singled out those guys or us, but just in general big men. And I think it’s a better game when guys can freely flow to the rim, so I think some of [Gobert’s] efficiency is that the league in general is getting better at allowing bigs to screen and move unobstructed to rim.

Five. It’s been too long since Jazz Nation has had a good long panic about Gordon Hayward leaving and his buying a house in SoCal. Fodder, featuring a guest appearance by Mehmet Okur: 😂😂😂




Six. Rudy Gobert on All-Star Game fan voting: I think [fans] should vote, but yeah, I think 50 percent’s a little too much.

Seven. Happy to see Jerry Sloan out and about at so many Jazz and Stars games. Hope you don’t mind the light stalking, Coach.


Eight. Joe Ingles, asked if he’s talked to Dante Exum about his fluctuating minutes: It’s something that I don’t want to kind of force him to talk about. I think at different times we’ve kind of just kind of walked into it and we’ve kind of talked about it as it’s happened, and I mean, it’s obviously something for him maturity-wise, he’s just gonna have to, kind of have to deal with and keep working hard and just wait for his opportunity.

It obviously sucks. You go from kind of starting your first year to being injured your second year and then, I mean, we’ve got four point guards that could all play on a lot of teams in this league. So, those minutes are obviously, there’s only 48 minutes and there’s four of them, so you can’t play them all 10 minutes a game. So, it’s a tough situation.

I think in the long run, I think he knows, he understands he’s still only 21, 20, 21, whatever he is, and still got a hell of a lot of basketball ahead of him. So yeah, it’s something that obviously you just need a good attitude, the right attitude, to keep working hard. It’s not that Coach doesn’t like him or they think he’s not good enough. It’s not that. I think it’s just the situation we’re in.

Obviously, Shelvin [Mack]’s been playing recently well, recently too, and that’s just the way it is…I think for him, just staying ready. And look, you know, the guy–talking to other guys in our team, Gordon didn’t play his first two and a half years in the league, and it took a while. There’s a lot of guys that were like that.

I think the situation that [Exum] got drafted into when we, when they weren’t obviously too sure about Trey Burke and then obviously shipped Trey out of here a couple years later with the trade. That spot was kind of up for grabs at that time.

So, we’re obviously a different team now. We’re fifth or fourth or whatever we are in the West, and trying to win as much as we can. So, I have no doubt his opportunity’s gonna come again this year, and like I said, if he can stay ready and take that opportunity, he’ll be fine and just know to keep working hard.

Nine. Moment censored by the Utah Jazz and 1280 in their uploaded post-game audio/video:

Ten. Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Weeks (UDQM)
** Quin Snyder on losses: I think you need to let it linger some. It’s just a question of putting it in the right place…At some point you have to put it behind you.
** Snyder on Kyle Lowry: He’s just so good at using his body, and so creative.
** Snyder on the team: We’ve grown, and you can’t grow unless things are hard sometimes.
** Snyder on his wife: I’ve got an unbelievable girl that I’m married to that I’m so, I mean, I’m just ecstatic about that. I’d probably be happy doing about anything with that component, that box.
** Craig Bolerjack on Dante Exum airball: Dante had time. He just misfired.
** Matt Harpring on Rodney Hood shot: He needed that one. He finally got one to go down.
** Harpring: Joe Johnson, never in a hurry. He knows what he’s got down low.
** Snyder on George Hill: There’s other parts of his body probably that, you know, he hasn’t felt in a while that will get fatigued.
** Boler on introducing Kristen Kenney to focus hats: What we gotta do is flip her over like a couple of pieces of paper, or a newspaper.
** Boler: What came out of that mouth? I don’t know. It was a high, hard one.
** Boler: Ingles just took a high, hard one by Chriss. Staggered him for just a moment.
Harpring: Joe’s Australian. He’s used to it.
** Gordon Hayward on his biggest pet peeve: Like, Robyn is always shushing me because she thinks I’m gonna, like, wake up the girls. And that is, like, that really gets me going.
** Dennis Lindsey on Rudy Gobert’s improved free throw shooting: Now, teams don’t want to leave his body.
** Joe Ingles, asked how much shooting slumps get in his head: Only as much as all the media puts it in there. I don’t think about it. Obviously me and Renae don’t sit at home talking about me shooting or anything like that. But I think, I mean, like I said, the only time I’ve ever really thought about it is when people bring it up.
** Hayward on the Western Conference standings: I mean, it’s just so tight that for me, it’s never a problem to get complacent or anything.
** Snyder on the playoff race: You could easily slip out.
** Rodney Hood on his hot shooting night against the Pistons: You know, I pulled it from pretty far back, and you know, that one felt good so after that I just kept firing away.
** Harpring on Hayward spilling some nachos: He uses a towel. You gotta lick that off. You gotta lick it. I mean, that’s extra energy right there.
Boler: “You need a towel, Matt?” “No, I’m fine!”
Harpring: Oh, I, those fingers would never have been cleaner.
** Harpring on the scarring liquid used by the training staff: Oh, here it comes, Boler. Here comes the liquid…Little sting. The black gloves are on. You know those are the real-deal gloves. Don’t mess around. The little stick, you crack that stick, and all of a sudden that liquid comes out.

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  1. Berdj J. Rassam permalink
    January 20, 2017 4:18 pm

    It was great to see Sloan out and about.


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