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This Week in the Utah Jazz

December 18, 2016

One. Boris Diaw on his deep-seated belief that basketball should be unselfish: Sometime, I’m, I, you know, I catch myself going overboard with [unselfishness]. But, like I’m — I would say on purpose, you know, to even it up, because when you in the team and, like, some people are, you know, too selfish, sometime it takes too much unselfishness to balance it up.

If everybody’s unselfish, then I don’t need to. You know, everybody can just do their thing. But sometime, yeah, I do make the extra pass, you know, a little too much, you know, to show — because it becomes contagious, and that’s something I found on the court. Selfishness is contagious, when somebody’s, you know, is becoming selfish, when two, one or two players doing it, then everybody else is like, “Oh, why I’m not doing it? Why — I need to get my shots too.”

But unselfishness is the same. When somebody, you know, you do two pass and they swing and somebody get a shot and three and you pass up a layup to give somebody a shot, then they probably gonna do it for you the next play. And so, yeah, I try to bring that virus…and sometime I do too much.

Two. They don’t make posters like they used to. Or, you know, at all.


Three. Derrick Favors on if he can do everything including run, jump and cut: Now I can, after I got done with all the rehab and training. I had to reteach myself how to jump properly, how to land properly, how to, you know, stop properly without putting a lot of pressure on my knee. So I mean, now I can do it pretty good…

It’s definitely tough not being able to play. You know, you wanna, I wanna be out there with my teammates and be playing in the game, be practicing with them. So it’s definitely tough, but you know, at the same time I gotta be smart with it. You know, it’s, I don’t wanna make it worse. I just wanna do the rehab, do the treatment, and just let it heal. So, I gotta be smart with it…

You gotta think about your career. You know, just can’t go out there and try to play through it and make it worse. So you know, sometime you just gotta, you know, man up and just say, “Look, I’m not feeling right, something’s wrong” and just take care of it.

Four. Things you cringe to hear from a team so bitten by the injury bug:

** Dante Exum: [I’ve battled knee tendonitis] since before I was drafted. You know, it’s just something every basketballer kinda gets at some time in their career.

** Quin Snyder: Rodney [Hood]’s hamstring is gonna continue to be something he has to address.

Five. Gordon Hayward, asked if the team has better attention to detail this year than in the past: I think that, you know, adding the veterans that we added…They just, you know, there’s a vibe there and you know, they just kinda demand precision from everybody, just ’cause, you know, we’ve all seen them be successful on different teams and t–at the highest level. So, that stuff’s contagious and you know, we’re really executing our game plans right now.

Six. Derrick Favors on matching up against Enes Kanter: I mean, I didn’t take it personal going up against him and I treated it like another game, another player. I know obviously the fans don’t really like Enes that much, you know, but he’s a cool guy. You know, I don’t really take it personal with him.

Seven. Private moments caught on camera, starring Bear and Greg and Heidi Miller.


Eight. Quin Snyder on his favorite and least favorite things about coaching: I think maybe my favorite thing in this — I don’t know how to say it exactly, but for me I feel like this job, from a coaching standpoint, particularly given the fact that the players are so good at the NBA level, there’s an artistic quality to it where, you know, you’re given pieces and players, and you know, they’re obviously — we’re not talking about inanimate objects.

I mean, that’s what makes it so exciting, I think too, is that, trying to be able to blend those guys together and do things that help them be successful and put them in the right situations and make mistakes and keep trying to do it. There’s a, you know, it’s a, you know, for me at least, I liken it, you know, if I were, if I had any artistic ability, I think that’s what it might feel like.

There’s a creative component to the job that I really love, and the way that I know that is ’cause I really don’t know what time it is most of the time. You get lost in it, and you’re engaged that much where it’s, you know, I really like that.

You know, the, in some ways, maybe the hardest part of it is similar, in that it truly, I mean, in the way that I think most people do it that are, you know, that aspire to being really good at it, it can be consuming, and that’s something you have to be mindful of because ultimately I don’t, if you’re that consumed, you’re probably, it’s probably not helping you in the end, you know?

You’re probably better off, you know, turning it off and regenerating and it makes you better. But that part of it, it just, there’s a cost, you know, like any profession that you spend a lot of time in. You have to, there’s an opportunity cost in terms of your own time…

And I’ll be honest with you, the other thing, if we can contrast the NBA to college, it, to me, for me personally, the NBA, you know, it changed my life. I mean, I, college coaching to me, all the stuff that you have to do as a college coach, whether it’s, you know, people talk about recruiting, but there’s just so many other things that you’re responsible for on a level that is just impossible.

And to be held accountable for things that you don’t have any control over — like for me, I know I’m accountable for the things that hopefully I have some control over. Not always, but I’m good with that. I’m just, I really enjoy what I’m doing, and I like when I’m doing it.

Nine. Oh, and Quin Snyder’s not done praising Draymond Green yet:

It’s almost like a Magic Johnson — that’s the guy, when people ask me about Draymond, that comes to mind. It’s, he’s like Magic Johnson. He’s 6-8. You know, he doesn’t bring the ball up the court in the half court like Magic did…but he’s able to find [the team’s scorers].

They’re just a really, really unique team and in a lot of ways, well, I think they’re more unique than last year and probably better…

I probably shouldn’t have called timeout at the end, but I wanted our young guys to get experience executing on offense against that team on that level of game.

Ten. Dennis Lindsey on finding the balance between complimenting and challenging a team: We want PhDs…We want poor, we want hungry, we want driven — from interns all the way through up to players.

I wouldn’t be surprised that, if our group starts feeling good about themselves way prematurely — I would add, we haven’t done anything — that Quin will crack them, and he’ll hit them hard. And Coach doesn’t look for confrontation, but he wo–he certainly won’t back down from it. And so, I think he has a very good pulse of our group…

I would hope the little bit that we’ve been able to sustain through an injury period and now that, you know, hopefully we’re coming out of that, that we’ll understand we haven’t done anything.

Eleven. Dennis Lindsey on Rudy Gobert’s development: It’s a lot of little things that have added up. You have to give the kid credit. He is, as you can see in his play and in his talk, he’s an ambitious guy. He wants us to be right up there with the contenders, and so, it starts there.

And then, I think Alex Jensen gets a lot of credit. That relationship started a few years ago, back when Rudy was a rookie and not playing much, but there was a level of trust.

I think his agent gets a lot of credit. We’ve told his agent the truth on what Rudy needed in the off-season from a nutrition standpoint, from a sports performance standpoint, from an athletic training, from a recovery, from a mindset.

We had to sit on Rudy, you know, about little things on how to be professional. And I would say this: He’s, while he was very professional as a young guy entering the league, he wasn’t perfect and we didn’t let those things go.

We held those standards really high and now we’ve got a more mature person and a more mature player and that’s a credit to Quin and the coaches and Rudy himself.

Twelve. Rodney Hood, worldwide trender:


Rodney Hood on his game winner against the Mavericks: That’s my first game winner, ever, you know, in my life, so you know, it was — first person I saw was Rudy, and you know, I just hit a lo–I didn’t know what to do, so I just shook it a little bit…I got [the shimmy] from Rudy, though. I got that from Rudy. But nah, I j–I didn’t know what to do, so I just did that.


Rudy Gobert on Hood’s shimmy: I showed him the move before the game, you know, in the locker room, and I didn’t know he was gonna do it in the game.


Thirteen. Quin Snyder on the Jazz’s lack of toughness against the Mavericks: I thought they got physical, and we didn’t respond as well. When I say physical, just good, hard-nosed, clean play. You know, we need to react better to a team, you know, when it gets into a grind-it-out situation.

And you know, I thought that bothered us and as a result we stopped being as aggressive as we needed to be attacking the basket…We just have to respond, you know, with more toughness on the offensive end when that happens…We were atrocious the first half, defensively.

Snyder on the Jazz’s penchant for giving up big leads: I think we have a tendency at times to lose focus, and collectively our players have to get more communicative. They have to talk to each other on the floor. We have to be able to figure stuff out as we go, and you know, we, if the score, you know, doesn’t say be urgent, like, we have to find a way to be urgent.



Fifteen. Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Week (UDQM)
** Joe Ingles on his shot: Me and Zach [Guthrie] obviously have been working hard on trying to get it off a bit quicker.
** Ingles on his defense: This year I feel like I can stay in front of guys and hold my own.
** Quin Snyder on Rudy Gobert: It’d be nice if he didn’t have to come out.
** Snyder on George Hill’s toe injury: It’s longer than we’d hoped.

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