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This Week in the Utah Jazz

November 28, 2016

One. Happy Thanksgiving!



Two. Love this so much. Literally half the team showed up!


Trey Lyles on seven Jazz players attending the SLC Stars game: Everybody knew a couple guys were gonna go, and then a lot of guys just showed up. We justed wanted to go out there and show support. This is the first time we were home and they had a game, so we wanted to go watch them…[Joel Bolomboy] told us w–he was playing the night before, so we knew that. So, we all were talking about going on the plane on the plane ride home.

Quin Snyder (who was there too) on Jazz players turning out to support Joel Bolomboy: It says a lot about Joel too, that the guys would think to do that and want to come support him.


Three. Topic of the Week: Rudy Gobert’s hands.

Trey Lyles on Rudy Gobert’s hands: He’s getting a lot better. You know, last year it was kind of bad, but this year, you know, he’s catching a lot more balls. And you know, we’re giving him confidence. We’re staying on him about it, and he’s, you know, really taken a focus to it.

Gordon Hayward on Rudy Gobert’s hands: Well, I mean, I think he’s getting better. I think with him, it’s more anticipation of, you know, like, being ready for the ball. I mean, he’s got big hands, so I mean, he’s, he should be able to catch those, and I think he will. It’s just something where he’s gotta be mentally focused and mentally ready thinking that the ball’s coming to him every time. So, you know, it’s good they’re working with him.

Quin Snyder on Rudy Gobert’s hands: Rudy’s trying to get better…He’s committed to it and hopefully will continue to get better.

George Hill on working with Rudy Gobert on his hands: I tell him every day we gotta work on at least 100 catches where you’re just throwing bullet passes and things in traffic to get his hands better. ‘Cause, I tell him that’s, you know, six, eight points a game where maybe we bobble it [or] we don’t throw it, you know, good, and we miss the opportunity to get an easy bucket, things like that. So, just trying to help him out.

Rudy Gobert on working with George Hill: I just wanted to show him that I can catch, and I told him to learn to throw lobs too.

Flashback: Rudy Gobert on his hands, locker room cleanout 2016: My hands are good…People think I got bad hands. I think I have good hands, to be honest.

Four. Tame in comparison to what we’ve seen in the past, but we’ve got our first Trey Lyles bench celebration of the year (that I noticed):


Five. People calling…

People calling Jamal Murray “Steph Murray”: Craig Bolerjack
People calling Alec Burks “Eric Burks”: Quin Snyder
People calling Gordon Hayward “Korver”: Ron Boone

Six. Quin Snyder on George Hill’s return: I think he just gives — he gives our other players confidence because there’s a stability when you have somebody who’s a floor leader. And you know, I think our guys, you know, in the beginning of the year they felt that. And then when that’s gone, you know, we have to be able to be better with him not on the floor.

Snyder on George Hill’s return, some more: You know, [Rudy Gobert] didn’t concentrate in Denver. He let the game, the fouls, the, a lot of things break his concentration. And tonight, I felt like he was more focused on that. He was a beneficiary of some of the things that George was doing. I think George’s presence on the court helped stabilize Rudy.

Snyder on George Hill’s return, some more some more: George can make plays, but it’s his presence that is encouraging to me to, that Rodney [Hood] and Gordon, Rodney and Gordon get a lot, and with a lot comes a lotta responsibility…Those guys have a obligation to make plays for other people and to play defense, and I think George subtlely reminds them of that.

Seven. A public service announcement from Joe Ingles on behalf of all Australians:

DJ/PK: Turkey is an obsession on Thanksgiving in America. Is there a certain food that is identified exclusively with some form of holiday or occasion in Australia?

Ingles: Probably just beer…Not that I drink one. I would have water. But everyone in Australia who is not a professional athlete would love to have a nice cold beer.

DJ/PK: Is it Foster’s?

Ingles: No, for the one millionth time I’ve been asked that in America. We don’t — no.

Eight. And a public service announcement from Rudy Gobert as well:


Nine. Dancing Jazz Fan is baaaaack!


Ten. Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Week (UDQM)
** Matt Harpring on Rodney Hood: Ride him while he’s hot right now, for sure. (H/T @bjcseven)
** Quin Snyder: For me personally, it’s difficult for me to react too much to small things.
** Snyder on Joel Bolomboy’s time with the Stars: What you want to do more than anything is just let a guy have an opportunity to go up and down and get his timing.
** Harpring on George Hill trying to get a loose ball from Emmanuel Mudiay: I mean, he’s just on top of him. Doesn’t care, you know, what happens to his body.
** Craig Bolerjack to Harpring on Jamal Murray: Matty, he’s gone 32 minutes.
Harpring: At 19, he can go 32 minutes easily, every night.
** Ron Boone on Joe Johnson: You know what’s coming once he starts backing you in and changing directions and putting his backside into your chest. You know he’s gonna get to a certain spot.
** Gordon Hayward on Kyle Korver: He’s a hot guy that can really score. (H/T @blazerdog38)

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