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This Week in the Utah Jazz

November 20, 2016

One. Quin Snyder on his decision to not play Rudy Gobert down the stretch against the Memphis Grizzlies: Rudy wasn’t playing good, and we had that lineup in, and those guys brought us back. And Rudy knows that. Rudy was the first one cheering for them. So, no. We just — that group that was playing at the end was playing the best basketball, so we went with them.

Rudy Gobert on his foul trouble against the Grizzlies: There was some weird calls, but you know, I think I gotta be smarter also. I know that out of the five fouls, probably gonna be one or two bad calls, but I gotta avoid those three fouls I make, you know? I can’t allow myself to make stupid fouls and put myself in this position.

Two. Quin Snyder on the bench defense: Until we get healthy, we just got–you know, it doesn’t, it’s not an excuse for our defense, but we’ve gotta — hopefully we’ll continue to be better with fewer guys, and then when we get more depth be able to keep that level higher.

That’s what I’ve been sh–’cause we have been, you know, our bench has been really good defensively at times, but there’s a level of energy that’s unique that they have to have to do that. And it’s not, it’s, you know, it’s not common but it’s doable, and that’s where we gotta be. We gotta have not just extra effort, but extraordinary effort.

Three. Jerry Sloan: Small College Basketball Hall of Famer.


This is impressive enough on its own, but it’s merely what Jerry achieved before he ever set foot on an NBA floor. In the same class of honorees were Willis Reed and Earl Monroe. Here’s the greatest story ever told involving these guys:

I’m going to take a stab at how this story would go in today’s NBA:

“We were playing Team X in Arena Y. Team X had Future All-Star XA and Future Hall of Famer XB and Future Crazy-Dressing Analyst XC and those guys. Future Hall of Famer XA got a rebound and threw it out and was gonna beat Role Player YA down the floor. He was hauling it down the floor. He had his head down, and when he looked up, Defensive Stalwart YB was right there, man. XA ran over YB. Charge! XA fell on the floor and hurt his knee. He already had a bad knee. He threw his arms up in the air, looked at the refs with a really whiny expression and yelled, ‘Did you see that? Call a foul!’ while YB and the rest of the players ran back up the floor. Team Y scores easily.

Later in the game, XA got another rebound. He hauled off down the sideline again. This time he saw YB. He didn’t go right, and he didn’t go left. He ran up to YB, jumped into him and released the ball. The whistle blew. And there was XA saying, ‘Your wife tastes like Honeynut Cheerios.’ Y-B replied, ‘Well, I told my mom I was signing with your team and she cried.’* The two stepped up to each other and the rest of the players on the floor crowd around. They put on their most menacing faces, but really are just waiting for the refs to separate them.

And these guys have every kid in American copying their style, because they get paid a lot and have a lot of endorsement deals.”


Four. * Reference @_@ (via CBS Sports):


Five. George Hill on the role he’s played in Rudy Gobert’s progression: You know, before I got here, he’s the type of player, when you say something to him, he always has an excuse for it. And you know, as we’ve been, you know, talking more and Coach has been on him more, he’s starting to understand just listen first and take everything in and apply it to the game.

And you know, I told him any time you can just listen sometimes, take the constructive criticism and see that, and apply it to what they’re telling you to do — because they’re not telling us something that’s gonna hurt us. They’re trying to help us ’cause you always want to win — and just take that and apply it and do the best you can, and you’re gonna be a better player.

And he’s been doing a great job of that and really applying all the knowledge that the coaches and stuff have been telling him and applying it to his game, and he’s having a great year so far.

Six. Finger talk:

Joe Ingles on how his finger injury last year affected him: Mine was on my left hand, and kind of like George is going through now. It’s, when it’s on your shooting hand or your stronger hand, I think it’s pretty difficult. Obviously, for Gordon [Hayward], it’s different. His is on his opposite hand. He can tape it up and it probably doesn’t affect him as much. But when it’s on your strong hand, it makes a bit of a difference.

George Hill on his finger injury: I gotta wear the brace a couple days longer, and th–after that I can be back there. So you know, eager to get back out there…You don’t really know how much you actually need your thumb until it’s gone.

Questions Gordon Hayward has been asked this week (ones about his shot and whether he can not dunk with two hands not included):
** Was your finger bothering you our there in the third quarter? Is it still bugging you?
** Is it something you feel like you are having to play through and is kind of challenging to play through whatever it is?
** Did you re-aggravate it? Was there a specific place it happened?
** Is the finger still bothering you?
** You’ve been rubbing that finger, massaging it the whole time you were talking to us. You do it during games too, and I think a lot of fans wonder what that means, what you’re feeling, why you do that?
** It hurt when you dunked it with two hands, and at least you have timeout to then [] a little bit from the finger, but are there other moments in the game when you feel…?
** Is it better than it was when you first came back?
** We saw you grabbing your finger a little bit. Is it bothering you?

Seven. Is the team crazy thin because players are eating their backups, or are players having to eat their backups because they’re crazy thin?


Eight. Quin Snyder after the loss to the Chicago Bulls: We weren’t very good. That’s clear…I don’t see any reason that because we played this way tonight, that we’re necessarily, like, you know, sirens are going off for our offense. You know, our offense is, I don’t know, over the course of the season has been not great, but solid…

[We] lost to a really good team…So, I mean, we could be better. You know, tha–there’s no question about that. And, we’ll try to be better, but I, you know — well, part of the th–part of games like this, and you know, is it’s an 82-game season, and you gotta do everything you can to get better when you don’t play well.

But you know, I don’t look at our group — I, looking, we didn’t play well. I don’t think we have to, you know, examine everything, and you know, start over. You know, I just think we gotta play better, and there’s some things we absolutely have to do better. And, that’s clear, so.

Nine. Joe Ingles on the Jazz’s international locker room: We’ve got seven international players out of 14, 15, whatever it is, and it brings something different. It’s not — obviously, we’ve got two French, two Australian, Brazilian, Canadian. Like, we’ve got guys from all over, so you kinda get to learn different cultures. I think it’s good for the American guys too, and even the coaching staff and the organization, just to learn a bit about different cultures.

Ten. Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Week (UDQM)
** Gordon Hayward on his finger: I got squeezed pretty hard, and you know, it was throbbing the rest of the game.
** Hayward on rubbing his finger: I mean, I’m just kind of making it feel better. I think it’s just, getting a little bit of the swelling out. A little massage helps it feel better.
** Craig Bolerjack: Beautiful look inside, Hood could not finish.

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