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Bits from Preseason Week 3

October 23, 2016

One. Dante Exum on what he’s learned from game film of the first few preseason games: I need to learn how to play when I’m tired. You know, that’s the biggest thing. And you know, whether it’s getting open on the cut or just, you know, being, getting to the right position, you know, that’s the biggest thing for me…

I think it’s just, you know, when you get to kind of that level, it’s like, rather, you know, we have an emphasis on getting to the corner. You know, it’s not shortcutting or anything. It’s just, you know, getting to where we’re supposed to be.

And you know, whether it’s, you know, stepping over the man to, you know, get open, you know, it’s those little things, you know, when you’re tired that you don’t do, like you know, the te–the other team can put you out of a play. So, you know, it’s just getting over that hurdle of, you know, saying I’m not tired and you know, just keep pushing.

Quin Snyder on Exum playing through fatigue: Yeah, I mean, he’s just gotta, he’s gotta play through fatigue. And a little bit of what’s happened is because we’re not entirely healthy…his minutes get extended and things like that, so.

He’s just gotta stay focused on it, and part of it right now is, you know, you can see him getting tired out there and just a question of whether, you know, you want him to try to play through it and show it to him afterwards and you know, let him see himself, or get him out, you know, and try to get him fresh.

We haven’t really had the option of getting him out as much right now…I’d like to be able to play him the amount of minutes that he can be the most effective. So you know, maybe he’s getti–gets a short breather and goes back. Maybe it’s, he gets a little wake-up call.

You know, I get into him, like, “Hey, come on,” and he catches himself. I don’t think, you know, it’s just not his habit yet to play every possession, and that’s part of, I think, his youth and the fact that he hasn’t played in a while.

Two. ♥♥♥


Three. Boris Diaw’s love for coffee makes me love him more. From the Wall Street Journal:

His influence is being felt around the team, too. Lindsey, the general manager, was a drip-coffee drinker before this season. But under Diaw’s influence, he’s already drinking several espressos per week, Lindsey admitted. Ingles himself is the proud new owner of a Nespresso courtesy of Diaw, he said.

Jazz star Rudy Gobert seemed like another logical addition to Diaw’s club. He, too, is French. Which makes it almost shocking that Gobert can’t stand the stuff. “I’m already too energetic,” he said. “If I drink coffee, I go crazy.”

Diaw is used to these heretics. Spurs guard Tony Parker, also French, likes hot chocolate. At the Rio Olympics, where he procured yet another espresso maker, Diaw’s teammates reminded him that not everyone from France is a fan of a coffee. “Some were rebellious,” Diaw said, “and got a tea.”


Four. Quin Snyder after the Jazz’s final preseason game: You know, the takeaways are that we’re a ways away. You know, and that doesn’t mean that we can’t be competitive right now, but we’re gonna have to be very, very good defensively, you know, in order to be successful…

We can’t make mistakes defensively. People are gonna hit shots. They’re gonna make plays, but you know, we can’t not communicate, and you know, leave a guy open because we didn’t talk. You know, just breakdowns like that, we just can’t afford to have. And our margin for error right now is not real large.

Five. Kinda thought this caption was going in the other direction lol:


Congrats from fans:


Six. Quin Snyder on starting the season with injuries: Yeah, I don’t wanna, I don’t ever wanna use, you know, injury as an excuse, but I do think that there’s a realism. It doesn’t mean we, you know, it doesn’t mean you can’t win.

What it means is, you have to, you know, your margin for error becomes very, very small. And I think that’s where we are. But that doesn’t mean we can’t, you know, not make mistakes. We gotta make less mistakes on defense than we’ve been making. You know, and that hopefully puts us in the game…

I mean, we can’t emphasize it more. We just gotta make sure — it’s, you know, you can go back and forth with, as a coa–you know, as a preseason, is i–you know, but I’m a believer in habits, so I just wanna see them all the time.

Seven. Quin Snyder with the Derrick Favors status update: He’s pretty much on the same track. You know, he hasn’t turned a corner where he’s able to practice or play. But hopefully making progress at the same time where, you know, I’d like to s–think sooner than later, but you know, it’s been a month now. So, it’s hard to say.

Eight. Jeff Van Gundy’s take on the Jazz this season: Everything trends differently at different times, but what you need, and as al–and have always needed is groups to fit together. And the way teams can fit together is to have unselfish players who are willing to pass and screen and move without the ball and guard and rebound, right?

So if you get an unselfish — you know, if you get your group based on unselfishness with the skill level to pass the ball, and you know, drive it and bring the extra defender to you and start playing four-on-three on the weak side, then you got a shot.

And I think that’s what Utah has. You know, they’re big. They have a lot of depth. They may not have that transcendent star, or — not maybe, they don’t have that transcendent star that you can just throw the ball to and go get a bucket, but I’m not so sure that’s absolutely necessary to be what I think the Jazz will be this year: I think they’re gonna be around that 50-[win] mark. …

I think they are a playoff team. And listen, I think one of the reasons that they’re in such good position now besides the addition of some players to add more quality depth, is because Quin Snyder has done such a great job in building up the habits and you know, their culture so that they are hard-playing. They have the right offensive habits of passing and screening and moving, and they guard you every night.

Now they’ve added some more offensive capability, and because of that, they’re gonna be able to score a little bit easier. Now, that’s still the thing to me that they’re gonna have to figure out down the stretch of games to close games out, and you never know how that’s gonna play out in the playoffs, but I’m interested to watch them there because I really like the roster Dennis Lindsey’s put together and I think Quin Snyder is a fabulous basketball coach.

Nine. The Jazz have waived Chris Johnson, bringing the roster to 15.


Given the way Dennis Lindsey has raved about him in the past, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Johnson back in a Jazz jersey down the line if a roster spot opens up. Plus, he spells his first name “Christapher,” so he has that tying him to Utah.

Ten. Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Week (UDQM)
** Quin Snyder on Dante Exum’s minutes getting extended because of injuries to other players: He’s being thrust into situations because we’re not as deep as we, you know, as we’d like to be.
** Media to Exum about pick and rolls: Do you find just as much enjoyment watching guys finish…as you do when you finish?

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  1. Paul Johnson permalink
    October 23, 2016 9:07 pm

    Maybe the Mormon church can get Gordon and his family to star in some of their commercials about the importance of family.

    • Paul Johnson permalink
      October 23, 2016 9:07 pm

      Even though they are not members of said church.


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