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Bits from Preseason Week 1

October 10, 2016

One. Utah Jazz, first preseason game, national anthem:


Two. :) :) :)



Good to see Brad Jones there as well.

Three. Guess we know what (who) this deleted caption is about now…



And a response to that last tweet:


Four. Some fantastic responses:



Five. The worst collision between an NBA player and a padded chair ever. #hyperextendedknee


Looks like that lady wants to play the bongos on Dante’s badonkadonk.

Six. Joe Ingles on why he opted for a layup instead of throwing it down against the Suns: Well, Gordon [Hayward] did it a couple plays before, I think, so I didn’t want to, first of all, I didn’t want to show him up. He’s obviously the face of the team, and if I do that, and then it kinda makes him look bad. So, that was the first reason. Yeah, I’m more about Gordon getting all the praise.

And, I mean, you can’t give all your tricks out in preseason. It’s only preseason. I’m not gonna go and hammer it down and — do you know, next time when I’m in that same situation, the guy’s gonna think I’m gonna lay it up and it’s gonna be a nasty poster of him in Slam Magazine or whatever those basketball magazines are called…I might just rip my jersey off and throw it in the crowd and just walk back to the locker room.

Seven. Per Ingles, Boris Diaw’s dream is to sail around the world one summer after he retires. In the winter, he may just get a place in Park City to ski, which he loves but hasn’t been able to do since turning pro.

Ingles, meanwhile, is hopping on the first plane back to Australia when he retires.

Eight. Dennis Lindsey on the injury of Gordon Hayward: Things happen. Look, this, it’s basketball. It’s dynamic. There are large bodies moving very fast…I was joking a little bit with Steve Starks that we had a great run with John [Stockton] and Karl [Malone] where we didn’t have any injuries for 18 years, and now we’re, we’ve had ours in spades here.

Lindsey on how Hayward got hurt: There’s a little conjecture on what happened. We think, potentially, that it was caught in someone’s jersey, which does happen.

Nine. Rudy Gobert on his improved free throw shooting: I just made 25 in a row again today, so feeling good. You know, just shooting with confidence, and my percentage gonna go way up this year…I’m shooting about 90 [percent] in practice.


While we’re talking about Gobert:


Ten. Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Week (UDQM)
** Craig Bolerjack during the pre-game show before the first preseason game, already in mid-season #UDQM form: When we come back, Kristin Kenney gets the inside slam from Quin Snyder.
** Craig Bolerjack: Bender got bent over.
Matt Harpring: He’s flexible though. (H/T @SLCJuanB)
** Matt Harpring, one more time: Bender, bent over.
Bolerjack: Boy. Both ankles turned on him.
Harpring: Basically … (both start laughing)
** Joe Ingles on changing twins’ diapers: Renae obviously can’t do that by herself. So, I’m, yeah, when, obviously when I’m here, I’m all in there.
** Ingles on George Hill: I shoot with him every day.
** Dennis Lindsey on Hayward’s injury: There’s a lot of things he can do with his lower half and certainly his right hand, which is his dominant hand. (H/T @5kl)
** Dante Exum on reacting vs. decision-making: You know, I was getting there, and it was like, “OK, I got a shot. Should I shoot it? No. OK, I can drive it.”…No, I can’t drive it, and I pull it out. I got nothing.

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