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Utah Jazz Media Day 2016: The Good Bits, Part 2

September 28, 2016

Body Talk (brought to you by Randy Rigby)
** Derrick Favors: I added muscles to my biceps and to my chest…I really worked on my body, ’cause I got injured last year, so I wanted to, you know, make sure I concentrate on my body this off-season.
** Dennis Lindsey: What we try to do is just provide a nice, safe, progressive environment where they can improve their bodies.
** Quin Snyder on Gordon Hayward: He’s learning to be more aware of his body.
** Snyder on Rudy Gobert: He can continue to improve his body.

Social Injustice
** Dennis Lindsey on the manifestation of the social injustice movement: So there, that can mean a lot of different things. It could be when you’re in Memphis, do you go to the Martin Luther King Museum, and acknowledge the struggle? It could mean the new black museum in Washington DC…No matter where your opinion comes out on the national anthem issue, you can be highly patriotic but yet balance it with being very tolerant.

** Quin Snyder on whether he plans to address the social injustice movement with his players: You know, I think first of all, it’s something, you know, we have a close-knit team, and it’s not something that, as of yet, we’ve, you know, sat down and gone through in detail, but the conversation has come up. We’ve encouraged our guys to read and formulate their own opinions and their ideas, which obviously include reading what other people think and do.

** Gordon Hayward on whether he plans to address social issues and the national anthem with the team as its leader: I think so far we’ve done a good job already with Dennis and Quin and with Jonathan [Rinehart] of addressing some of the issues, and I think first and foremost they wanna educate us on what’s going on, and, so everybody knows, you know, we’re all on the same page with what’s going on.

I don’t, Fav and I haven’t, we haven’t, as a team, addressed the subject of what we wanna do yet. I’m sure there’s gonna be more conversation, and I think that’s, you know, a good thing to have that conversation and for us, you know, to be united as a team, so. I mean, I think it’s just, it’s a very delicate and touchy subject and it’s obviously really emotional and that’s why we have what’s going on. But, I think we’ll be educated and you know, we’ll make the mi–right moves there.

** Derrick Favors adds: I think we’ll just come together as a team and decide on what we do if we choose to do something, just decide on what to do. And like he said, it’s a touchy subject. And you know, it’s kinda — we’ll just decide as a team on what to do and just come forward and do it. 

Crazy Giant Hands 👀


Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines
** Eric Dawson: Yeah, I like to bang. I like to bang. Some guys steer away from that. I like the contact. You know, I want to get down there and bang, and you know, let people feel me, and let them know that I’m down there.
** David Locke on Boris Diaw’s Nespresso machine: Having a little cup makes it better than trying to grind your own bean and really getting a good shot?
** David Locke to Derrick Favors: You’re almost too strong for your own good. You could always just flick it up there.
** Dennis Lindsey on team-building: When you make sausage behind the scenes, it’s always ugly. Hopefully, when you taste it, it tastes good.
** Lindsey to David Locke: Do your jaws ever get fatigued?
Locke: No, I mean, if you train hard enough, and you’re in shape, right?
Lindsey: If you do not have strength for your position, by definition you’re not gonna be consistent. And your strength of mouth is second to none.


** Quin Snyder on two-a-days during training camp: We’ll only have contact on, in, one time a day.
Ron Boone: That’ll be the evening?
Snyder: Yeah, that’ll be the eve–well, it varies. The first, tomorrow, it’ll be in the morning.
** Snyder on time-based drills: We’re very meticulous about whether it’s, you know, three minutes and 30 seconds…I think it’s a matter of credibility sometimes with the players, too. When something’s gonna be 10 minutes, you want it to be 10 minutes. And I don’t always get that done.

** Dennis Lindsey’s pitch to Gordon Hayward to get him to stay in SLC during the summer: We’ve told Gordon several times, “Hey, the off-season’s nice here. International airports — you can get every–anywhere you want, you know, within a few hours of Salt Lake.”
** Quincy Ford was home-schooled by his mom until college.
** Ford comes from a family of 11 kids with an age range of 17 years. He’s No. 5. The youngest are triplets. His parents wanted nine, but “they got a nice triple package.”
** People calling Dennis Lindsey “Dennis Lindsley“: Ron Boone

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