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Utah Jazz Media Day 2016: The Good Bits

September 27, 2016

Best Media Day Story
George Hill on his blond hair: I was out in public the other day here and a couple kids told me to bring it back, so I’m on the fence. I thought this would be too conservative of a state to come here with blond hair all crazy-looking, and I didn’t want people looking at me all weird. But hey, if people want me to bring it back, I definitely will bring it back.

[Radio guys mention best-bleach-job-in-Utah-Jazz-history Kyrylo Fesenko]

Hill: You talking about Big Fes? He was my teammate for one year in Indiana. That guy was sick every day.

“Why you sick?”

“Oh, I had some chicken in the refrigerator for, like, two weeks.”

I’m like, “And you ate it?” I’m like, “What are you doing?”

He’s like, “It was in the refrigerator and I was hungry.”

The Joe Ingles and Dante Exum Show
Dante Exum joins the conversation while Joe Ingles is being interviewed: What’s this here? What’s on the top of your head here? What’s that? What? Are you talking about your hairline? Your messed up hairline? (giggles)

Ingles: Dante has one joke, and he’s used it for three years now. Everyone in the world knows I’m going bald. And I’ve got twins, so it’s gonna go even quicker now. But, look at that little fa–like, how can you be so cruel to such a little babyface?

Exum: Just paint a picture the people —

Ingles: That’s why you just wear hats. It’s easier, I think. He can’t hide that pimple on his forehead. Like, people are gonna see that no matter what. I just wear a hat. That’s always gonna be — this is the most talkative s–I always get asked why Dante is so quiet and stuff.

He’s not quiet. Like, he’s got all the Jazz people fooled. He’s actually a clown. But, around all the Jazz people, he just doesn’t talk and he’s just nice and quiet and respectful. And then he [turns] around, and he’s like, “Screw this guy! I don’t like–”

Exum: What? Oh my God. Come on now.

Ingles: I’m trying to give you the real Dante, ’cause —

Exum: No.

Ingles: — it’s all a facade.

Exum: What you see is what you get from me, and what they’ve seen is what they’ve, that’s me.

Ingles: What they’ve seen is what they’ve got? Is that what you were —

Exum: Exactly. Exactly. I need to leave… I just wanted to mention Joe’s hairline. ‘Cause I can do stuff about this pimple on my head, but I, he can’t do anything about the hair.

Ingles: I just said I can.

Exum: That’s not tr–

Ingles: I just said I can wear a hat.

Exum: But I mean, you can’t do —

Ingles: I can get that Carlos Boozer special spray-on stuff, like —

Exum: That’s not, there’s some treatments now. If there’s anyone out there that is, like, a hair laser treatment, contact Joe. Twitter, DMs or Instagram DMs.

Body Talk (brought to you by Randy Rigby)
** Shelvin Mack on what he’s learned from Joe Johnson: Just taking care of your body. I’m gonna say, me and Joe kinda got the, similar body types. Like, 6-6 — I mean, I’m 6-7. You know, he’s not dunking. I’m not dunking. You know, just taking care of your body.
** Rudy Gobert: Last year, my, the most important was to get healthy, work on my body, and also work on my game. But the body was the main focus, and I’m ready now.
** Henry Sims on what he did in the off-season: Getting more in tune with my body, being able to push my body to different limits, taking it through different types of workouts I’m not normally used to, just so I can, you know, get better performance out of my body.
** Raul Neto: I spent a lot of time in the weight room trying to get my body ready for the long summer and for the, of course this next season.
** Dante Exum: I did put on a bit of weight — I’m sorry, muscle — over this, through the injury, and then being able to cut it down. And you know, being able to use my body in different situations. That’s just the biggest thing for me.
** David Locke: What does the flexibility in the hips do for you?
Chris Johnson: Well, I’m already fast…You know, it’s just less stress on your body.

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines
** Alec Burks on his recovery: I’m getting real close. I’m feeling more explosive than I ever have before.
** Dante Exum on getting back on the court: It’s just about trusting yourself for the first time, and once you do it that first time, you know, you just keep going.
** Exum: It’s so many different situations where you have to use your body in a different way.
** Ron Boone to Exum: One of the biggest problems [young players] have is how to use your body. How to take a hit and finish. How to position yourself with your body.
** Chris Johnson on the stingray he encountered on a cruise: I touched it, and then it freaked me out.
** Joe Johnson on his mom, EwDQM: When I’m grinding, she, I definitely think about her.
** David Locke to Joe Johnson on his shoe closet: How big is it, and is it true that I’d have to show my fingerprint to get in?
** Trey Lyles, filming a video while Rudy Gobert poses for photos in the background: He ugly, but we just finishing it up. You know, trying to have a good time.
** Jeff Withey on golf clubs: I had to get, you know, like, 2.5 inches extended.
** Withey on his bromance with Ryan Anderson vs. his engagement: She comes first.

People Calling…
** People calling Alec Burks “Big Money AB”: Dante Exum
** People calling Joe Johnson “The Tank”: Alec Burks
** People calling himself “Corner Pimp”: Alec Burks

** Rudy Gobert and Boris Diaw went to the same high school, albeit 10 years apart.
** Shelvin Mack estimates he played in 150 games this summer. He, Rodney Hood and Joe Johnson worked out together in Atlanta.
** Quin Snyder was Eric Dawson’s first professional coach, while Antonio Lang was Dawson’s first overseas coach.
** The newly engaged Jeff Withey is leaning on two summers from now for his wedding.
** Trey Lyles’ sister is his personal chef.
** Chris Johnson had a daughter three month ago.
** Henry Sims is from Baltimore and while the mountains in Utah are nice to look at, he does not plan on going into the mountains.

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  1. hamaca permalink
    October 2, 2016 12:27 am

    “Ingles: Dante has one joke, and he’s used it for three years now.”

    Ingles is the master. Dang, that was a funny banter session.


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