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Utah Jazz Media Day 2016, Part 1

September 27, 2016

** Joel Bolomboy on what he anticipates in his rookie season: I’m just gonna try to be the best version of myself, and just show up every single day and work hard, and when I’m out there, just talk to my teammates, and have great energy and play defense as hard as I can, and chase every rebound, offensively and defensively, and when I’m on offense and I’m open, just knock down shots.

** Bolomboy on where he is in his development: I’m still growing as a player, on and off the court. My potential and ceiling where I cap off that is extremely high. So, I put in the work every single day and I’m definitely seeing the results pay off. And my teammates and coaches, they also see the improvements and the strides I’m making every day.

** Alec Burks on the year he wants to have: I feel like I was having a great year until I got hurt, so I just feel like, I just, improve upon that. Just getting better, being healthy the full year.

You know, I haven’t done that in a couple years. And just take my game to the next step. I feel like it’s that time. My sixth year; I’m 25 now. It’s time for me to show I’m a player in this league…

I feel like I’m mo–right now, more explosive than I was, you know, more athletic than I was, before I got hurt. You know, just, I feel like I had to work on my lower body when I got hurt, so it just made me more stronger…I feel like I’m still the athletic person that everybody know and love, you know?

** Burks on the team’s off-season: I think everybody got better that was initially on the team, you know, before they made the great additions. You know, and with the additions, we just, I feel like we just got better. You know, better leaders; you know, more versatility; you know, just better all around, and I feel like that gon help us out a lot.

** Eric Dawson on Quin Snyder: First year out of college, my first professional job — he was the one that took a chance on me and gave me time, and helped me get better and helped me understand the game. Great guy. I love him. I love him.

** Dawson on what he brings: Coach Q always told me I was a great passer. I love to pass. Sometimes he get on me for not taking the open shot, but I’m a team guy. I like to pass the ball. I love to rebound, bang, get down there in the paint, and just do what I can do to help a team win.

** Boris Diaw, responding to a question addressed to Rudy Gobert about how he’s the team’s defensive anchor and captain: Don’t tell him too much. His head is gonna explode.

** Diaw, told Derrick Favors said he’s faster than he looks: I don’t know if I’m fast, but that making me wonder how slow do I look?

** Dante Exum on how he’s doing: I’m feeling good. Back to, pretty much 100 percent. I mean, not pretty much. I am. You know, I got no restrictions at all.

** Rudy Gobert on his contract/extension situation: Everybody knows I want to be here, so that’s the most important. You know, whether I sign this year or next year, you know, I’m focused on the season and it’s not gonna change anything.

** Gobert on the addition of Boris Diaw to the team: It’s great. You know, when it happened, you know, I was pretty excited because I’ve been waiting for a French teammate for a few years. So, just happy. You know, especially Boris, you know, is a great guy on the court, off the court.

** George Hill on the team’s aspirations this year: Our, you know, goal’s, is to make the playoffs. You know, anything less is not a good season for us. You know, we want to get to that goal where we’re playing in the postseason. That’s the thing that matters.

** Rodney Hood, asked if he cares if he starts: No, not at all. You know, it’s all about winning. You know, it’s all about winning right now. So, it don’t matter who starts, who finishing a game, whatever. You know, it’s about winning right now.

** Hood on his first autograph: I was in New Orleans, and, with my mom on, I think it was Bourbon Street, and you know, I saw Joe Johnson and I, you know, obviously I’d been a fan. And I tapped my mom and said, “There goes Joe Johnson.” And she was like, “You want his autograph?” I was like, “No, no. I’m too shy.” I didn’t want to bother him. And then she went over there. I was embarrassed. And he, she asked him for the autograph and she, he took a picture and everything. So it was one of the best moments of my childhood.

** Hood on Joe Johnson: Just a great feeling to have that, like, a mentor-type guy that I haven’t had my first couple years.

** Joe Ingles, asked what the Boomers did, specifically, to make the Americans so uncomfortable during the Olympics: Apparently, we’re dirty, according to some of the players on that team. Which is hilarious.

** Chris Johnson on what he worked on this summer: I worked on a lot of ball-handling. That’s one of the biggest things I need to work on, so I did a ton of ball-handling this summer. Did just, you know, just focused on my form, my shot. You know, I kinda tweaked it last year. So, just finding that confidence in my sh–in my new form and my new shot…A lot of flexibility. I did a lotta hot yoga, hot bikram this summer, which was tough, but you know, it comes a long way on your body.

** Chris Johnson on being forced to go on a stingray excursion during his first-ever cruise because the swimming with dolphins excursions was sold out: Everybody got in the water. I think I, honestly, I think I was the only person who didn’t actually hold a stingray. I touched it, and then it freaked me out, so I swam away and jumped back on the boat.

** Joe Johnson on what he expects his role to be: I didn’t come here to try to be a star or starter…[Quin Snyder] understands where I’m at and I understand what he wants from me, you know, as a player, and that’s to help these young guys, guys such as Rodney or Gordon [Hayward].

** Trey Lyles on where he sees himself five years from now: What I want to be is, you know, a All-Star. You know, that’s what I work to be every day. You know, I wanna be one of the premier guys in the league, but you know, it’s gonna take time. It’s gonna take me committing to myself and committing to the teams. And you know, hopefully five years, I’ll be a All-Star, or, hopefully a multiple-time All-Star, and like I said, just somebody to be a force to be reckoned with.

** Lyles on being from the same city as George Hill: George is cool. So, you know, we’re from the same city, so got a little connection there…We know a lot of the same people, so you know, that’s good.

** Lyles on being from the same city as Gordon Hayward: I heard he was back there for a week or so. You know, I don’t really go to his area of town…Our high schools were on different sides of, you know, the city, really, so you know, I think that’s where he worked out at, so, I didn’t go over there.

** Shelvin Mack on what he proved in Utah last season: That I’m an NBA-caliber player. I feel like when I get the opportunities, I’m able to, you know, to make the best of them and I think that’s what I did.

** Raul Neto on playing in the Olympics in his home country: It was amazing. It was an amazing atmosphere. It was way better than, I think, everybody expected since the opening ceremony, until all the games. People were great. I didn’t heard nothing bad about the Olympics. So, it was a great experience…

People made a big deal of something that wasn’t that big deal. We saw, after the Olympics, nobody got Zika. Nobody got robbed or something like this…So, I think it was good to people see that Brazil is not that, wasn’t everything that everybody was saying, about Zika, about everything.

So, of course I did–I wasn’t happy before the Olympics when everybody’s, was talking about it.

But when I was in Brazil — I think it was the, more the international media that was saying that. ‘Cause when I was there, nobody talk nothing about Zika, about all this things that everybody here in the States and in Spain that — I was in the Spain for a couple weeks before the Olympics too — everybody was saying that. It wasn’t that crazy.

** Henry Sims on what he brings: I’m an offensive-minded big. I can score the ball, pass the ball as well. Defensively, I’m also an anchor. I feel like, communication. You know, I think I’ve been around enough to know where guys should be and where I should be.

** Jeff Withey on what Quin Snyder and Dennis Lindsey asked him to work on this summer: They wanted me to gain weight, which, I’m around 235, almost. So I gained some weight. Just muscle, pretty much. And then, they wanted me to work on my perimeter shot and the corner threes, and, been doing a lot of that. You know, it was a really exciting off-season for me.

** Withey on the addition of vets to the team: I know I’m really excited. I know everybody on the team is really excited. But, you know, we definitely have our goal to make the playoffs and then do really good in the playoffs. And with all the new guys on our team, I think that their leadership is gonna definitely push us to the next level and get us there.

** Withey on Kansas, not his fiancee: There’s no mountains. It’s really flat.

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