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Eve of Media Day Odds and Ends

September 24, 2016

One. Get excited for the season!


“You look like you’re a watermelon right now, what are you wearing?!” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Two. [Gordon Hayward] WAG vs. [Derrick Favors] WAG (H/T @5kl):



Three. Dennis Lindsey, asked what he would do if a Jazz player “wanted to show concern for certain social injustices by not honoring America”: We need a little bit of guidance by the league. And I think I’ve mentioned before, look, there are times, as a country, we need to be highly patriotic.

There’s Pearl Harbor, for example. I bet there wa–you couldn’t find one person in the United States during that period that didn’t fully support our troops and those war efforts. 9/11, I think that goes without saying, you know, that over 3,000 people lost their lives and we saw first responders, you know, real true heroes…in many cases, [give] their own lives. And so, to honor that day is very important.

And, but if you’re gonna say that, you also have to say, look, I wanna honor Martin Luther King, and Martin Luther King Day, and the struggle, and so, as I’ve mentioned before, Muhammad Ali’s stance wasn’t very popular, at the time, about not going to war, and if you go back and look at history, I think history’s on his side, and he was willing to give up money and his career for a three-year period, and a true sacrifice, so, there, you know, there — our flag means a lot.

It stands for a lot, and it stands for your ability to have freedom of speech, and everybody — someone told me this the other day, and it was really a wise statement. You have the ability to stand and salute, or kneel, or sit in protest, and not be incarcerated, where, you know, in, there are other countries where you would be.

But, with that said, there’s — know that if you have a protest, even a legitimate protest, there is going to be someone that you could offend. It could be a fan. It could be a corporate sponsor. It could be the league that you represent. It could be the team. So at some point in time, you gotta realize that there is a hole. And I think most importantly for me, for things of symbols to have real meaning, there needs to be authentic action behind that.

So I would hope that anybody that is protaste–protesting on social injustice or racial injustice or gender injustice, that they really support a cause behind it, that they’re, that it’s just not a symbolic action, but there’s, you know, true meaning with a personal time commitment or financial commitment, that makes a struggle that they want to highlight, get better.

Four. Trey Lyles also offered commentary on Gobert’s outfit:


Five. Quin Snyder on the length of shorts and shorter shorts possibly making a comeback: They go up and down, and you start to see — I think when you’re Joe Johnson and you’re built like that, you can wear the shorts a little higher. I’d hate to go see — that would — when Dennis and I played, that was the style. I don’t think we looked quite the same as Isiah Thomas when he was sporting those, like, high-riders.

Six. Sometimes, good comes from reading the comment section. This exchange between Memo Okur and Carlos Arroyo is great. (H/T @5kl):


Seven. Joe Ingles on #USAustraliaNBAProblems, i.e., being cheated out of summer due to his schedule: It’s just, it’s the way it is, really. I’d love to get some sun and be able to sit outside, and that’s why I enjoy coming to Utah a little early, so I get a bit of nice weather.

But yeah, it’s not winter like it is here in Australia. It’s more wet and, I mean, how-cold-it-is-in-Utah cold, but yeah, [it] isn’t the most fun thing I’ve ever done.

But I’ve been very fortunate too, to play in Barcelona, [where] it was really nice. Maccabi Tel Aviv was really nice. So it’s just, it is what it is. And when I eventually move back home, I’ll have summer every year, so I’ll take it for now.

Ingles on not being the old man on the team anymore: Thank God for that.

Eight. All the lulz.



Nine. Vivint Arena President Jim Olson, asked what’s it like to be king of the building: You talk about king of the building, I, you know, there are numerous people. I’m gonna put Quin up there. I’m gonna put Gordon Hayward up there. I mean, those guys are, those are the people that make an enormous difference in what we’re trying to do here.

Bonus material! Jim Olson’s “How u” moment:


Ten. Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Week (UDQM)
** Dennis Lindsey on when he went to the Spurs: I’m not gonna lie. I wanted to impress [Gregg] Pop[ovich], and R.C. [Buford], and Tim [Duncan], and Tony [Parker], and Manu [Ginobili], and the best way I could do it was–isn’t necessarily through interlec–intellect, but just grinding hard.
** Quin Snyder on ideas and the creative side of basketball: You know, you don’t know when they’re gonna come, and they’ll, I won’t say obsess about them, but you get pulled into that. And you know, when you come out the other side, you may have something that’s kinda neat. But you can dive pretty deep into those things.
** Gordon Monson to Snyder on August being a slow basketball month: Call [Spencer Checketts] at four in the morning, because he’s probably up.
Snyder: Yes. I’ll send you a couple clips of us getting backdoored.
** Lindsey, asked how much basketball he plays these days: My body — I can play one time…I just can’t recover. I played with some of our young guys last year. I was quite a bit overweight; I’ve lost a few pounds since. And it was quite humbling. You still can remember what you did, but you can’t perform.

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