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Bits from Dennis Lindsey Interviews

July 21, 2016
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On the addition of George Hill, Joe Johnson and Boris Diaw
All three of these guys have very significant season and post-season experience. And so, I think, we’re hopeful when those higher moments come, and elevated play come, that some of our younger players can look to the veterans that we’ve added as a sense of guidance and gives us, you know, a little bit more definition and defined purpose, you know, in the most important moments as well.

On whether the addition of veterans will help the team win more close games
We’re just hoping odds take care of that. Usually, if you play enough close games…it will get back to zero…

But I don’t think close games is our issue. I think we want to have more blowouts. I think if we do that, that will take care of the close-game dilemma and then maybe a few of those balls will go in late this coming season, that didn’t [last season]…

Those first 46 minutes are just as important, if you study it. And so, we want to be mindful of the whole season, the whole game in its entirety, just not what happened the last two minutes.

What did Trey Burke mean to the Utah Jazz?
We expect that he’s gonna have a very good career and go on and perform well, just like Enes [Kanter] has in [Oklahoma City]. And we want that, to be frank.

The, I think Trey will tell you where he’s at now — mentally, physically, spiritually, with his skills — he’s in a much better place than he was when he first joined us, on a lot of different levels.

And so we wish him the best and we expect him to play well on — and we hope that he plays well, because again, it allows us to tell our story about the development program that’s going on here.

On the free agency process this year
We’ve strategically stayed out of the large part of free agency the previous years, just ’cause we had a bunch of young players and they needed minutes. And we didn’t want to be duplicit in the direction.

And it became apparent with where the development’s at that our team’s more ready to win. It became apparent that, obviously with the injuries, that we needed to actively manage that better and have some built-in reinforcements for a better bench. But also, just the scenarios, in case this happens.

So, we were able to let the agents know that we were going to be a lot more active than we were the previous two seasons; very strategic. And the great thing is, is we sat down — we talked to a lot of guys, but we sat down with four very strategic free agents, and we felt like we were g–in good position to sign any one of the four, and Quin [Snyder]’s helped that out a great deal.

Dante Exum update
To date, there has not been one setback.

On Boris Diaw
He’s not here because of Rudy [Gobert]. He’s here because of his own merit, but there’s more than an ancillary benefit to have someone that can speak French with Rudy and talk about current events, and, you know, so the big fella’s not on an island.

So, Rudy was quite pleased, but we were more pleased that, adding someone who’s tough, who’s physical, who can really pass the ball, who’s improved his distant shooting as well…

Boris is quite charming as well, and he has a gift. So, adding to the humor, adding to the cultural fabric, if you will, to the team is also something that we wanna be mindful of.

Player body updates
** Raul Neto: Raul’s gotta get better. There are some things with his body that we’re working on, I think that he can improve.
** Joe Johnson: [He has] a body that’s, you know, according to our doctors and trainers, much younger than 35.
** Joe Johnson Part 2: Joe has become a noted hot yoga fanatic, and so he’s been able to keep himself in great shape.

Dennis Lindsey, Unintentional Dirty Quote Machine
** On Boris Diaw’s passing ability: He allows us to invert, and have a big man up top handling the ball and making decisions.
** On Diaw’s love for coffee: Quin’s an espresso guy as well, so I’m sure they’ll share their different blends.

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  1. Berdj Joseph Rassam permalink
    July 22, 2016 1:46 pm

    It’s frustrating for many Jazz fans these past few years to watch one talented young Jazz player leave Utah for other teams.


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