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Bits from (or that happened during) the Vegas Summer League

July 17, 2016

One. Congrats to Phil Johnson on winning the inaugural Tex Winter Lifetime Impact Award!


Johnson on winning the award: Just hang around long enough, they’ll give you something, you know?

Two. Love seeing how many Jazzmen were at the games supporting the summer league team.


Three. Trey Lyles on enjoying his Vegas vacation while not playing the last few games: You know, still getting workouts in, coming to watch these guys play and stuff. But definitely going out and having a little bit of fun too. And you know, staying out of trouble.

lyles snapchat

Four. Rudy Gobert on how excited he is to play in the Olympics: Very excited. You know, I always dreamed about playing in the Olympics, so. It’s gonna be my first time. Can’t wait.

Gobert on how excited he is there will be another French player (Boris Diaw) on the Jazz: Very excited. You know, especially Boris. You know, I think he really can bring something to the team on and off the court.

Gobert, asked which Jazzman he most wants to block in Rio: I mean, Joe [Ingles] don’t drive, so. He’s just gonna shoot threes. And Raul [Neto] gonna be scared to score on me, so I don’t know.

raul tweet

Five. Scenes from Vegas:

jensen burks

Six. Speaking of which…


Seven. Derrick Favors, man of the people, said it. We’ve waited so long for this. Make it happen, Utah Jazz.

purple throwbacks

Eight. Joel Bolomboy on his future and his sense of the Jazz’s plans for him: I can’t really say too much about that, but I’m gonna talk with my agent, talk with the Jazz, and then just go from there.

What’s the hope?

To get to training camp and preseason, and then be on that opening night roster.

Bolomboy, asked if he’s DeMarre Carrolling Vegas Summer League (i.e. showing 29 other teams what he can do): Yeah, that’s the one good thing about summer league. You know, there’s a lotta international scouts. There’s a whole bunch of GMs and head office people out here. So when I’m playing against all these teams out here, I’m pretty much showing my skills, showcasing my skills to the whole NBA.

Nine. More scenes from Vegas:

wells maloneing

Ten. Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of Vegas (UDQM)
** Joel Bolomboy before meeting Randy Rigby his 2K photo shoot: I don’t really know what to expect going in there. I just know there’s gonna be a lot of cameras on me and they’re gonna take pictures of my body.

** Bolomboy after his 2K photo shoot: You wouldn’t believe some of the poses you have to do just to get these pictures.

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  1. July 18, 2016 12:12 pm

    100% accurate for a Steve Brown home visit. I presume.


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