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Bits from Jerry Sloan Interview, 7/8

July 9, 2016
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** Coach, I know that every now and then, you throw the show on. I hope that at least we’re fair. Fair? What the hell you doing it for? If you want to be fair, you might as well go back home.

** On whether he ever watched/watches college football games: Officially, to let you know, that ball won’t bounce.

** On the Jazz’s latest moves: In my opinion, they’ve done a good job. They got a nice core of group of guys to work with, and they’ve put some older guys that’s a little bit more experienced, and I think that goes a long way in the NBA, experience. You don’t see a lot of young teams winning championship. Usually, it’s some team that’s put together with three or four veteran players and usually you have a star player, and they end up doing pretty good. …

Take a look at Jeff Hornacek, what he did to our team when he came here. Within a year, right away, he became a guy that, he was another passer on the floor, and really made us have the ability to be able to do the little things. If we wanted to run a certain play at a certain time, we might hold that play ’til the right time to run it rather than run it four, five times before the game starts.

Four, five minutes before the game, you got a long way to get to the end of ball game. That’s where it really counts: the turnovers, bad defense, not negotiating with each other.

** On Kevin Durant and superteams: Well, what happens if a guy gets hurt, and his career’s over? He’s done. You hope that — he did deserve the fact that he’d be a free agent — he would [drive] it out to the end. I just think that’s the way the rules are, and you can do whatever you want to do. If that’s what the player wants to do, I would support the player because if you’re really selfish, you wasn’t playing fair anyway.

** On Jeff Hornacek’s hiring in New York: Jeff is a very smart guy, and he’s a very intelligent basketball mind. He’ll do just fine. But you can’t win without players. And he’s done a good job, I think, in, with his coaching, starting off not having any experience coaching other than to his family.

** On Phil Jackson saying one of the reasons he hired Hornacek was because he came from the Jerry Sloan system: I never played this game or never coached the game for a–for myself. That’s why John Stockton’s father was on me every time I took John out with six minutes to go in the first quarter, and finally I had to say something to him.

It was all kinda funny to start with, but when he got on me all the time, I said, “Would you rather have your son play 10 years or 15 years? 15? Well,” I said, “I could play him 40 minutes a night and I’ll have him be there.” He didn’t mention that too much after that. And I love the man.

** Who is the one player right now you’d like to coach? Right now? If he was younger, I’d take Dwyane Wade…I think he has always been pretty much the leader of the team in Miami, and that’s what you have to have. Somebody that’s tough enough and then step up and show me how tough you are, and make free throws and score going down the stretch. He’d figure out some way to beat you.

** On Bryon Russell saying the ’98 Jazz would have killed and destroyed the ’16 Warriors: Bryon talked all the time…He [used to say], “Don’t worry about it, Coach. I’ve got him.” You know, people on defense just loved to hear that, if they got any heart.

** Told he looks great and not sick: Well, I’ve had some problems, but take whatever you get in this world and go on. I’ve faced some hardships in my time, and hopefully I can just stay healthy as I can. I do a lot of, try to do exercises, stuff like that. There’s no cure for it…I can’t recover from, I got the shakes, you know, pretty good with my arm. That’s irritating, but I’m still alive listening to you guys.

** Is the story about an angry Greg Ostertag throwing a bag of ice at you in the locker room at halftime true? That’s true. Yeah. I knew Greg. I knew him better than he knew himself. But he was good — he’s a really good guy. He just, he, I think he would tell you he didn’t mot–he wasn’t motivated enough to be a great player, because he had some skills that you can’t teach. Plus he could run. He could jump. He had good hands.

So why did he chuck the ice at you? Were you getting on him?

Well, probably. I had to pu–I had to send him to the locker room a couple times be–I hated to do it, but you got 11 other people to be concerned about.

** I’m sorry you had to listen to us, Coach. I was too, when I first saw you, with your four- or five-different colored pants on. And you were, I didn’t realize you were that big of a hippie. (1280)

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  1. russellkanning permalink
    July 17, 2016 10:27 pm

    Who was asking the questions?

    The mighty quinn has a ways to go …. but I love his interviews too.


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