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Eve of Summer League Odds and Ends

July 4, 2016

One. Joe Johnson with his future teammate, Rodney Hood (@hoodie5):


Johnson was also Hood’s first autograph.

Two. Jazz Nation: a small but loud nation.


Three. Good luck in Washington, Trey.

trey trade

Went through the archives to revisit the Burke pick. Greg Miller tweeted this picture of an ecstatic Dennis Lindsey after landing Burke on draft night:

Almost foreign to see what a different place the franchise was in just three years ago. The organization was in “praise Tyrone Corbin at every opportunity mode” and he was credited with the Burke selection.

Lindsey in June/July 2013:

I think it’s appropriate for me to say that Ty Corbin had a lot to do with this pick. He really, you know, was in Kevin [O’Connor] and I’s ear quite a bit, guys, about why Trey fit with the program. You know, his pick and roll ability, his ability to shoot, his edge, his want to lead, and be an NBA point guard, and a significant one. So you know, a lion’s share of the credit is that, you know, Ty really pushed us on this issue. …

It got down to Ty at the end, you know, because we did like 14; we did like 21. There were good players available to us, but given our needs, given Trey’s style of play, I think, again, you know, Ty kinda pushed that through. …

The Jazz family needs to understand how lucky they are to have Ty Corbin, who’s willing to coach young guys…There’s just a lot of coaches, and coaches like Ty, that’s had winning records the last two years, that don’t want to really, you know, coach young guys, because by definition, it can drop your record significantly…It’d probably be best if we traded for a vet, but you know, he had the greater good of the organization in mind. …

This is just the first stage. You know, the individual improvement program that Ty and the staff will put him on will be as important as the selection. …

Ty was a huge part of the opinion to go get Trey. I don’t think you can separate Ty’s want and motivation to coach a young point guard.

Four. Tibor Pleiss, asked if he’d be OK with playing in the D-League this year: No. No. I really want to play in the NBA. For me, it was, yes, last year was really good to get some experience, to improve in the D-League, to get som–a lot of playing time, to get used to the American system, or side, of basketball. So, it was really cool last year, but now, really I want to attack and want to be focused on the next season.

Pleiss also said he has spent the off-season working out at P3 and gained 10 pounds of muscle so far.

Five. It’s the Summer of Wingspan in Gobertland.


Six. This is pretty amazing.

eaton tweet


Seven. This is possibly the first topical joke ever made by a Utah Jazz player (tweeted during the England-Iceland game):


Eight. Within minutes of the news breaking? Give it at least, like, a day or something…

locke tweet

Nine. I miss Kyrylo Fesenko SO much. Remember when Jazz players had personalities? Those were the days.

fes dead sea

Ten. Tibor Pleiss on if he ever felt awkward being tall, Unintentional Dirty Quote Machine: I’m really, I don’t want to be smaller. Like, it’s always bigger is better, you know?

2 Comments leave one →
  1. Paul Johnson permalink
    July 4, 2016 9:56 pm

    Based on that photo, maybe Fez is morphing into a professional basketball player with a shaved head (even though he does not seem to be going bald).

    Even though Fez is no longer on the team, maybe we could resurrect the “Fesenko Friday” feature. I loved that.

  2. russellkanning permalink
    July 5, 2016 2:11 am

    according to the stats ….. we will always miss Fesenko


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