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Off-season Odds and Ends

June 27, 2016

One. Ron Boone on his hopes the Utah Jazz will honor the Utah Stars with a banner: You know, I would love to see that because there’s a lot of — you know, I get the questions from a lot of people, a lot of fans around here in Salt Lake City about the Utah Stars…

I think when the [Utah Jazz] first got here in ’79, I think a banner was hanging in the arena. For some reason, it was taken down.

But I would love to see that, and if you go to some of the NBA, ABA, NBA arenas now that had ABA teams, you know, they have some history of the ABA in their, on display in their arena.

Now, true enough, those were the teams that were taken by the NBA [from] the ABA and so you can understand why they have something like that. Utah was not one of them. But yeah, I would like to see something, you know, that would indicate, yeah, they were the team here before the Utah Jazz. (1280)

Two. Derrick Favors (@davors14) wearing the Stockton and Malone socks:


Previously on “People Wearing the Stockton and Malone Socks”: Shabazz Muhammad || Samuel Stockton || Dwyane Wade || Kevin Durant || Pink Grandma || Rudy Gobert.

Three. Everyone loves Quin Snyder. Euroleague MVP and champion Milos Teodosic on Snyder:

When asked which club would be at the top of his preferences, Teodosic picked two teams for some very specific reasons. “The San Antonio Spurs, since it is a team that has developed a style close to the so called ‘European’ basketball. The plays have a lot of extra passes etc.

Also the Utah Jazz. Their coach Quin Snyder is a former assistant to Ettore Messina (in 2012/2013 CSKA Moscow) and someone with a phenomenal attitude. He is a great man, one of the most promising coaches in USA right now. And he really knows me well. So I think I’d be a very good fit there, knowing him and his system of work. Also the composition of the Jazz is quite solid, they have a lot of young and athletic players.” (Eurohoops)

Teodosic to AK-47, 2012

In related news, here’s Dennis Lindsey on Snyder this past week: Is there someone that you can gravitate to that is more charismatic than Quin Snyder?

Four. #13 needs to be taken off the board of available jersey numbers.

jersey numbers

Five. Dennis Lindsey, worst Penthouse letter writer ever: I never thought it would happen to me. Gordon [Hayward] was literally dripping with sweat. I grabbed him…and I put him in Mark McKown’s office, grabbed Quin and said, “Hey.” He wasn’t aware of all this. He — so we told him and I told him Mark [Bartelstein] wanted me to grab him immediately…

Quin and I got a big sweaty hug, and it was all good, you know? It was, you know, in a weird way, the fact that it was put out there, allowed us to say a few things to each other that day that we probably wouldn’t have said otherwise. So, I know that sounds odd, but truth be told, I was really glad that was put out there.

Six. Dennis Lindsey’s summer plans: We’re gonna go into the free agent market and be very aggressive. We do want to spend our money fundamentally. If we can’t spend it fundamentally, then we’ll certainly save all of it, all the room that we have or a portion of it for the extensions that we have coming in the next few seasons. So, what we don’t wanna do is extend an amount on a player and then it puts pressure a year or two down the line.

Seven. Greg Ostertag is the best.

tag ig

Eight. Dennis Lindsey, worst Penthouse letter writer ever, Part 2: I just had a great conversation with [Joel Bolomboy] today, and he literally is like, “Can I get on a plane right now?” And so, you could feel his urgency…He surpassed my expectations on, you know, his eagerness to get started, which was cute.

Nine. Joel Bolomboy (@bolomboy21) wasn’t in New York so no draft suit, but he posted a pic of his (sponsored) draft outfit:

Someone explain to him he’s going to get socks photoshopped onto his feet in Utah so he’s not scandalously showing so much ankle skin.

Ten. Dennis Lindsey on draft trade that didn’t happen: There was one player, a really good player I can’t name, but he and his prominent agent were really working hard to try to get here during the draft, and I just couldn’t pull it off.

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  1. russellkanning permalink
    June 27, 2016 12:04 pm

    uh oh, worst dressed list contestant

  2. bebop permalink
    June 28, 2016 10:22 am

    I bet it was valentine trying to get here


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