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2016 NBA Draft / Utah Jazz Recap

June 24, 2016
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Before the Draft
** Walt Perrin on Joel Bolomboy: I would expect to be — there’ll be a nice little conversation going on if he f–starts falling to 42. His agent felt that — he didn’t want to work him out too many tim–I mean, have him go through too many workouts. And he felt that he would be gone before 42…He’s got the athleticism that Jeremy [Evans] has, and the tenacity and rebounding ability that Paul [Millsap] has, so there’s a little bit of a mix. He’s got, at the same stage, he’s got a better body than both of them.

** Perrin on Marcus Paige: I think, you know, Marcus is really a smart basketball player. It’s a little bit, I mean, at North Carolina, because of what they had on their team and what they needed, they needed Marcus to play off-guard and be a shooter. Marcus was a point guard coming out of high school, so it’s not like he doesn’t know how to play the point guard spot. He does, so.

He can be a coach on the court for you. A very smart player. He can knock down big shots for you. So, he can, there’s a few things he can do to help a team pla–to help a team win.

** Joel Bolomboy on what he plans to do with his first paycheck: Growing up in a hard-working family, we’ve moved around a lot and we never really had a place you can call home ’cause, just because we’ve moved around a lot. And you know, we never had a great working car, so it’ll be really cool if I could just get my parents in one spot for a long time, and just get them a couple cars that will last, you know?

** Marcus Paige on his workout with the Jazz: I did well. Didn’t shoot it as well as I have on some other days, but still shot it pretty well. That’s one thing I feel like I have to show in every workout, that I’m a great shooter. I played well in the pick and roll, showed a little bit of my sneaky athleticism, and defended OK. So, I think today I had a pretty good overall day.

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The Draft

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After the Draft
** Dennis Lindsey on Joel Bolomboy: We’re very excited about Joel* for a number of reasons. Character, [his development at Weber State], and athleticism is, you know, you guys saw the physical testing, so that’s a good place to start — to be able to move laterally, run, jump. So, he’s got some tools to work with, and so we really look forward to bringing him in.
* “Jo-elle”

** Lindsey on Marcus Paige: We do have a few point guards. Again, there’s some things that we’ll have to talk to Marcus about, relative to roster spot opportunity. That could mean several different things. But we’re very glad to have him in the program…

Marcus is an excellent player. He can really score the ball. He’s very underrated in his pick and roll skills…and, so, really, and then high character as well. Excellent suited. I think he was Academic All-American, or All-ACC Academic, so he really fits our DNA and culture.

And because of that, Marcus and his agent could be willing to work with us on a variety of things, you know, moving forward.

** Lindsey on Tyrone Wallace: With Tyrone, he’s a, he’s just a big guard. He’s a great defender that played for an excellent coach at Cal; excellent defensive program. And so, he’s very versatile. We’ll see that means.

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** Lindsey, asked if he tried to trade back into the first round: We tried significantly, and just wasn’t able to do it.

** Lindsey on selling the 42nd pick: There was no question to bring some money into the program and push that pick back to 55 was the right thing to do.

** Joel Bolomboy on being drafted by the Jazz: You know, I was just more than happy to hear my name called tonight. You know, going into tonight, from, just talking to my agent on the feedback we got, we were confident that I would’ve gone early second, late first, but that didn’t go as planned…

You know, I was just hoping. You know, I left everything in God’s hands, and you know, the Jazz happened to take me and they gave me the opportunity, and I’m more than thankful for it.

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  1. russellkanning permalink
    June 24, 2016 8:28 pm

    Sounds good to me

  2. Paul Johnson permalink
    June 25, 2016 1:01 am

    I love the Bolomboy pick. Before the draft I thought he would be a perfect pick for the Jazz to be the third string PF–to develop behind Favors and Lyles (to replace Trevor Booker). As I was watching the draft, I was excited that he was still available at the #42 pick, and then was disappointed when the Jazz didn’t select him at #42. Then, as each selection came in after #42, I kept hoping I wouldn’t hear his name called prior to the Jazz pick at #52, and was elated the Jazz were able to take him at #52. He has been described as a combination of Jeremy Evans and Paul Millsap, with better size than either one of them. And he has local ties, having played at Weber State. He has potential to become a classic overlooked-small-school-player-who-makes-it-big-in-the-NBA.

    I was a bit puzzled by the selections of Marcus Paige and Tyrone Wallace, whereas the Jazz now have 6 point guards on the roster as presently constituted (plus Alec Burks is a combo guard). Obviously, Wallace is big enough to be a combo guard, but Paige is kind of an odd pick. If the Jazz were going to pick up another point guard in the draft, I thought they would pick Gary Payton II–who is pretty much the point guard version of Rondae Hollis-Jefferson (and who was not selected in the draft, but was signed to a 3-year contract by Houston immediately after the draft was completed). I think the Jazz might encourage Paige to go play overseas and develop while they are able to keep his draft rights, or they might sign him to one of those funky D-League deals, wherein they can still keep his draft rights. They might try the same thing with Wallace. They may have shied away from Payton II, because he would have most likely want to contend for a roster spot right away.

    Having followed Gary Payton II for the past two years, I think he has a much better chance to become a rotation player or a starter on an NBA team than do either of Paige or Wallace–he has elite perimeter defensive skills and a super good “motor,” although his offensive skills are far from being developed (although they are not completely non-existent). Payton could end up becoming almost a clone of Patrick Beverly.

    • June 25, 2016 7:55 am

      From what DL said, sounds to me like they have other plans for Paige than a roster spot on the Jazz…


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