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Walt Perrin on Draft Prospects: June 13-21, 2016

June 23, 2016

The Jazz have traded the 12th pick for George Hill. Better get this out before it gets even more irrelevant…


** Domantas Sabonis (Gonzaga / Forward-Center): He had a pretty good workout, going against himself…[I see him in the NBA as] moreso of a complementary player. I think he’s a rotational guy. I think he could probably start in certain situations in time, and I think he’s gonna help some teams win…I think he’s gonna have to continue to work on his outside 3-point shooting so he can stretch the floor, ’cause he didn’t do a lot of it at Gonzaga.*

He’s a pretty strong guy, but he can always get a little bit stronger, a little bit leaner in terms of his body fat…He’s a good passing big man…I don’t know if a lot of people equate this to a skill, but he naturally plays hard. You would think everybody plays hard, but that’s not necessarily the case, so when you see a player, especially a big guy, who naturally plays hard, you take notice of it.

* People who don’t say “Gonzaga” correctly: Walt Perrin

** Angel Rodriguez (Miami / Guard): I think Angel has, knows how to run a team. I think he played pretty well today. Shot it pretty well from the three. He’s got a chance to get a little bit better. I think he can — I don’t know if he’s an NBA guy though. Size could be a problem.

** Brannen Greene (Kansas / Guard-Forward): He had a little virus in his stomach, so he struggled. He had to step off the court a couple times, so it wasn’t the most perfect workout for him, or for us with him. But we got enough tapes on him. We know him well enough. But he struggled. I think he, because of that and I think because of the altitude, he had to interrupt his Jazz 100 once, and when he came back, [he] struggled…

Sometimes, there’s alw–there might be a personality conflict between a player and a coach that may not exist somewhere else. So, I mean, we had to i–we had to see that because Brannen has a NBA skill. He can really shoot the ball, so we have to, you know, uncover everything we can on him and see if he would be a guy that might help us win more games.

** Deyonta Davis (Michigan State / Guard-Forward): For [someone who worked out by himself], he did well, yeah. He showed some stuff in our workout that you don’t see at Michigan State…He’s got pretty good shooting touch from 18 [feet] on in. Very good, showed an ability maybe to eventually get out to the NBA three…[At] Michigan State, he did more defending the post than getting out and defending the pick and roll, but his feet are quick enough, you’d think he’d be able to do it. And he’s long enough to do it…

I think Deyonta’s shot’s probably a little bit better than what Derrick [Favors] was when he first got here…He plays with a little bit more smoothness than Derrick plays with, a little bit more — I mean, it may look less energetic than Derrick does, but I think he understands the game very well, so he gets to spots probably a little bit easier, and doesn’t look like he gets to those spots with a lot of effort, but he’s always in the right position, especially defensively. I think Derrick’s a little bit more energetic than he is right now…

I think competitiveness, he could get a little bit better. I think that’s one of the areas that he really needs to work on…I think he’s not a bad passer, but can he do some things that he needs to do on the NBA level? We don’t know for sure…

He’ll struggle a little bit probably with strength next year, but hopefully you get him in, you can work with him in the summer, get him a little bit stronger and work with him early fall to hopefully get his body a little bit more toned and a lot stronger…He’s a fairly quiet kid…

The thing with Deyonta is, he makes it look so easy when he blocks a shot. He just, you know, he gets to the right spot. He doesn’t expl–necessarily explode up to block shots, but he gets there with great timing and great length. So yeah, I think he could be a good rim protector at the next level.

** Marshall Plumlee (Duke / Forward-Center): His NBA skills [are] he plays hard, and he plays physical. Pretty good defender. He’s gonna have to work on his offense, so. He’s pretty athletic for a white guy a 7-footer. Runs well. So I mean, those type of skills, teams are looking for.

Players the Jazz didn’t work out

** Jakob Poeltl (Utah / Forward-Center): He’s come a long way f–since he’s been here in, for two years in, at University of Utah. They got a player that they really didn’t know a lot about, I don’t think, and they surprised him. I mean, he surprised a lot of us. He’s a very good offensive player. Has really soft hands. Right hand, left hand, f–he’ll trap. He runs the court real well. He rebounds real well…We think he’s gonna go just before us, but there’s always the opportunity. He may, maybe he’ll slide down to 12th.

** Furkan Korkmaz (Turkey / Guard): I knew he wa–he had won some slam dunk competitions in Europe. He’s a very good shooter. He’s kind of thin right now. He’s gotta get a little stronger, probably put on a little weight. Plays extremely hard. Really runs the court well. Can handle the ball…We kinda know him pretty well.

** Joel Bolomboy (Weber State / Forward-Center): His agent felt that — he didn’t want to work him out too many tim–I mean, have him go through too many workouts. And he felt that he would be gone before 42…He’s got the athleticism that Jeremy [Evans] has, and the tenacity and rebounding ability that Paul [Millsap] has, so there’s a little bit of a mix. He’s got, at the same stage, he’s got a better body than both of them.

** Social Media: We do a little of [sifting through players’ social media], and I think going forward we will be doing it a lot more. We’re starting to gather information on what social media sites the players that we’re interested in are actively on. We’ll probably have people, moreso in the future than right now, that will be looking at those particular sites and seeing if we can gather any kind of intel and information on a player that we normally won’t be able to get.

But it’s really big in colleges, I know especially on the football programs. And I think it’s something that, with us on the NBA level, we’ll probably get more actively involved and deeper involved with it.

** If he had the No. 1 pick, Perrin would take Brandon Ingram over Ben Simmons.

** How many of the guys you targeted for workouts did you get in? At the 12th pick, we probably, I think we only got in four guys, I think, in that particular range. But, you kn–c–quite a few other guys I would’ve loved to have gotten in, but I couldn’t get them in for obvious, or not obvious, but for pers–for reasons that the agent, or, didn’t want them to come in, or we couldn’t line up a certain date to get them in.

** Walt Perrin on Denzel Valentine, UDQM: He could go above us. He can go at us. He can go behind us.

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