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Walt Perrin on Draft Prospects: June 1-10, 2016

June 12, 2016
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** Shawn Long (Louisiana-Lafayette / Forward): [He] played ok. I think he could’ve played better. I think the altitude got h–to him a little bit…I don’t think he shot it extremely well.

** Bryn Forbes (Michigan State / Guard): He really competed. He fought through fatigue. He shot the ball like we know he can shoot it. Shot it extremely well. Talked. Tried to play defense, so. He had a good workout…[He and Ian Clark] are about the same size. They shoot it about the same. I think Bryn could’ve g–probably shot a little bit better than Ian could, off the dribble.

** Michael Gbinije: (Syracuse / Forward): I thought Michael did a very good job [on defense]. He fought well getting over screens.

** Malachi Richardson (Syracuse / Guard): I think Malachi’s got the ability to be a good defender…I think his [NBA] skill’s gonna be shooting, although his numbers don’t dictate that from what he showed last year. But he was a pretty good shooter going into Syracuse, so I think that’s gonna be his NBA skill…

He tried to [create off the dribble some] at Syracuse, and I think he struggled a little bit in terms of trying to finish. So, you know, if we, if he’s on our team, our coaches would work with him extensively with trying to help him finish a little bit better, try to shoot a little bit better off the dribble.

** Dejounte Murray (Washington / Guard): He did a lot of stuff by himself in this workout…He looked pretty good today. Probably shot it better than I thought he would. Picked up a lot of the drills quickly, so I mean, he looked real good today…Probably could play — he might be able to, because of his length, he might be able to guard a couple of positions [in the NBA], might be able to play, maybe a little bit off-ball, but he’s really a point guard…

I think [shooting]’s the main thing he’s gonna have to work on. I think he’s gonna have to work on — he’s such a downhill player. I think he’s gonna have to work on probably decision-making a little bit also, in terms of when to go to the basket and when to incorporate his teammates…I think [he and Dante Exum] can play together. I think they, I mean, those two guys could really shut down people defensively, I think.

** Brandon Taylor (Utah / Guard) and Chase Fischer (BYU / Guard): They both can shoot the ball. They both know how to score. Chase shot it pretty well today. I think Brandon struggled a little bit with the threes, but they both know how to score the ball…Size is gonna be a concern, especially with, well, both of them because of the position that they’re probably gonna play at the next level. So yeah, size is gonna be a factor.

** Brandon Taylor (Utah / Guard): [At the next level], at his size, he’s gonna have to be an elite defender. He needs to really be a pest defend–defensively. Offensively, he’s gotta be able to knock down open shots, be able to create and help his teammates become better players.

** Denzel Valentine (Michigan State / Guard): I thought he shot it well. Handled it pretty well. I think he’s gotta tighten it up a little bit more, but he showed the ability to put it on the floor and create a shot for himself…

I think he would fit with our team structure, from how we play and how he plays. I think he would help us a little bit in terms of, he is a pretty good shooter, and I think he’s gonna become better. He does pass the ball extremely well, which Quin [Snyder] likes. And I think he would fit into Salt Lake City…[His defense] is a work in progress…

He’s a gym rat. I mean, he’ll get in the gym without the coaches to work on what he needs to work on to be successful. So yeah, I have no qualms about his work ethic.

** Gary Payton II (Oregon State / Guard): Gary showed us what we know he can do. I mean, he showed really good ability to react defensively. I thought he, in terms of his shooting, I know everybody’s concerned a little bit about that, but I thought his standstill shot was good.

I think he’s, needs to work on putting the ball on the floor and getting his jump shot off, but he had, I thought he had a pretty good workout…He’s not a bad passer, I don’t think, but I think the defense is what can get him on the court probably next year, moreso than anything else.

** Kyle Collinsworth (BYU / Guard): Size helps, ’cause he can look over smaller players. Ability to pass the ball helps. He’s not overly long as a, as tall as he is. I think he said 6-6. I think we measured him at somewhere in that neighborhood, 6-5 and a half. So, that will translate to the NBA, but again, you know, he’s gotta be able to knock down open shots. The ability on our level to space the floor a lot better than at the collegiate level will help him, because he can put it on the floor and get by people and then find teammates.

** Alpha Kaba (France / Forward-Center): He’s gotta make the decision whether or not he wants to stay in the draft…I saw very good athleticism, whid–which we’d kinda seen before. I’ve seen him play over in Europe. He’s got a ways to go offensively, but he could be a rim protector, rebounder, rim runner-type player.

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