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Off-season Odds and Ends

June 5, 2016

One. Dennis Lindsey on Justin Zanik’s departure for Milwaukee: On a personal level, he’s a friend and someone that I care deeply about. And he just did an excellent job for us…

You know, we’re very happy our program — our ownership is very happy that we’ve been able to help him, in a small way, you know, achieve his goals. It’s a little bit of a tip of the hat to the program…It makes me feel good on a personal level to be able to help somebody. Been able to do that at a few different stops now…

I’ve tried to remove myself from [the new assistant GM search], and I just want to make a good decision for the Jazz. While Justin and I were friendly, it wasn’t like we were confidants when I hired him. I just felt like he had a lot of traits that I was looking for.

Two. Lindsey on sharing information on draft decisions with other teams: As a young executive in Houston, I really got into talking to other teams, and you know, contrast and compare and doing a mock draft, if you will.

I, as I got through it, I didn’t find it that helpful. I felt like my time was better spent concentrating on the video and the diligence that we had built up…I lean on other people to network with other teams, unless teams have something specific that they need to talk to me about.

* Items No. 3-9 proudly sponsored by the off-season.

Three. Which came first, the post to Jeff Withey’s Instagram (since deleted; H/T @bjcseven)…

withey IG

Four. …or the tweet (since deleted)?

deleted tweet

Five. The IG post also auto-posted to Withey’s Facebook (since deleted; via The Big Lead):


Six. And just to make sure more people saw it, Kennedy Summers then reposted her post to Withey’s IG on her own IG (since deleted; via The Big Lead):


Seven. Withey responds on IG (since deleted, but auto post still up on Facebook):

withey IG

Public service announcement for the next two items: As a general rule of thumb life, it’s never a good idea to read the comment section of any online post. Do not try this at home.

Eight. And the online community weighs in, Part 1 (since deleted):

withey comment

Nine. And the online community weighs in, Part 2 (since deleted):

IG comment2

Ten. Unintentional Dirty Quote Machine of the Week (UDQM)
Dennis Lindsey on integrating coaching and scouting and management ahead of the draft: This week, we’ve gone hard for two days, and it’s been really exciting on a number of different things, because I did think there were a few guys getting to know Quin [Snyder] better after two years, that coach would be excited about. And sure enough, those guys that I thought would be intriguing to him, in fact are.

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  1. Tony permalink
    June 11, 2016 9:24 am

    My favorite part of this post is when I scrolled past it and got to Walt Perrins face. xD I feel that would be a pretty accurate reaction for him to the post.


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