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Walt Perrin on Draft Prospects: May 2016

June 1, 2016
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** Jordan Loveridge (Utah / Forward): He shot the ball pretty well from the three, which I kind of, after looking at him early and watching him during the year, I thought he might struggle a little bit more than he did today, with the NBA three.

I think he’s gotta, first and foremost, he’s gotta probably get in better shape, and I’ve told his coaches that. I don’t think he’s in great shape for a kid from Salt Lake, or from anywhere in Utah, ’cause of the altitude. So, he’s gotta get his body in great shape.

He’s gotta, I think, improve his shooting. I know he’s gotta improve his shooting, especially with the NBA three, ’cause he’s a little flat right now. But he did shoot high 50s out of 100, which was one of the better ones here.

** Thomas Walkup (Stephen F. Austin / Forward): One of the few guys I haven’t seen. I don’t know for sure yet [what is his NBA position], so I need to see more tape on him, see where he plays on our level. As one of our staff members says, he’s just a player at, [who] may not have a position right now but plays multiple positions, so.

** Ryan Anderson (Arizona / Forward): It’s something we, that I noticed as I watched him play. He showed he really knows how to play the game. He’s got a good understanding and a good feel on how to play.

He showed the ability, and I kept re–I don’t think he shot extremely well from the Jazz thre–or 100, but he showed in a game situation he can knock down the three.

** Jared Uthoff (Iowa / Forward): Jared shows he knows how to play. He was good in as–some aspects of the workout and he needs to work on some other things, naturally. His shooting of the Jazz 100 was…upper 50s…I think he needs to become a better ball-handler that are, being b–able to probably make plays off the dribble a little bit more.

** Ryan Arcidiacono (Villanova / Guard): He’s a tough-nosed kid, smart, plays well, plays hard. Competes on both ends of the court. Knows how to get shots in the paint because of, he knows how to use his fee–footwork, pivots. So I mean, he had a good workout.

** Retin Obasohan (Alabama / Guard): It’s the first time I’ve seen him. I didn’t get a chance to see him at Alabama, so. I mean, he’s just a great athlete. Built like a football player…

He’s, again, s–just such a great athlete. It was a pleasure for me to see. He’s, does a very good job of getting into the lane and finishing strong at the basket. Again, he’s one that really competes hard, so it was nice to get him in here, and especially nice for me to see him play.

** Thon Maker (Australia / Forward-Center): If we’re gonna say he can’t play until his body gets ready, that’s probably gonna be three years…You know, again, I’ve seen him play, and that’s better than watching him in the workouts…He’s gotten a l–I think a lot stronger in terms of how to play. I thought he shot it a little bit better than when I saw him two years ago, also…

Because of his body size, you know, he’s gonna have a tough time posting up people. And he is a good shooter, so you probably look at him more as a face-up player than, moreso than a back-to-the-basket player…

I think for his size, he’s a very good athlete from baseline to baseline. I think, again, for his size, as a vertical athlete, probably about average, just to, just a little bit above average. Baseline to baseline, he’s really good for his size…He’s got a ways to go to improve his body…

His rebounding numbers, again, at, players in his age group, were pretty good. In terms of being a defender, again, with his body size, he could have problems with a power player inside. Can he guard out on the perimeter? I think with his length, he probably could be able to keep guys in front of him…

He’s a very smart player, ’cause he picks up things fairly easily. Has he had the greatest of coaching in the last four years? Probably not. But he’s one that’s willing to learn. He’s gonna work at it…He’s an extremely well-spoken, smart guy.

** Demetrius Jackson (Notre Dame / Guard): [He looked] good, strong. He’s able to get to the basket pretty well. Shot it, I know he shot it well during drills. I think his 3-point shooting was, probably a little bit above average. Played pretty well…

Like all college guys, [his defense] has a ways to go. [He may be short, but] he’s so strong, though. I mean, I think that’s gonna help him at his position. And he’s, you know, pretty quick.

** Marcus Paige (North Carolina – Guard): I think, you know, Marcus is really a smart basketball player. It’s a little bit, I mean, at North Carolina, because of what they had on their team and what they needed, they needed Marcus to play off-guard and be a shooter. Marcus was a point guard coming out of high school, so it’s not like he doesn’t know how to play the point guard spot. He does, so.

He can be a coach on the court for you. A very smart player. He can knock down big shots for you. So, he can, there’s a few things he can do to help a team pla–help a team win.

** Andrew Andrews (Washington – Guard): He competed. I think he’s one of the guys that kind of struggled with his shooting a bit at times, and, but he did compete. He played as hard as he could, and he tried to play as a point guard.

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of Draft Workouts (UDQM)
** Walt Perrin on draft workouts: I think it’s gonna be a struggle getting some of the guys we want in that’s gonna be in our range, let alone people who are above us, because of the nature of our team. So, I will work it. I will see if I can get them in. But I’m not overly optimistic I will be able to get them in.
** Andy Larsen to Perrin: If it’s a North Carolina guy, does Quin go extra hard on him?
** Perrin on finding late first round steals: We think there could — again, history will show you that there’s somebody down there that becomes very good, and we just gotta figure out who it might be and if we wanna pursue it.
** Perrin on the 12th pick: We’re gonna try to get in guys above us. We’ll get guys in below us.
** Thon Maker on film study: [When] somebody would explain to me something that I’m doing wrong, I would ask somebody to tape it so I can see it. You know, how I did the footwork, what I did wrong, what I could improve, how I can make it faster, how I can slow it down, you know, to get a better shot.

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