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Bits from Dennis Lindsey Interviews

May 24, 2016


On Quin Snyder’s extension
We’ve very pleased to extend Quin. We rolled out some initiatives prior to hiring him, relative to our defense and building that foundational piece for us. And he’s done truly well there with our young players…

We have many young players that needed to be developed, and that’s really hard to do on a simultaneous basis, and he’s done that extremely well. We wanted to have a disciplined approach. How we, you know, just raised our young players inside of [the system], so how we work, how we travel, what we do, and Quin’s done well with our coach as in support staff in that area as well.

You wonder how high DL’s standards are for a coach working with young guys though. From three summers ago:

dl ty

On keeping his distance from Quin Snyder’s contract talks
If you want a true partnership, the way to ruin a partnership is to get in the way of a coach and his wife’s money. I think it’s just common sense…

I just think it’s a real simple best practice that, if Quin and I can have the best possible relationship going forward, there are just times where he’s gonna have to recuse himself from certain things, and I’m gonna have to recuse myself…

I recommended that Steve [Starks] handle it.* Steve and Quin are both gentlemen, and very bright guys, and they were able to say a few words to each other that, now I have a new team president and a relatively new team head coach that has gate–great chemistry where they need it, and I was able to stay away from the fray where, you know, I don’t think it would’ve been personal, but certainly the potential for it to get personal was there if you handle too many of the details and the particulars.


On American Jazz players playing for the national team this summer (Rodney Hood getting selected to the USA Select Team)
We couldn’t be happier for him. This is a good step for him and it’s a huge honor for him. It’s good for his progression and we feel like he deserves the opportunity to allow the men’s team to prepare for the Olympics. (Trib)

On foreign Jazz players playing for their national teams this summer
The positives are a young player can develop. The negatives are, as Mark Cuban has most notably stated is, you’re, the NBA, the NBA team specifically, the owners, are in effect acting as an insurance agency and indemnifying the player, because when you lose a player, even though there’s ins–there’s an insurance process, there’s not an insurance process if you get a player who comes back tired at one level, or comes back and misses just a few games because of an injury that he may have played in — or had in summer competition.

And then, of course, there’s the catastrophic injury that you had, w–that we had relative to Dante [Exum] and missing a full season because of an ACL, or even worse, an injury that ends a player’s career. And so, it’s complex and I’m gonna beg off a lot of commentary a–besides what I’ve already given.

Transactions that were not to be
** There were two that, frankly, when I was trying to, and what I should say, when we were trying to make a decision on whether it was the right for the team, thing for the team or not, there was no question in the short term it was the right thing to do.

But it did give us pause that in a year or two, not having a first round pick, or let’s just say it would’ve, one deal would have cost us a first and a second and a very significant part of our salary cap this year. And then if we were to want to resign the player going forward, the following season, and what can we do with those picks, with that room, I don’t know.

And while it could’ve been the right deal to help us make a push and feel a little bit better about our record in the second season [playoffs] and as it relates to ’15-’16, you can make an argument it would not be as good, especially if we weren’t able to s–resign this player, who’s on a one-year deal going forward.

** Last year, and a little bit like this season as well, I’d love to find a trade for the right veteran, right? I think we’re moving in the right direction and I don’t think wo–speeding it up with the right vet would be tricking it up. So, but will that become available to us? Is that player a one-year deal where it’s a one-off versus slowly grinding with a four-year player?*

I–loo–one of the proudest things — I can give you this information and I think it’ll be interesting to our listeners. We, early on in the season, we had a team approach us on Trey Lyles. They were like us. They liked him during the [draft] process.

Trey wasn’t playing a whole bunch at the time and wasn’t playing as well as he did the latter part of the year, wasn’t banging shots and driving by people, and he was a little overwhelmed defensively, and so a play–a veteran became available and Trey wouldn’t–would’ve been the primary piece inside of this with the team that approached us.

So, being collaborative, you know, we brought it to Quin and the coaches, and they evaluated it, and this was even before, again, that Trey emerged. They just said, “Look, we think we have something unique with Trey, and he’s smart and committed, and you know, the results on his shooting when we’re working on him are, may be better than what he’s shown in the games.”

So, and this was a good veteran player on a solid contract that was moving forward. And look, would have this veteran allowed us to win a few more games initially and maybe even arguably at the end of the year? Maybe. And did that cost us? You know, certainly gotta question that in the overall process.

But the go-forward, the arc of improvement, the things that he allowed us to do differently the last 40 games once he did emerge was so unique…Even though we could’ve sped up or improved our experience level, we still think we made that the right long-term decision for the Utah Jazz.


On Quin Snyder not getting technical fouls
If coach is over there acting foolish or going off on every play, then it, that’s gonna disseminate to the players, and it leads to chaos…It’s intentional…

Is there ever a time that you lost your poise and acted like a fool that you’re really proud of?…His poise and respect of officials…to me, is remarkable.

On the Jazz being on the wrong end of more wrong calls than any other team in the NBA based on L2M reports
We do not — it’s very important for the Miller family, just talking about our values-based M.O., it’s very important to us to be a, the right partner with the league. And that’s really Miller family-driven. So, we do not want to be the squeaky wheel…

We don’t want to be the team that’s Chicken Little: “The sky’s falling, the sky’s falling.” … The one thing that’s really interesting is that in some ways, these L2M reports that are coming out — the Jeremy Lin thing between Charlotte and Miami — it’s driving hits on YouTube, on blogs, on sports radio conversations. So in a weird way, I think we’re all having pretty mature conversations, and it makes the league more relevant.

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