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The Utah Jazz and the NBA Draft Lottery through the ages (of the 2010s so far)

May 21, 2016
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Reaction Shots
2010: Kevin O’Connor

2011: Kevin O’Connor

2013: Randy Rigby


2014: Bryan Miller

2015: Dennis Lindsey


2016: Steve Starks

Lucky Charms
2010/2011: Kevin O’Connor

2013: Randy Rigby

So my fly fishing guy says, “I’ve got just what you need.” And he gave me his lucky grasshopper, that he uses to catch a lot of fly fishing, a lot of fish, on the Green River.

One of the most interesting stories is, it had been heard on the radio, and one of our season ticket holders called. And her father was a veteran of World War II. And she says, “My father was on Pearl Harbor the day that the Japanese attacked. He was on one of the main ships there, right, in the middle of the harbor. And his ship had not been hit nor had he in any way been injured, and so I want you to take back with you my father’s dog tags from World War II.” And so I’ve also got his dog tags.

2014: Bryan Miller

9 was the number my dad wore when he played softball. I had a number 9 jersey made with “Miller” on the back that I’ll be wearing today in his honor.

My mom said he never washed his uniform as long as he was winning. I haven’t washed this baby yet.

2015: Dennis Lindsey brought pictures of his family, “the ultimate good luck charm”; and a lucky watch his brother-in-law gave him.

Randy Rigby, meanwhile, brought his lucky shirt, his lucky pair of Jazz socks, and Dennis Lindsey.

2016: Steve Starks brought a lucky quarter his wife gave him.

Fortune Cookies
2011: As told by Randy Rigby

Chris Baum, my senior vice president of broadcasting…last evening was taking his family to a Chinese restaurant, and he said he opened his fortune cookie literally ten minutes before the lottery began…and the fortune said, “Your lucky number is 3.” So it started right there.

2016: 2016 draft lottery

I have no information on whether Kevin O’Connor, Randy Rigby, Bryan Miller and Dennis Lindsey got their makeup did before the draft lottery.

2016: Steve Starks

starks makeup

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  1. russellkanning permalink
    May 22, 2016 10:33 am

    could have been Dante with a huge knee brace on


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