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And here’s your weekly Utah Jazz wrapup

March 28, 2016

After the Houston game:

standings 324


327 standings

One. Shoutout to these two Karl Malone fans in Chicago. Especially the one that could be Greg Ostertag’s brother.

karl fans

Two. Quin Snyder on Trey Burke’s role: You know, it’s hard to, for me to just kind of encapsulize any player’s individual role. I mean, I think what’s, you know, Shelvin [Mack]’s obviously our starting point guard, and as I’ve said, you know, Trey’s done an unbelievable job staying ready for when that time comes.

We’ve got Raul [Neto], who’s been a consistent defender throughout the course of the year, and you know, there’s always opportunity to play. And you just don’t know when it comes, and the one thing I can say about Trey is just, you know, his professionalism is outstanding.

And you know, we’re aware that that situation, you go from, you know, from playing minutes to all of a sudden, you know, as the year progresses, not playing minutes. But we made a trade, and that’s the reality of the situation.

The same thing happened to [Trevor] Book[er] the other night. You know, I mean, Trey Lyles played really, really good, and then Book didn’t get in the game the second half. But you know, Book’s role hasn’t changed. So, I mean, in that sense, I don’t think people’s roles have changed as much as the times their minutes have changed.

Three. Too bad Gordon Hayward wouldn’t shell out the money to live in a better neighborhood without so many creepy weirdos roaming the streets accosting his wife.

robyn ig

Four. Speaking of Jazz WAGs, best Jazz WAG tweet ever?

kennedy tweet

Five. Love love love!

ak tweet

But go ahead and retire #47, Utah Jazz. First of all, because #47 should be retired. Second, because #47 belongs more to Andrei Kirilenko than any number will ever belong to any Jazz player.

Six. Speaking of AK, this is pretty awesome:


Meanwhile in New York, Carmelo Anthony is undoubtedly complaining to Kristaps Porizingis about whose jersey he should have worn on that day 10 years ago.

For those that need a refresher, this is from the Deseret News in 2004:

carmelo ak

Seven. Quin Snyder on the state of the team: Everybody should kinda keep this in mind, frankly. The NBA, a large part of wins and losses is dictated at a given point in the season by schedule.

And as excited as we were and people were going into the All-Star break — we were winning games at home that we should win, and o–that w–you know, we felt like we could win. And then this stretch after the break, we lose to Washington when we fly back and forth across the country.

And I actually felt like we were playing pretty good by the end of that long road trip where we were losing. I mean, we lost to Boston in a game I felt like we had a chance to win. Nobody’s winning at Toronto right now, and nobody’s winning at Boston. And we played really well against New Orleans. That doesn’t always — and we obviously did win that game.

But wins and losses don’t always reflect kinda where your team is…So, there was a stretch when we’re playing some teams that are just good. You know? I mean, the, we lost at Golden State. We lost to San Antonio at home. So when you start looking at those games and you see Boston on the road, Toronto on the road, San Antonio, Golden State, it starts to make a little more sense that the possibility exists that we’re not playing as poorly as maybe the record at a given time would indicate…

I mean, we’re still missing two, what were two of our s–top six guys, you know, at the beginning of the year, without Dante [Exum] and Alec Burks. So, this team has overachieved in many ways already, regardless of what the result is, when you lose [Derrick] Favors and [Rudy] Gobert…

There’s also just reality, that there’s certain things, you know, like OKC. You know, if we tacked that up as a game we should win, that’s, you know, that’s probably not fair to these guys. Although we wanna win them all, you know, that’s why Vegas has a line. And I’d probably bet that every game that we lost, we weren’t favored to win.

And Dennis Lindsey’s take: We have a very young group. That, I think that’s the way we set it up. And so, we want to give Quin a full runway to develop. And with development, there comes some of that pain, where, you know, experimenting with this, and putting a player in a particular situation that allows for growth to happen. And sometimes the outcome isn’t pretty, but there is a plan behind it.

Eight. Alec Burks’ sartorial selections were mentioned last week. Here’s another one: a normal looking shirt in the close shot, but zoom out and surprise!

burks shirt

Nine. No Trey Lyles bench celebration this week, but we do have a Rudy Gobert celebration!


Ten. Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Week (UDQM)
** Craig Bolerjack: Mopping up the floor after Mack went down.
** Ron Boone: It is more of a zone on the backside.
** Boler on Joe Ingles 3-pointer: If you find that sweet spot, feed it. (H/T @dianaallen)
** Media to Derrick Favors: You and Rudy have been do–playing even better back there. Have you guys done anything different, or is something — what’s better now than before?
** Andy Larsen to Rodney Hood on Dwight Howard and Stickum: Have you ever felt a ball that was sticky or anything like that?
** Jeff Van Gundy on Dwight Howard and Stickum: You would think that the people shooting could feel it right away. So, I’d be surprised if it’s widespread.
** Boler on Gordon Hayward: Matty, he fell right in my lap.
** Boler on Thunder fan proposing during game: Way to pull that off.
** Boler on inbounds pass: Mack takes it from Rudy.

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