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And here’s your weekly Utah Jazz wrapup

March 7, 2016

standings 306

One. Quin Snyder on his backup point guard rotation: At some point, there’s something to be said for one player being able to prepare a certain way. That said, you know, if — you know, basically we’ve got a guy in Raul [Neto] that’s kinda hung his hat on defense, and you know, a guy in Trey [Burke] that’s been — come off the bench offensively and giving us a punch.

And that’s not to say that, you know, I think Raul’s shooting, what, 40-some percent from three in the last month. So, you know, and Trey’s had some games where he’s, you know, played defensively.

So, I don’t want to box myself in. But philosophically, I think it’s hard to play three point guards, and we’ve committed to Shelvin [Mack]. We haven’t had time; we haven’t had a training camp full of stuff, so, to make a determination, and, but it makes sense.

Two. Quin Snyder on #PlayoffPush: We should stop talking about the playoffs. I mean, I don’t think this is a team — and we can feel it, but I mean…we just need to play well. And you know, that’s, it’s natural, right? But I don’t, you know, I don’t think we’re at a point where…[interrupted]…

And I’m not going to stop paying attention to it, you know, but I think — the point being, you know, we can look at that, but to the extent it’s a distraction from our group continuing to improve. You know, we’re, we still haven’t got Alec [Burks] back.

So, there, this is still a process for us kinda finding ourselves, and the quicker we can do that, you know — Shel — we just, you know, we have a starting point guard that joined us at the break. I m–we have to figure out how to play well together, and I think that’ll be the thing that helps us, you know, make [interrupted]…

How many teams have added a starting point guard in the last two weeks? I mean, it’s unusual. And that’s because we’ve played with two point guards, or, as I said, six, over the course of the season. So, we’ve played with six point guards, you know, at the end of the game, and now we’ve got a new starter. It’s just a, I think there’s a process in and of itself there.

Three. Joe Ingles, asked on 1280 if he ever looks at Matt Barnes and says, “Really, man? All the tats, including way up the neck to the face? Isn’t it — come on, guy, isn’t that a little too much?”: I mean, I had, what, six, eight weeks with him in the Clippers when I was there, and he’s a great guy. He actually helped me a fair bit, so — being in the same position in training camp, and obviously battled against him. But yeah, a really good guy, so don’t judge him by the tattoos.

Four. Joe Ingles on his hopes for his twins: I want them to look like her. I want them to be as tall as me, look like her, be as athletic as her, because I don’t want them having “Slo-Mo” nicknames when they grow [up] and getting teased.

Five. Rudy Gobert (@rudygobert27) invented the whip 20 years ago:


Six. Finally, an explanation for this:


lyles weight tweet

Seven. Quin Snyder after the loss to the Grizzlies: You know, they’ve got men. You know, this is a veteran team, and they’ve got guys that have been in those positions, and you know, are a confident group, whether it’s Matt Barnes or Vince Carter. You know, Zach Randolph, Mike Conley. Those guys are men, and they know how to win…They have an identity. They’re physical. You know, they come after you.

Eight. No Trey Lyles bench celebrations this week, but there was this precious moment:

lyles booker

Nine. Trevor Booker on Derrick Favors’ performance against the Pelicans: Straight animal…I think he felt like that [the officials] missed some calls, and that made him mad. And I love seeing him mad, so maybe before the game, you know, Imma start slapping him.

Ten. Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Week (UDQM)
** Craig Bolerjack: Jingling Joe jingling inside.
** Matt Harpring on a Rodney Hood miss: Spot on. Just probably 6 inches long. But dead eye on. (H/T @Aheffy)
** Dwane Casey: Gobert makes up for a lot of mistakes. He’s long. He knows how to use it now. (H/T @zprince3, @Mark_R_Pereira via @DJJazzyJody)
** Harpring on Zach Randolph: He’s getting into Rudy Gobert’s body. Rudy’s gotta be physical on Zach Randolph, ’cause when you let him bang you…he’s gonna eat you alive all night.
** Joe Ingles: It has been a pleasure to be with my pregnant wife.
** Harpring: When you just pound the entire night and you can’t score, you just get frustrated.
** Harpring on plus-minus: I’m not a huge guy…but when there’s big numbers, I’ll tell you.
** Quin Snyder on his rotation against the Pelicans: We wanted to get some guys some early blows, so that’s what we saw. We got a few guys in there early, and tried to save some legs and keep guys fresh.

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