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And here’s your weekly Utah Jazz wrapup

February 29, 2016


One. Pink Grandmas! With signage!


Two. Shelvin Mack, asked what’s the most embarrassing thing he can tell everyone about Gordon Hayward: That little rap song.

Mack on Feb. 22, asked if he gives Gordon Hayward crap about his missed shot in the NCAA title game: No, I never bring it up. I should — actually, I need to bring it up.

Mack on Feb. 23, asked how Gordon Hayward’s game has changed since college: He’s making shots. You know, he’s not missing shots like he did against Duke. So you know, that’s the biggest difference.

Three. #Squad.

hood burke

Four. Phil Johnson on Jeff Hornacek getting fired*: There’s a lot of factors in what happens, and so, no one person is to blame, or no, you know, it’s a concerted effort, and a lot of times, it’s very difficult. You’ve gotta have good players. You’ve gotta have good management, and you’ve gotta have loyal people and good personalities, good character on your team to succeed in this league.

Well, that’s very difficult to come by, and so, you know, and extenuating circumstances come up. Sometimes you make trades and they don’t work out, and it ends up…the coaches are, they usually go first, and then after a few years then the general manager. But the owner never really gets fired, so he keeps making, keeps, he has the ability to keep making decisions.

* People calling Markieff Morris “Marquese Morrison”: Phil Johnson

memo horny

Five. Gordon Hayward on the moment below: Yeah, just some gamesh–gamesmanship. You know, I should’ve knocked it down. I think it was, I was perfect from the line until then, or missed one or whatever, and so. Should’ve hit.


Six. Joe Ingles, told Craig Bolerjack was on the show earlier: That would’ve been riveting. He probably talked about himself for 20 minutes…Have you seen the amount of hairspray he uses before a game? It’s ridiculous.

Ingles, hearing a pre-recorded comment from Boler about how he [Ingles] badgers him constantly, ripping out his earpiece, etc.: That’s on him. That’s his fault…’cause he stan–him and Harpring or whoever it is, stand at the half-court in their $35 suits and they act like it’s all about them, and always stands there with his chest out like he’s the man, and they get in the way of our warmup line when we’re trying to do layups, and so, you know, I was trying to get him out of the way. …

And their suits, their s–their clothing at times, they need, they should be, Root Sports or whoever does it should actually pay for [their suits] so they don’t look like clowns* on TV with what they be wearing sometimes.

Ingles on Matt Harpring: His hair is actually rapidly falling out like his co-partner’s too, so he needs to watch out after having five kids. But yeah, no, he’s the same. His suits are probably a bit more expensive than his co-partner’s, but yeah, it’s the same thing.

They always just sit there like they own the show, and Harpring throws a couple loose jokes out. He’s always asking me for free Nikes…I tell him, “You just made $50 million in your career, you can’t buy a pair of Nikes?”

Ingles on whether his wife will continue playing professional netball: It’s an Australian sport, one of our biggest sport. I mean, their team sells out every game. She’s definitely not gonna play this year, obviously, with the kids on the way. Next year, she’s kind of left it up in the air.

She, if she can, she might, but we’re gonna weigh that decision when it comes. It’s, obviously it’s tough with two kids and me over here. We’ll have to see what — how that would work. But hopefully I can push her into retirement. But, no, obviously it’s up to her, and she obviously couldn’t tell me to quit.

* Speaking of clowns:
clown car

Seven. Dennis Lindsey on the NBA Officiating Last Two Minute Report of the Jazz-Rockets game: Look, we understand that the last two minutes of any game is tough to officiate, and that calls can go both ways. And we’ve been beneficiaries last game. You know, we were down six calls there, as everybody knows.

That said, what really concerns us is that with our style of play, as a freedom-of-movement team, when fouls like that are missed, it affects us more than it would some other teams.

So really, again, it’s not so much two minutes or the six calls, the volume. It’s just the type of non-calls that happen. And you know, beyond that, I really can’t elaborate too much. But, appreciate the question.

Quin Snyder on the six uncalled violations by the Rockets: You know, during the course of the game, one of the things we’ve tried to do, as a younger team, that’s less experienced, you know, we’re trying to gain respect on multiple levels throughout the league, you know, with other teams, and you know, I think we’ve done that to a degr–I think we’ve been taking, I don’t know if we say people’s best shots, but people have played well against us…

So, we have to understand, and part of our evolution, collectively and individually, is being able to deal with adversity. And there’re certain things we can’t control. We’ve tried to control a lot of things. You know, we literally drill showing our hands and stand down on fakes, and a lot of those things that, you know, verticality, that could potentially put you in harm’s way.

But we’ve been in a lot of close games, and it’s good that we were able to, you know, to overcome whatever adversity we had in that game and win the game. I think had that not happened, it’d probably be a little more difficult pill to swallow.

I believe in listening to [the officials]. You know, there’s a few things that our guys have done that, you know, they’re either not doing or you know, they’re trying to play more like a guy like James Harden, ’cause he puts you in such difficult situations with — sometimes we go in there and just try to get a shot off instead of going in to draw a foul.

So, I think it’s a learning process for our team. That’s a little bit what you get when you have the least amount of NBA experience in the league. You get a lot of questions about, you know, being in close games and what you can do to be in close games. Some of that’s in your control and some of it’s not, and you have to f–know where that line is and, you know, prepare that way.

Eight. Get well soon, Trey Lyles. (His celebrations have been so lackluster this week, I just assume he’s ill.)



Trey Lyles on his bench celebrations: You know, it’s really just me being, you know, in tune with the game, and just, you know, happy to see [teammates], you know, do good things, and just me being excited.

You know, I know the crowd likes it, so, you know, it helps out the crowd get into the game a little bit more. It helps out the teammates on the bench get into it a little bit more too. And you know, the guys, they like it too…It’s a cool thing I like to do.

More Lyles quotage:
** Best and worst dressed on the team? Best dressed would be Trevor Booker. Worst dressed would be Rudy [Gobert], for sure…I just don’t think anything he wears matches. Or, I don’t know, maybe it’s ’cause he’s so big, it’s hard for him to find stuff. But you know, I just, his style isn’t, you know, positive in my eyes.
** Most unorganized, dirtiest player on the team? Probably Rudy. You know, he throws his stuff all over the place and you know, he’s, at the, in the games, you know, at the arena, you know, he always has his stuff over and beside my locker or Joe’s locker and we’re like, “Come on man, you gotta clean up every now and then,” so.
** On Quin Snyder as a coach (UDQM): He’s a good coach to play with. You know, he’s very hands-on. You know, he likes to have his hands on everything. And you know, he’s very energetic, and you know, he wants things done the right way. He challenges us to, you know, be better every day, and you know, he’s a great coach to play for, and he’s a player’s coach.

Bonus quotage:
** Quin Snyder, asked if Rudy Gobert is his worst-dressed and most unorganized player: I don’t have the experience with that that Trey does. I’ll have to take his word for it.

Nine. Gordon Hayward on the loss to the Nets: We learned today we can’t just turn it on the last four or five minutes, and — we gotta play from the get-go.

Ten. Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Week (UDQM)
** Dennis Lindsey on Shelvin Mack: It’s very obvious to our fans that he has a good body. He’s long.
** Lindsey on Rodney Hood: He can rise up real quickly inside of a tight quarter.
** Craig Bolerjack: Favors was on top of [Noah] Vonleh. (H/T @5kl)
** Boler: The Jazz are just pounding the Blazers on the inside. (H/T @5kl, @swaywe11)
** Ron Boone on Gordon Hayward: Just a little too close to his body there. Gave [Damian] Lillard a chance to reach around the front.
** Steve Brown: Coach, obviously a big one again tonight. They’re all big at this point.
Quin Snyder: No question. And at home, too.
** Boler on Trey Lyles: Nice move by the rookie, as he gets Josh Smith up.
** Brown to Derrick Favors on point guards: Are there little differences, though, in styles with guys, I mean, based on size, based on, you know, body types?
** Boler: Harden goes down, Hayward’s bent over in half.
** Gordon Hayward on getting poked in the eye: Everybody’s been through that. I mean, it just, it takes a little bit of time to g–to kinda get your senses back.
** Phil Johnson, comparing Mark Eaton and Rudy Gobert: You know, Mark was bigger. I mean, even though he was taller, he’s not that much longer. But he was bigger. I mean, if you look at Mark, how big he was…He was older, and his development came fairly quickly, actually, because he was a little older.
** Johnson on how the NBA has become less physical: The Jazz do it a lot. They force guys into the big man. They shave guys in different places.
** Snyder, Spurs post-game: Rudy’s, you know, strength is not necessarily his girth as it is his length. And so, he’s gotta learn how to use his body.
** Snyder on the Jazz’s offense against the Nets: We tried to move it. Sometimes that frees everybody up, when everybody’s touching it. And then there were certain opportunities really, where, you know, where we thought, you know, Gordon or — Rodney got it going during that one stretch, right, where we milked the same play two or three times for him.

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