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And here’s your weekly Utah Jazz wrapup

February 21, 2016

One. Dennis Lindsey on the emergence of the Jazz’s young players, pre-trade deadline: We’re working very hard, really hard, every day, to make sure we’re taking care of our business, and I love what our coaches are doing. They’ve shown a lot of expertise and forward thought into not only how we need to look the next two weeks, but really the next two months and in particular, the next two years.

So, you see a guy like Trey Lyles, has literally gotten in every game with a very significant front line in front of him. And so, you know, I’ve said privately, and I wanna say publicly thank you to coach, because as you guys know, not every coach understands the importance of getting your young guys in.

And it’s not every game, but it’s a legitimate opportunity for the young guys. And you know, so it’s, we’re dealing with a very unique head coach and coaching staff that is able to see some development through, start to finish.

** Random trivia you can impress your friends with, courtesy of Lindsey: Dave Fredman, Walt Perrin and Justin Zanik are smokers.

Two. Aaron Gordon paid homage to Karl Malone during the Dunk Contest (and therefore should’ve won).



I’m sure it was a nice consolation price that he impressed Karl and Kay.

karl kay tweets

He also impressed another Malone, for different reasons:

kylee tweets

Three. Best quotes from All-Star Weekend:

neto asw

Four. Joe Ingles, who spent the break in San Diego with the other Australian NBA players, shares about his vacation:

** On which Australian NBA athlete is the best at beach Frisbee: Patty Mills is like a Frisbee king, at throwing it. He can throw it better than anyone I’ve ever seen. [Aron] Baynes is just huge, so he doesn’t have to really move anywhere to get it ’cause he can just catch it, so. Dante [Exum] was terrible. We had a little game at one point on the beach throwing it, and Dante definitely did the most penalties. So, he’ll be feeling good coming back into the break now.
** On whether he flies first class when he’s on his own: Well, n–I wouldn’t typically, no. But Dante booked my flight for me, and he booked first class, so. If I booked it myself, then no, I wouldn’t have. But Dante booked our trip, our flights when we were away one — when the Jazz were away. So I was away, and we were on the road for a little bit, and Dante texted me saying he was gonna book his, so I said, “Oh, just do mine and I’ll give you the money.” Little did I know it was gonna be an, a really explen–expensive trip…I would’ve gone economy. I would’ve sat in the back, happily squished in my chair, but Dante’s still living life, so.

dante vday

Five. A tree fell on Dennis Lindsey’s house.

becky tweet

Dennis Lindsey responds: I’m a victim of friendly fire. It’s nice when your pillar of support just throws you under the bus and you’re now Twitter fodder…My wife is a coach’s daughter, so she’s been in and around locker rooms, and humor and stuff, and it seems like I’m at the tail end of several of her jokes.

I didn’t realize it until David Fredman came sprinting down* — I was in the player lounge finishing up calls, and Freddy had his computer and sprinting down and I thought he had something important to us, and then I saw the tree leaning on the house. So, Freddy, it made Freddy’s day.

* As fast as his smoker’s lungs could allow him

Lindsey explains some more (UDQMHOF conversation here): It was early in the morning when I pulled out of my garage, and when I pull out, I’m not looking in that direction.

Gordon Monson: The sprinkler’s broken in the front yard, you just keep on driving, man.

Lindsey: There’s no question that I won’t be out in the yard with my saw, you know, chopping it down or trimming it.

ainge tweet

Six. I have nothing to add to this masterpiece.

booner tweet

Seven. Trey Lyles toned down his bench celebrations for the national audience:



Eight. Dennis Lindsey on the addition of Shelvin Mack, the new Dee Brown of the Utah Jazz*: Yeah, so we’re really excited about Shelvin on a lot of different levels. We were going to add a perimeter player more than likely during this period, given our available money and roster spot. And h–would more than likely would be a point guard, just ’cause we’ve been shorthanded in that area with Dante [and Alec Burks] going down…

So, it was a real priority to get the team and Quin [Snyder] and the coaches more help, and Shelvin’s been in a program that we’re very familiar with, that does things very similar to what we do, so we, the, hopefully that learning curve, because of Quin’s familiarity with Shelvin and vice versa, will be a little bit shorter than if it’s someone that we’d haven’t had previous exposure to.


I got a nice text and call from Danny Ferry, the former GM with the Hawks that built the team and brought Shelvin on, and he said, “…He is really tough, really professional, has a high level of character. He can shoot the ball, and he can play two positions.” So, he said — he was quite glowing, and that’s not Danny’s nature. But I did want to share that…

Quin’s opinion to how we build the team now and going forward medium-term and long-term’s really important. And so, Quin had quite a bit to do to educate myself and Justin, the rest of the management staff, on what Shelvin can bring to the program. So, we really look forward to welcoming him and we’re very anxious to add him to our group.

* If he’s not married yet, hopefully he can rectify that so he can stay on the team.

Nine. Lulz from SLC Dunk:


Ten. Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Week (UDQM)
Quin Snyder on getting his players to play the way he wants them to play: [Being] familiar with each other, and you know, the things that I want, and you know, where those buttons are, and how to push them, and which ones not to push.
Snyder on showing emotion during games: Joe Ingles sent me a text and said he liked my fist pump.
Snyder on catching up on his reading during All-Star break: I got a few…that I try to, you know, knock out during the season. It helps me go to sleep at night when I can just kinda take my mind there. And so, I got a few lined up. Don’t ask me what they are, ’cause that always gets personal.
Matt Harpring on Derrick Favors’ availability in the second half against the Mavericks: He had his hands on his pants, the rip-off pants. So, that was a clue, that he was about to rip them away.
1280 to Raul Neto, post-game: The bigs back there, doing their job. How much easier does life become as a whole when they’re back there doing it like that?

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