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And here’s your weekly Utah Jazz wrapup

February 8, 2016

standings 207

One. You know how when Edith on “Downton Abbey” got knocked up by the Matt Harpring lookalike, she got sent off to Switzerland to have the baby in secret? Is this why Tibor Pleiss keeps getting sent off to Idaho? (via @robynmhayward):


Two. Poor Jeff Hornacek. He deserved better.

** Gordon Hayward on Hornacek’s firing: Yeah, you know, unfortunate. Jeff’s a great guy, I think, a great coach. I think it’s a business in the NBA and you know, you’ll see coaches get fired throughout the season, and the off-season, and players get traded. So, you know, it is what it is.
** Derrick Favors on Hornacek’s firing: It was a shock. You know, Jeff’s a, he’s a good guy, a good coach, and you know, I hate that it happened to him. But — you know, like I said, he was a good guy, a good coach. You know, he helped me out a lot. He helped me a number of guys out, and you know, hopefully he’ll get another job.

Three. One more Jazz player headed to All-Star Weekend!

lyles asw

** Trey Lyles on being selected to the Rising Stars Challenge (and Kobe Bryant fanboyness): Happy. You know, get to go back to Canada for once and actually play there, so. Should be fun…Growing up watching the All-Star Game and All-Star events, all, you know, all the years growing up, you know, and to finally be a part of it. And to have your favorite player going through his last one is a special experience.
** Lyles, asked if he’s going to hang out with Drake: I don’t know. Maybe. You know, he can hit my hotline bling.

Four. ♥♥♥

memo jerry

Five. Gordon Hayward, asked after the Nuggets game if this is a turning point in the season: You know, I think we’re finally just getting guys back, getting guys healthy, which has been a struggle for us this year, just playing with full strength, and you know, trying to get adjusted even when we were full strength, back to the way we were playing last year after the All-Star break.

So, I think it’s starting to come together for us. You know, I think it’s definitely a long season, and there’s still gonna be probably an–we’re gonna have another stretch where we’re down. You know, this is a young team. But as long as we continue to get better, we learn from those moments, we’ll be better by the end of the year.

Six. Trey Lyles Bench Celebrations of the Week:

The understated:


The enthused (thanks to @BrunnerJazz):


And schooling Gordon Hayward on flexology:


Seven. The Jazz wore white tights for the time this week (Jazz players were previously only allowed to wear black tights for “consistency” reasons). The white tights did not fare so well in their debut.

legging holes

Eight. Joe Ingles on his All-Star break plans: I’m going with all the Australian guys from the NBA, all seven of us or whatever, we’re all going to catch up and — lucky that none of us made the All-Star Game, I guess, but maybe next year. But we’re all gonna catch up and just rented a couple houses and all stay together and have a bit of fun and hang out with each other before, obviously, finishing the season.

dante stache

Speaking of Ingles and Australian NBA players, we saw this bench shot this week and it’s time to revisit an Ingles quote from a year and a week ago:

[Dante Exum]’s got this terrible little mustache that he thinks he has to trim regularly. Which is ridiculous, ’cause it’s clear that he doesn’t. But he’s actually never shaved any other part of his face.

Nine. Rudy Gobert, asked if he was upset by the Suns’ Hack-a-Gobert strategy: I was just thankful they gave me points…I was happy.
Does it anger you, though?
I like it. You know, they didn’t hurt me. They just foul me and send me to the line to get easy points.

Quin Snyder on the Suns’ Hack-a-Gobert strategy: It can go away, ’cause we’re not taking him out. And that was the decision that, you know, we made that decision a week ago, two weeks ago. If we’re gonna be the type of team that we wanna try and be and he’s gonna be the player that he wants to be, he’s gonna have to shoot them…

The way I feel about it right now, he’s a competitor and I think his, all his teammates believe in him and he showed them why tonight.

Ten. Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Week (UDQM)
** Dennis Lindsey on Derrick Favors and Rudy Gobert: They’re giving each other dap, and loving on each other. So, there’s a chemistry. There’s a connectivity. You know, they view each other as partners.
** Rudy Gobert on Derrick Favors: I think everybody feel more confident knowing that me or Fav are, you know, in the back, and I feel confident knowing that he’s in the back too.
** Rodney Hood on Derrick Favors’ return to the lineup: We using him more and more as he get more and more back into, you know, himself, and you know, just milking him. You know, regardless, you know, he can score.
** Steve Brown to Derrick Favors on his back trouble: Pillows between your knees, tried that one?
** Craig Bolerjack on Joe Ingles’ passing game: He’s got a great knack of slipping balls inside. He’s a sneaky guy. (H/T @JazzRaytion)
** Lindsey on basketball players: There are a lot of guys I’d love to be my son-in-law, but they might not necessarily who I’d want to be in the bunker with, if you know what I’m saying.
** Boler on Manu Ginobili’s testicular surgery: That could really disrupt the flow of the Spur[m]s… (H/T @its_computers, @BrunnerJazz)
** Matt Harpring on Greg Monroe: He likes to go left. When Monroe gets the ball, he loves going middle and shoot that ball with his left hand. (H/T @Malavoltron)
** Boler to Rudy Gobert about the Jazz’s good start against the Suns, post-game: Talk about just getting off with a lot of emotion and domination.
** Harpring on Raul Neto’s clean shave: I like him shaved. He looks younger to me. (H/T @halloweenhead)

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  1. February 10, 2016 3:38 pm

    You’re site is awesome. Love the post game threads and the animated gifs/clips.

    It would be funny to see someone take all the Trey Lyles celebration clips, and turn them into a vine page. That guy is super funny after a great play.


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