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Get to Know: Trey Burke

January 20, 2016
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From David Locke’s “Get to Know” series; recorded in October


Family and birth order: Older brother (played high school football), older sister (played basketball at a young age until she got hit in the face), and younger sister (will play basketball at Ohio University next year).

Older sister is 24. Older brother is 23. Younger sister is 17. Trey and his sisters have the same mom while his brother has a different mom. When his brother was with his mom, Trey was outnumbered by his sisters. When his brother was with them, Trey would get along with his sisters better because he’d be fighting with his brother.

Single greatest shot of your career: Still the Kansas shot. In the NBA, the shot against the Knicks at Madison Square Garden

What was the best game you’ve ever played? Against the Pistons in Detroit his rookie year because of the fan support and media attention over the Pistons passing him over in the draft

Hardest thing you’ve ever had to overcome: Kept getting in trouble in the dorm his freshman year at Michigan (before ever having played a game) and having to do punishment runs, but Coach John Beilein kept giving him chances until one time he got fed up and threatened to send Trey home.

Beilein said Trey would get one more chance and then kept him isolated from the rest of the team for two weeks. Did a lot of thinking and straightened up being away from the team. Has had a few bumps in the road since then, including in the NBA, but has been able to recover and learn from mistakes. Knows right from wrong now.

Get to Know: Trey Burke (2014-2015)

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