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And here’s your weekly Utah Jazz wrapup

January 18, 2016

standings 117Hanging in there.

One. Dennis Lindsey on what makes a comfortable cowboy boot: There is some contour. And then, the way the leather is put together.

More Lindsey on cowboy boots: Quin [Snyder] was making fun of them, and he got a Christmas present…If he doesn’t wear them, you know, I’m gonna put these boots where…

Two. Dennis Lindsey on what fans on the verge of engaging casual fan mode need to know right now: They need to know that Rudy [Gobert]’s back, and he gives us an edge…There’s a certain presence he has, and a command that he has, especially of our defense, that is really important to us, and gives Gordon [Hayward] hope.

Three. Gordon Hayward after the loss to the Sacramento Kings: You know, for everything that, how we performed tonight, to be tied with, you know, what was it, last whatever it was, last second play, you know, I couldn’t have asked for more.

Gave ourselves a chance, and you know, they hit a tough shot, and unfortunately, we end up losing this game. But there’s a lot to be learned from this game, and we just gotta start better.

Four. Homage.


Five. Joe Ingles on Ben Simmons: He’s pretty good, apparently…He’s more of, kind of like Dante [Exum]’s age group growing up, so him and Dante kind of grew up together. But he came to one of our national Australian camps a couple years ago, and just missed out on the team, I think. And yeah, he obviously has super talent.

I still think he’s got a lot to work on. But he’s super talented, and if he can keep playing the way he’s playing, and then get over, into this system, if it’s this ye–if it’s next season or the year after, whatever it is, he’ll be, I think he’ll be a great player.

Six. Joe Ingles got pumped for information on Jeff Withey’s girlfriend during his weekly interview on 1280. The conversation went like this:

DJ/PK: Sooo, Jeff Withey, your teammate. Uh, s–i–y–Miss Kennedy Summers. @misskennedys. Have you met Kennedy?

JI: I have. You guys are clowns.

DJ/PK: (giggling)

JI: I have. She’s, uh, she’s a very nice girl.

DJ/PK: I bet. …

JI: I mean, they’re, uh, they’re a very happl–happy couple. I’m happy for Jeff that he’s found a nice girl, and, um, like Ben Simmons, good luck to them. I hope it all works out.

DJ/PK: (giggling) Like Ben Simmons. (more hysterical giggling) …

JI: I mean, I wish them, I wish them all, I wish them the best of luck. I, she’s, uh, he’s a good guy. She’s a nice girl. I’ve met her a couple times…I hope he doesn’t listen to this.

Seven. Dennis Lindsey on Rudy Gobert in the Jazz system: We got this big gift from France…We’re still trying to figure out exactly where Rudy fits, especially offensively. I think the league is, with Rudy, I saw it last night.

They’re allowing people in his path, and, more, and they’re bumping Rudy more, so there’s going to have to be an adjustment to that. We’re hopeful that some of those freedom-of-movement initiatives, those calls will be made.

But he’s not running as free to the rim as he did last year. And so, consequently Rudy’s gotta get stronger, and we gotta give him some different paths while we make our points to the officials in the league themselves.

Quin Snyder on Rudy Gobert in the Jazz system: Our players are getting used to playing with him. I mean, he’s a unique player, and you have to play to his strengths and if you, once they get more used to him, you know, the ball — you can throw the ball a little higher when you lob it, you know, which means it doesn’t get tipped as easily. And you shouldn’t bounce-pass it, ’cause he’s long. You may be hitting his knee where you’re hitting someone else’s hands.

And all those little nuances — you know, the guy drops, don’t foul. You know, show your hands and don’t foul ’cause he’s coming over. If you don’t foul, he gets a block. If you foul, they get two free throws.

So, those are all the type of things that I think, we gotta get used to Rudy, and Rudy’s gotta, you know, continue to get used to, just the tempo of the game and playing.

Eight. Karl Malone, keeper:


Nine. People calling Igor Kokoskov “the foreigner with the crazy last name”: Britton Johnson

Ten. Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Week (UDQM)
** Quin Snyder on the loss to the Kings: We did some things to ourself early in the game that contributed to that, and that made it hard.
** Joe Ingles on the loss to the Kings: We started slow, and yeah, made it hard for ourselves.
** Dennis Lindsey, asked what size cowboy boot he wears: I’m a 12. I’m a little bigger than Spence.
** Lindsey to Spencer Checketts as Checketts tries on Lindsey’s cowboy boots: They’re gonna swallow you up, small guy.
** Gordon Monson on cowboy boots: I want to get myself a pair.
** Lindsey on group think: It’s not line up behind the Millers. It’s not line up behind Dennis, line up behind Quin.
** Lindsey on Trey Lyles, #UDQMHOF nominee: He’s a 6-10, 20-year-old without a lot of holes. Now, we just gotta help him improve his body.
** Lindsey on player development: Trey Lyles would probably be in Dante’s bucket, where you’re just dealing with 20-year-olds that are literally growing by the day. Trey’s growing by the day. So, we have a little bit of variety there on a individual level.
** Rudy Gobert, asked about defending DeMarcus Cousins(‘ size): I mean, it’s not about how big it is.

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