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And here’s your weekly Utah Jazz wrapup

January 12, 2016


One. Rodney Hood, asked about the end-of-game Jeff Withey no-call against Houston: I think all 10 players stopped on the court. You know, their players, you know, everybody was — I think the fans paused; everybody paused. You know, but, you know, calls like that, don’t define a game. It was a gam–it was plays within the game that we could’ve did to come out on top.

Gordon Hayward, asked about the end-of-game Jeff Withey no-call against Houston: It is what it is. Nothing you can do about it now. You know, we didn’t lose it at that play. We lost it early in the fourth quarter.

Quin Snyder, asked about the end-of-game Jeff Withey no-call against Houston: Whatever they called, they called. I don’t think one call was the game. I don’t think one missed jumper was the game. I don’t think one free throw was the game. You know, it’s just, it’s easy to look for those things. I do it too. We’ll use them to try to get better. Those are situations we want to work on.

But in the end, you know, it’s not one thing. So I mean, I just, I don’t think it helps us get better to fixate on anything. And this group right now — I mean, those are the Houston Rockets. They just went to the Western Conference Finals. Dwight Howard’s an all-star.

You know, Jeff Withey was inactive earlier in the year. Jeff Withey plays his tail off. I mean, that’s where my focus is. You know, Rodney Hood just had a baby yesterday. You know, he’s going against James Harden. You know, the guy’s arguably the MVP last year.

Like, I’ve been so proud of this team, the way they fight. So, if we make a mistake here and there, or struggle scoring for a stretch, you know, I’m not gonna go there. You know, I’m not gonna go there.

We beat Memphis last game. You know, I mean, we may not win for two weeks, but if we get better, I’m happy. And we just use this thing to get better. As tough as it is, we can’t wallow in it. Just gotta learn from it and get better.

Two. Ron Artest/Metta World Peace quietly got to second base with Gordon Hayward before the Jazz left L.A.


Three. Rodney Hood on the birth of his son: I went to sleep around 12. About 2 o’clock, you know, Richa, my fiancee, just panicking. You know, I thought she was, you know, just overexaggerating, but you know, I looked at the — she, her water had broke.

And you know, went to the hospital. You know, I was scared. You know, I never been so scared, ’cause you know, we weren’t expecting him so soon. But I went to the hospital, was in the hospital. He was born around nine that day, on Jan. 3. And you know, he’s here now. He’s healthy…[He was] about six weeks early. …

I actually saw the [delivery], so you know, it’s a bit, you know, nasty, a bit, you know, exciting. You know, just amazing feeling, you know, getting a chance to see that. … [His name] was just always going to be Rodney Jr. I wanted my first boy to be Rodney Jr.

rodney jr

Hood, asked who’s the best at changing diapers between Derrick Favors, Trey Burke and Gordon Hayward: I don’t think neither of those guys change diapers….I’ll say D-Fav, ’cause he has two. I’m sure he has to change one of them.

Four. Jeff Withey has failed as a boyfriend:

withey t

Five. Dennis Lindsey on what he learned about Rudy Gobert when he was injured: He was very motivated [to get back], and he and I had a couple good moments, you know, just back in the locker room where, you know, he gets fired up at our group when they need to do something with more force, usually on the defensive end.

And he and [Derrick] Fav[ors] have been back in the back again with me, and you know, pumped up when, you know, an–when, during periods like the Memphis game where you could really feel our guys coming together and fighting. …

You not only miss Rudy and Derrick’s physical attributes, but you miss their edge. And you know, [Gobert’s] competitive, and he provides a certain level of defensive backbone and edginess where, you know, he wants to do well. He has plans for himself and us.

Six. Rudy Gobert, asked why there was no salute on his first dunk in his first game back (at Houston): Salute for the, for home.

Seven. Quin Snyder on Christapher Johnson: Any time you have a guy that’s giving of himself that freely and that, you know, with that much enthusiasm, it, you know, you can’t help but be motivated by that and moved by that. And that’s how he plays.

I mean, he’s just, like, the kind of guy you want to be around and the kind of guy you want to play with, ’cause he’s just all about the group. And he’s all about his teammates, and invariably that ends up having a greater impact on the game than anything that you see in a box score.

Eight. Dante Exum getting his gummy bears:

dante candy

Nine. The Jazz no longer have a Millsap:

elijah waived

Dennis Lindsey on Elijah Millsap: We haven’t closed the book on Elijah Millsap. We just have quite a few things going on that we just couldn’t predict, with Dante [Exum] and Alec [Burks] and, on the perimeter, and the team is forming a certain way. And so, as cold as it sounds, the optionality of our roster, especially given that we have cap room to work with, becomes very high.

And so, you know, again, we recognize all of his efforts, and, in particular his defense that can be quite unique at times. And we’re gonna continue to watch him, and really all the prospects, to see what’s the right fit, you know, on the short term for the Utah Jazz.

Ten. Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Week (UDQM)
** Craig Bolerjack on Gordon Hayward’s new muscles: Around the year, you know, it’s tough to keep that muscle on because you’re wearing it out every night.
** Dennis Lindsey on Quin Snyder’s preparation: He wants it so bad…and you know, God bless his soul, he’s, you know, up all hours, you know, trying to find every particular advantage. I mean, when I say he’s working right up to the tip before the game, you know, he’s, he really, you know, he’s quite dynamic in his work.

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  1. Kashif permalink
    January 13, 2016 8:50 am

    I’m glad I’m not the only one that caught Artest copping a feel from Hayward!


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