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And here’s your weekly Utah Jazz wrapup

January 4, 2016

standingsMovin’ on up.

One. Gordon Hayward on the importance of a bounce-back game after a loss: It was big, for us as a young team. It was a big performance by some of those young guys…Hopefully, we, you know, don’t have to come back and bounce back as much next year. But, you know, you’re gonna have those nights, so.

Two. Trey Lyles Bench Celebration of the Week:



brett brown jerry

Four. Soon?

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He's close, hopefully. #rudygobert

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Five. Jeff Withey on how Quin Snyder benefits his game: You know, when I was in New Orleans, I felt like I just had a microscope on me. You know, it was hard to play just because if you messed up, you’re out of the game.

Coach is patient, and he lets you develop and he lets you go out there and play. And you might mess up, and he’ll pull you out and then give, like, at least talk to you and then put you right back in the game or something like that, you know? So, he just gives players confidence, and I definitely feel that.

I’ve been working with coach Tony Lang, and he’s doing a great job with me. He’s building my confidence up, and we watch film all the time. We work on everything. So, you know, just, the guys around me, I have coaches that, they’re doing a great job.

Six. Alec Burks’ new wheels:


Seven. Quin Snyder on the win over the Grizzlies: At some point, you know, saying “shorthanded” doesn’t do a, the right — doesn’t give, does a disservice to the guys that played…The thing that stands out is just the, you know, the grit. And we played with passion…

I don’t think there was one guy that just didn’t give every part of himself to the game. And it’s hard to do that all the time, but we sure did it tonight. And I’m glad the result, you know, ended up reflecting that.

Snyder on Tibor Pleiss’ performance: What he did tonight was pretty impressive, to be — it’s hard to not know if you’re gonna play, and to be in and out, and he looked like he was out there — he competed and I loved that he turned and shot the ball. And then he shot another one. It made me smile, ’cause he just, there was a courage about how he played that was great.

You know, he didn’t come in there with, you know, walking on eggshells or anything, and sometimes that’s hard to do. I know I couldn’t do it as a player. You come in and you’re nervous a little bit, and he looked really comfortable, and just happy to see him have an opportunity like that.

Eight. “That was my friend Rudy. Thank you very much. Merci beaucoup.”

Nine. Scene from a Utah Jazz game:

scenes from jazz game

Ten. Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Week (UDQM)
** Trey Burke on Jeff Withey and Trevor Booker flipping screens: Once they flip, I’m deeper.
** Quin Snyder on running plays for Rodney Hood: Yeah, I think especially, you know, one of the things about Rodney is on the backside, he’s coming middle with his left hand a lot.

And from the possibly-not-very-unintentional files, here’s Matt Harpring stroking Craig Bolerjack’s “antler”:


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