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And here’s your weekly Utah Jazz wrapup

December 21, 2015

One. Lose a few games in a row, and suddenly all the quotes start sounding horribly familiar…

** Quin Snyder after the second loss to the Thunder: I don’t want to hang [the loss] on them, because I want to commend them for the effort, and get better. And hopefully, that’ll, I think in order to do that, we have to, again, you know, circle back and focus on where we are, not just in terms of the season and, you know, 20 or so games in, and, but just where our team is right now.

And so, we just got a lotta guys that are playing hard and playing together, and a lotta guys that can get better, and we’re really young, and we’ve lost some close games, and you know, we’re trying to get better.

** Gordon Hayward on the Jazz going 0-6 from downtown in the fourth quarter against the Pelicans: You know, for whatever reason, like I, we, the shots we got I thought were good shots. We just missed them. Like I said, they were in and out, and you know, we tried to get it into [Derrick Favors], and they were fronting the post, and you know, making it really difficult to get it in there. So, you know, it is what it is.

Two. Trey Lyles bench celebration of the week:


Three. Quin Snyder on the effect of Rudy Gobert’s absence: [Last year, defensively] we were good when Rudy was on the floor and not on the floor. And, but that — Rudy’s got an edge.

You know, it’s kind of, we think about him as length and shot-blocker, but there’s some fire there. And you know, you think you miss his play. Also, I feel like we’ve missed his attitude, and you know, that — won’t say I’ve been disappointed with our guys, but I know there’s more there…

Rudy’s absence has a bit of a domino effect on our team. It just changes a lot of things.

Four. Rudy Gobert, tweeted and deleted:

rudy elijah

Why was this deleted? Did Elijah Millsap not like being portrayed in a polka dot Speedo? Were the diamond earrings too small? Was the hair too Haywardy?

Five. Raul Neto Sr. on seeing his son play for the same team as John Stockton: I love John Stockton. He was my inspiration when I played basketball in Brazil…I love this team. I love John Stockton, and I love watch my son play here.

Six. This was the Netos’ seating arrangement during the interview with Brownie:


As soon as the interview was over, this happened:


Only one conclusion can be drawn. The word on this has spread among Jazz moms/female relatives.

P.S. Completely adore that Raul Sr. is wearing that purple mountain Stockton jersey.

Seven. Quin Snyder on the advantages and disadvantages of the “triple wing”: Well, I think you, the, one of the biggest things is the defense. You know, because we’re big at one, two and three, it allows us to switch a lot of situations. It mitigates, you know, a [Russell] Westbrook or a, you know, a Tyreke Evans and their ability to use their size to create. So, it gives us a lot on the defensive end.

You know, offensively, none of those guys are point guards. You know, and as a result, you know, there’s, we’re just a different team. You’re asking them to do things that aren’t quite in their wheelhouse, and it’s a line–I think that’s less of a problem late in the game, which is, for the most part of the year, I’ve used that lineup to finish halves and to finish games, and that’s really where you see a lot of the small-small pick and roll, you know, and we’re able to guard that better.

But over the course of the game, i–you know, I’m ju–I’m very conscious right now of whether or not we want to go to it too much. You know, it just, I think it loses the effectiveness if we’re playing that lineup too much. Now, that may, I may, that, I’m, that feeling may change as we use it more. Obviously, it has changed somewhat because I’ve started that lineup a couple times recently that, you know, like anything, the, kind of the variety and the unpredictability has its limits.

And sometimes the, you know, more traditional lineup with Raul or Trey [Burke] also has its benefits as well. Particularly just, you know, the roles that those [triple wing] guys are in, like I said, are, it’s not their primary role, particularly, you know, Rodney [Hood] and Alec [Burks], whereas if you look at Trey and Raul, that’s, you know, clearly, that’s what they are. You know, there’s no mistaking, because of their size.

Eight. Quin Snyder does not like people others messing with his clipboard:


Nine. Quin Snyder, asked if the win against the Nuggets helps team morale: I try to shield them from the, from this [roller coaster motion], ’cause I don’t think it’s what helps a young team grow. And if you think of it that way, the answer to your question is yes, it helps. But I think you have to fight it when it doesn’t, ’cause it’s gonna happen again.

I’d be shocked if we don’t lose four games in a row the rest of the season. I mean, that’d be great [if we didn’t], but if it happens, it’s more to me how you deal with it…It’s true. I mean, you, it’s, we’re young.

Ten. Unintentional Dirty Quote Machine of the Week (UDQM)
Craig Bolerjack on the Spurs’ arena organist: Whosever pumping that organ…(pause)…got some heavy hands.

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