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And here’s your weekly Utah Jazz wrapup

December 13, 2015


** Quin Snyder on the state of the Jazz’s defense: I don’t think any of our guys are clicking right now, frankly, defensively. The, I don’t think our wings have been great. You know, to me, the guy that’s played the best defense, hands down, is Fav. Raul’s been very solid on the ball. But we can play better individual defense. I just, I mean, that’s how I feel. I’m not being critical of our players, but I think — and we can play better team defense too.

Some of it, that’s where, you know, not that you get exposed, but to a certain degree — I mean, we were a good defensive team last year even when Rudy [Gobert] wasn’t on the court. You know, I mean, we were better with Rudy for sure, but some of it right now is guys — it gives you a chance to work on things that you need to work on. It’s kind of a litmus test of where you are.

** Gordon Hayward on his defense on Kevin Durant: A lot of times, it doesn’t matter if you’re there, and I thought I played tremendous D on him throughout the entire game and frustrated him a lot. He didn’t really want, even want the ball, and then there towards the end of the game, he just hits three tough shots that you can’t really defend…I think if we were better in the first half, you know, maybe it doesn’t come down to that.

** Dennis Lindsey on Trevor Booker: He’s been excellent defensively. If you grade him out, you could make an argument right now he’s been our most effective defender…When he’s played, our defense has been excellent.

** Derrick Favors:

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Two. As discussed last week, Trey Lyles’ bench celebration game is strong. Just 20 games into his rookie season, Lyles may already be the best bench celebrator in Jazz history:


Sadly, what is strong or even stronger is the great-Jazz-player-tweets-getting-deleted game (three cheers for PrtScn):

lyles deleted tweet

(Even sadder: When you see a great Jazz player tweet moments after it’s tweeted and you already know it’s history.)

Three. How YOU doin’?


Four. The lighter, non-murdery side of Quin Snyder.

** Snyder, on the Jazz being 8-4 when they have zero to one days of rest and 2-6 when they have two or more days of rest: It’s probably bad coaching. The longer I get my hands on them, the more I screw them up.
** Snyder, asked if he has Utah or BYU in the Las Vegas Bowl: I’ve been very, very aware of the politics of in-state rivalries…I’m American. I like red, white and blue.

Five. John Stockton scored a mention on “Fresh Off the Boat” earlier this season. A few weeks ago, he scored another on “Empire.” Pretty clear that our Stock appeals to ALL demographics.

Six. Dennis Lindsey on Rodney Hood’s ejection against the Knicks: We did [address it with him]. Rodney apologized…There’s never a good time in life to lose your poise, right?


I don’t know. Given that this is Sasha Vujacic we’re talking about, I’d just as soon write the incident off to Vujacic’s proprioceptory* challenges:

* Hey, Dennis. What’s up?

Seven. Catwalk Quin:


Eight. I have to say, it was pretty funny to watch Matt Harpring cheer for [former teammate Lou Amundson to miss free throws for] free Chick-fil-A:


Nine. New Jazz mustache alert: Doc Anderson.

doc stache

Ten. Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Week
Raul Neto: I think it’s just sometimes you feel good, and there’s, like, a couple minutes, three minutes, four minutes, that you feel good and everything goes the right way.

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  1. Diana permalink
    December 15, 2015 3:37 am

    Great recap. I love the #UDQM. I love the moustache. I really love the Rudy “How YOU doin’?”

    Really great recap !


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