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And here’s your weekly Utah Jazz wrapup

November 23, 2015

standings#PlayoffPush still alive!

One. Derrick Favors, asked if an All-Star berth would mean a lot to him:
I mean, it would. You know, I’d love to make it. But I mean, you don’t know how it works out…Hopefully, my name will be in there when they announce it.

Does not getting invited to USA Basketball camp this past summer still drive you?

It does. I mean, a lot of stuff still drive me, not just that in particular, but a lot of stuff. And you know, that motivates me to come out here every day and continue to work on my game, go out there and play hard every night, go against certain guys.

Two. Joe Ingles on his wife’s medical condition and how it affects their marriage: Renae gets, Renae’s got a little disease called “I Get Way Too Hot In Bed,” and laying next to her’s like laying next to a hot water bottle that’s been overheated up.

So we were trying to sleep in [a queen-sized bed], and we couldn’t. And this opportunity came [to get a king], and I grabbed it with both hands.

Three. Derrick Favors on this moment and what Quin Snyder said:


“He was excited. He was happy that we won. He was, he knew I was having a tough night in the first half. In the second, I came out, played a lot better. And you know, he was just happy.”

Four. Quin Snyder on DeMar DeRozan’s dunk: Well, you know, Rudy [Gobert] has pride and doesn’t like those kinds of things to happen, but he’s also, you know, x inches away from blocking that. That’s why it’s such a spectacular play, because he’s there. You know, if no one’s there, it doesn’t look like it’s as big a deal.

But w–that was on the other guys. That was a straight blow-by. You know, I mean, we can’t expect him — he can’t have a guy coming full speed at him down the rim or down the lane.

And to his credit, you know, he’s tough mentally and he challenged the shot and he got dunked on. But our team got dunked on. Like, the other four guys, that was, they were dunked on. Rudy just happened to be under the rim, and that’s on us. We gotta stay in front.

Joe Ingles’ take: It’s probably more Gordon [Hayward]’s fault than Rodney–than Rudy’s, really. I think as we watched it a hundred times in the locker room and laughed at Rudy…[Hayward] obviously thought there was someone coming and there wasn’t, so he kind of opened up a bit…

Like Rudy said in the locker room, it’s not gonna stop him going for any more. He’s gonna keep doing it. Obviously, that’s a great thing to, mindset to have, and it definitely gives us trust that we can get blown by again and he’s still gonna come over.

Five. Dennis Lindsey on one thing he’s happy about: It’s important to know Derrick Favors has just been a rock. He’s just been steady, and we’re just tickled with him, his approach on and off the court.

And a lot of things that Derrick told us he wanted to do at an individual level that would come back to team production, and frankly, he’s done. And it’s a credit to him, the work he’s put in the last few seasons.

Six. Sad face:

didn't hear back

And Hayward is being a party pooper at home too lol:


Seven. Dennis Lindsey on Trey Burke: Trey gets a lot of credit. We gave him a good dose of truth and honesty in some of our assessments, and to the kid’s credit, he took that in and he put together a very good summer. And he’s very ambitious, and so i–when you’re that ambitious and that competitive, usually the work will follow and that’s exactly what’s happened.

And we fail to sometimes mention enough, this should be Trey’s rookie year. He’s 22, just turned 23 so this should be his first season, and in many ways, we should judge it as such.

And Lindsey on Raul Neto: We felt like he could be a good defender, which he’s been past that. He’s been excellent and it shows in his on-off per-100 possessions. The, you know, the team functions very well when he’s out there. We felt like he would be an extension of the coaching staff, really pick up our schemes.

So, even though he’s a rookie, he’s been a professional, and that shows in many ways that you guys and the fans can’t see, of just how he approaches his job. So, his teammates — Rudy, Gordon, Derrick in particular — they have very good confidence, and o–some of that is because when they’re open, they get the ball on time and on target.

So, there’s a real intangible quality. I think as we understand him and his skillset, I think his finishing will get better. He got off to a fast start with the open shooting. If he continues to make a, his fair percentage of open shots, Ra–Raul’s* gonna be moving forward, and we sure are proud to have him on top of that.

* “Ra–Haul’s…”

Eight. Love the love on the team:

tibor champ belt

Nine. Quin Snyder, asked if there’s an optimal number of 3-pointers he’d like to see the team taking: You know, I like them, and we like them. It’s really like anything. It’s training our guys to prepare for them, for one thing. To space to get them, to see them. You know, I think we value it. We’re learning to value it more…

But we gotta take ones we can make. You know, so, there’s times defenses will do a good job taking them away and you’ve gotta do some other things, but hopefully we can — for me, it just really involves spacing.

You know, if we can get spaced right, and attack, and then the next part of it is our guys — we’re really unselfish, but that doesn’t mean you always see the right play…

That’s where we have to make strides, kind of the instinctive nature of finding those shots and guys getting connected. But I wanna take as many as we can that are open, frankly. That’s the ideal.

Ten. About that big Jazz reunion in Dallas:
familiar faces

cuban sloan

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