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Quin Snyder, Lover of Pizza Part 2?

November 4, 2015

Quin Snyder after practice today:

“When I was at Missouri, I ordered a pizza and I had the Domino’s guy write a lob play on the back of a pizza box. It was probably better than anything I had.”

Wait…did the story below just get even more interesting? (via Deadspin)

Quinn Snyder: Cooze-Hound, Lover Of Pizza

This is an older story, but I recently discovered you guys like stories about when journalists find their way INTO people’s houses.

I delivered pizza in Columbia, Missouri between 2005-2006 for a locally owned company (while I was in school). Quinn particularly liked our pizza, and though he kept a low profile in Columbia, would order from us about once a week. He was going through a divorce with his gorgeous wife at the time, so whenever we took the deliveries to his mansion (which did not have an address), we were never sure if it was going to be him or his wife. It was never both of them.

They would call in and remind us how to get to their unmarked house in the bottom of a subdivision in the south part of town.

A few times when I delivered there, I would try to pull a stat from the most recent game… or text my friends and ask them to tell me what to ask him. I would always say stuff like “Man I’m on the Leo Lyons bandwagon! What did he have like 13 boards tonight?”

he would usually laugh it off.

So one time we got a delivery order from a guy named “Quinn,” but not at his usual place. I quickly snatched up that delivery because I had a feeling it would be him. The delivery was to MY apartment complex on the opposite side of town from his house. The apartment number was missing, and in place it was the owners suite of the clubhouse (they had built a nice suite above the clubhouse for guests of the owner, etc. Sort of a penthouse). When I knocked on the door I got a “hold on” from inside, and a few moments later Quinn answered the door with no shoes, socks, or shirt. There he stood, bare chested and only sporting a pair of basketball nylon pants. I heard a voice in the background (he obviously had a girl over), and he sort of frantically asked me if I had change for a 100. I said no, and he shoved the 100 dollar bill in my hand, snatched the pizza, and said, “thanks a lot man.”

I’m pretty sure it was hush money. He wasn’t quite divorced yet.

A few things I learned from the experience:

1) Quinn has balls.
2) Quinn has a pretty decent body.
3) Quinn likes sex.
4) Quinn likes thin crust pizza.
5) Quinn has hush money at his disposal, and is not afraid to use it.

That hush money bought him 3 and a half years. I think he’s divorced by now so whatever. This story is too good not to put on deadspin.

I’m staying anonymous.

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