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And here’s your weekly Utah Jazz wrapup

October 26, 2015

One. Rodney Hood on his favorite food: Cabbage, man. I been eating that since I was, like, five, six years old. My grandparents used to cook it every Wednesday, and I used to go over their house just to eat that. That’s — cabbage with hot sauce on it. I know it’s a little weird.* It’s a southern thing, but it’s really good.

* Not in the least, Rodney.

Two. Transactions:

cotton graham

What have the Jazz lost?

Dennis Lindsey on Bryce Cotton in August and last month during Media Day:

So, Bryce Cotton adds some speed. An offensive substitute, a weapon if you will, and we look forward to capitalize on that.

Bryce Cotton has very unique speed and explosive scoring ability that we hope to capitalize on.

And Lindsey on Treveon Graham in August:

Treveon’s a fine young man, and has come from a really serious program at VCU…Treveon’s a good wing that can score. He’s a plus-rebounder for the position. He’s become a very good shooter over time.

Three. A couple of plays from the Denver game:


Four. People talking about Rudy Gobert:
** Rodney Hood: When he’s locked in at practice, you know, he’s pretty good. You know, especially talking on the back line in defense, it really helps us a lot. You know, ’cause he sees everything, and you know, he figures out a lot of things on the offensive end, you know, stuff that we probably don’t see. You know, he kinda creates stuff in his mind, which helps us as guards and wing players.
** Gordon Hayward: I expect him to, you know, pick up from where he left off last year…For Rudy, it’s a mental thing. You know, it’s a focus thing. And if he’s focused, then the sky’s the limit. He’s been gifted with, you know, extreme length that not very many people have. You can’t teach that. So, with Rudy, I think if he stays focused, he can be really good.
** Raul Neto on the Eurostep play (above): That was impressive. I mean, look a guy at, with his size just doing that, that way. But he’s really good, I think. I was behind him ’cause if something goes wrong, but he did well.
** Rudy Gobert on his Eurostep play: It’s what I do.

Five. What’s cuter than the Pink Grandmas? The Pink Grandmas blowing kisses!


Six. Quin Snyder on the new additions to his staff: It’s kinda interesting. We had one, our video coordinator is not with us anymore. And then we had Patrick Beilein, who’s not with us anymore. So, in reality, we literally didn’t add anyone as far as bodies go.

We added Jeff Watkinson and created a position for him as, you know, the director of integrated player development. But that said, I, there’s a misconception about that because we have more guys involved, and we have some really good people. I think we were able to supplement our staff in some very significant ways with experience.

In Igor [Kokoskov]’s case, you know, the head coach of the Georgian national team. You know, he’s been in an NBA championship team in Detroit. You know, and a familiarity that I have with him from, you know, 15 years ago.

By the same token, Zach Guthrie was an intern with me in Austin for three years and then was in San Antonio for two years, and is someone that I’ve kept in touch with. He ran the video room in Orlando prior to moving through that staff. So, I think we’ve got some people — and Jeff Watkinson obviously. We got some people that understand, in addition to our current staff, what we’re trying to build, and I’m excited about that chemistry.

It’s, just like a team, it takes a while to, you know, there’s more guys on the court. You’re figuring out — we were kidding Alex Jensen, when our D-League coach, Dean Cooper — for about half an afternoon, Alex called him “Woody.” He didn’t know. So we’re all, we have a good time giving each other a hard time.*

And, but it’s been good. And those guys, to me, they add value. And they’re people that when, essentially, when I went after them to come, I knew what I was getting, and how they could supplement the staff we already have.


** Trey Burke on how his work with Igor Kokoskov has helped his game: You know, me and Igor have been watching a lot of film…I think [the game’s] really starting to just slow down for me, and my reads are getting better…

[Kokoskov] helps me out a lot with my balance on court. You know, obviously we get our shots in, but a lot of things coming off pick and roll, balance things. You know, he has me doing a lot of, like, weird drills, with my, with one foot, two feet, drills that a lot of people are looking at as weird, but I think it helps me out a lot because balance was a big area that I needed to grow in, a big area I could improve in, and he’s helped me out a lot with that…

A lot of times, he tells me coming off the pick and rolls, don’t predetermine what you’re gon do. You know, really just allow the defense to make your decision for you…So it’s just a lot of reads that go into, that goes into the game that you don’t see, that I get to see watching film with Igor, and he helps me out with that.

Seven. Outtake:

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Also, unfortunate times to pause the Twitter crawl on the broadcast:


Eight. Quin Snyder on the change to the starting guard lineup: Basically, when you see certain combinations and what they have or what they’re lacking, and you try to put together groups on the floor that can maximize those minutes. So, sometimes that means, you know, the lineups reflect that.

You know, the one thing that’s clear is Trey Burke is playing great. So it, you know, it’s, and I don’t know. We haven’t made decisions about all those things, and what our expectation is and what we’re lucky that we have is, we have guys that — you know, everybody wants to start.

You know, I mean, Rodney wants to start. Alec [Burks] wants to start. Trey wants to start. Raul [Neto] wants to start. But the thing that we have is a group that I think understands, you know, the value of, you know, the team is bigger than any one of us.

** Raul Neto on starting: I like to play. I don’t care if it, it’s the starting lineup, or, I don’t know. I just like to play and enjoy there on the court…It’s a thing that I really don’t care if I’m starting the next game or not. I just wanna keep improving and keep practicing every day, like I’m, like I am, and do my best every minute I’m on the court.

**Trey Burke, asked if he was at all disappointed, in any way, about not starting: No, I’m not.

** Rudy Gobert on the change to the starting guard lineup: I like it. I think it’s great to have Trey and Alec [Burks] coming off the bench. You know, give us pop(?) offensively, and have Raul and Rodney starting, physicality on the best offensive players. …

I think we play with more intensity [with this starting lineup]. You know, I think, I mean, Trey’s more offensive guard, and Raul is more defensive guard. So, everybody got his strength, and I think Trey can impact the games more from the bench. And I think that was a great, you know, a great idea to put Raul in the starting lineup.

Nine. Doc on the Flex Cam:

doc flex cam

Ten. Trey Burke on his buzzer beaters against Denver, Unintentional Dirty Quote Machine: Alec found me at the end of the third quarter, and I kinda just tried to get it up as quick as possible. First quarter…once I got down there, you know, I just had to finish.

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  1. russellkanning permalink
    October 27, 2015 2:21 am

    Don’t worry Rodney we know who you are and when you start. When the lefty jumpers fall, we don’t get confused. :)


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