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Bits from Dennis Lindsey Interviews, 10/19 and 10/23

October 25, 2015
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On having Quin Snyder as the Jazz’s coach
We have, w–frankly, I have to take advantage of this. We have a unique coach that has a very good imagination, and he is, he can see the possibilities in players sometimes that they don’t even see in themselves.

He coaches them hard; he gives them real specific technical knowledge. And so, they get better, and that helps with the buy-in, even if at times, we’re helping someone else get better that doesn’t immediately make the roster.

On the importance of a disciplined defense
Tom Thibodeau had a great quote for all of our coaches and players last week when he was in: “Defense travels.” A defensive, or a disciplined defense travels even better, in my opinion. We’ve tried to be a low-foul team but still have great defensive integrity.

And so when you’re very disciplined on defense, then you can take out that homecourt advantage, where if it’s a 50-50 call, official may, you know, tilt towards a home team under those situations. So, if you’re very disciplined on your defense, it does give you a shot to take a few games on the road.

On Trey Burke vs. Raul Neto
I really like how Quin has emphasized [team over individual], and made it really about the group and what’s right for the group. So, I think in many ways Trey and Raul have helped each other.

Trey wo–you know, as an example to Raul about what it means to be a point guard here in Utah and for the Jazz, and I think Trey has also picked up on how Raul is, has handled himself defensively picking up full court. So I, it’s awesome to see, quite frankly.

They both work with Igor [Kokoskov] as their positional coach in, and repping out some fundamental things that go hand-in-hand with where our team’s at, is, and as far as being a point guard with the Jazz, but also some very non-traditional drills that Igor and our coaches are working with both of them relative to their balance and their body position…

The point guard position doesn’t necessarily have to be prolific night in and night out for us — we’re not built that way — but it does need to be efficient. It does need to be heady. It does need to be energetic. And I think both of the returns on our young point guards has been that in the preseason, and frankly it needs to carry over to the regular season as well.

On Rodney Hood’s body
We’ve been able to get in front of h–the minor injuries he had last year. I think we understand his body, in layman’s terms, better.

On Quin Snyder’s State of the Utah Jazz Address
I can completely concur. That’s something that needs to be said publicly, needs to be said privately, and I’m totally for grasping and looking at your reality and where you sit. I think if you’re sticking your head in the sand relative to your issues, no matter what business, it creates blind spots. Blind spots get you killed.

And so, this is the best league in the world, and we’re the second youngest team in the league, and we did show some progress over a two-month period, but let’s just call it what it is. It was progress. It wasn’t the destination where we wanna be. And so, I think Quin has been systematically giving that message…

We have to do what we do as a group. We have some very good young players, but frankly, we can’t be, as Quin would describe it, a typical NBA team. We have to move bodies. We have to play harder. We have to play with the pass. We have to play with precision, and it has to be very integrated five-man lineups when this happens.

And so, if our concentration isn’t there, if our mindset isn’t there — if, just us thinking, frankly, in the preseason we’re something that we’re not is there, then we’re, we certainly will be in trouble and the league will punch us across the jaw and wake us up. (1280)

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